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Stocks: Odds And Sods Final Results

Nothwest Odd And Sods 2009
Final standings
Sat 27th June & Sun 28th June

Name:                              Sat Rank    Sun Rank    Total    Place
Carl Nixon                         1st                6th               7          1st
Ian Greenwood               3rd               4th               7          2nd
John Calvert                    4th                5th               9          3rd
Paul Davison                    9th               2nd              11         4th
Stephen Bland                 2nd              10th             12        5th
Paul Bebb                          6th               7th               13        6th
Nick Halstead                  16th             1st                17        7th
Rob Denson                     7th                13th            20        8th
Ian Gaskell                       10th             12th             22        9th
Mark Howard                 15th              8th               23        10th
Bob Fitzpatrick             8th                 15th             23       11th
Chris Guthrie                 21st               3rd               24       12th
Peter Kirk                       14th               11th             25       13th
John Allen                     13th               14th             27       14th
Ben Dobson                   11th               16th             27       15th
Ian Ritchie                     5th                23rd             28       16th
Stephen Island            12th              21st               33       17th
Steve Ainsworth        26th               9th                35       18th
Steve Bland                  20th              19th              39       19th
Geoff Cole                     22nd             17th              39       20th
John Sykes                   17th             23rd              40       21st
Phil Burgess                 23rd             18th              41        22nd
Gary Allen                    19th             23rd              42        23rd
David Auld                   24th             20th              44        24th
James Semple             25th             22nd             47        25th
Terry Wilson               18th

Full results 2009 Odds and Sods day 2 (PDF)

Stocks: Sunday June 28th

Date:    Sunday            June 28th
Report Author:           Ben
Best Catch:                   8 fish for Nick Halstead
Heaviest Bag:              4 fish for 10lbs 2oz Carl Nixon
Best Rainbow:            3lbs 7oz Carl Nixon
Best Brownie:            3lbs Dave Lamb
Bank Rod Av:            2.7 fish per man
Boat Rod Av:             2.9 fish per man
Sport:                To Follow shortly

The table below shows the results to 11th place for the Northwest Odds n Sods that was held on Stocks this weekend. We are not sure just how many grand final places will be allocated to the Northwest region so we don’t know just where the cut off point will be. I would like to wish the best of luck to all those that make it to the final, I hope that you go all the way to the 2010 England Team. Ben

Name:                       Sat Rank    Sun Rank    Total    Place
Carl Nixon                     1st            6th               7           1st
Ian Greenwood           3rd           4th               7           2nd
John Calvert                4th            5th              9            3rd
Paul Davison                9th            2nd             11          4th
Stephen Bland             2nd          10th            12          5th
Paul Bebb                      6th            7th              13          6th
Nick Halstead             16th           1st               17          7th
Rob Denson                 7th           13th              20         8th
Ian Gaskell                  10th          12th              22         9th
Mark Howard            15th            8th               23       10th
Bob Fitzpatrick           8th          15th               23       11th

Stocks: Saturday 27th June

Date:    Saturday 27th June
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    13 fish by Carl Nixon
Heaviest Bag:    17lb 8oz for four fish by John Calvert
Best Rainbow:    9lb 8oz by John Calvert
Best Brownie:    5lb 8oz by Philip Broadhurst
Best Blue:    N/a
Bank Rod Av:    3.4 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    6.17 fish per angler
Sport: The weather this morning was perfect for the first day of the Northwest odd and sods eliminator, with some of the countries best anglers fighting it out for a place in the final to represent England. The 26 anglers that took part landed a total of 142 fish with an average of 6.17 per angler. Cracking angling!! The results were as follows
1st    Carl Nixon 13 fish   26lb 13oz
2nd   Stephen Bland      11 fish   21lb 12oz
3rd    Ian Greenwood     10 fish   21lb 8oz
4th    John Calvert         7 fish     19lb
5th    Ian Ritchie            7 fish     16lb 8oz
6th    Paul Bebb             8 fish     15lb 13oz
7th    Rob Denson          7 fish     13lb 9oz
8th    Bob Fitzpatrick     7 fish     13lb 7oz
9th    Paul Davison        6 fish      13lb
10th   Ian Gaskell           6 fish      12lb 15oz
All 26 anglers will be back again tomorrow to do it all over again on day 2 with an accumulative score over the two days determining the winners
On the bank today Peter Atkinson had a cracking days sport on a five-hour ticket landing and releasing 8 fish all from Bell Point on Hoppers and Kate Mclarens peter commented on the fact that the browns were going mad for the dries today. Also on Bell Point Phillip Broadhurst had 4 fish with a cracking 5lb 8oz included in his bag his best fly was a pheasant tail nymph. With warmer cloudy weather forecast for tomorrow the fish are bound to be looking up again. See you in the Lodge Pete.

Northwest odds and sods eliminator day one full results (PDF)

Stocks report Friday 26th June

Date:    Friday 26th June
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    9 fish for Chris Stanley
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish for 12lb Chris Stanley
Best Rainbow:    3lb 8oz Chris Stanley
Best Brownie:    Several for 2lb 8oz
Best Blue:
Bank Rod Av:    2.20 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    3.7 fish per angler
Sport:  The wind has certainly started to drop away and while the temperatures remain high the fish are certainly looking up again. Chris Stanley had a good session from the boat with 9 fish. Chris commented that a number of fish were coming short right at the boat, and maybe with a longer hang they would have connected too.
With tomorrows competition looming few boat anglers were keen to divulge the killer methods! However I can reveal that while I was out on the safety boat there were rods bending all over! Out side of the practice boats the top methods seemed to by either dries (be it daddy’s or beetles) or indeed nymphs just fished subsurface.
Numerous bag limits reached today and am sure it’s going to be a top weekend.
I have just taken a look at the forecast and believe me this could be one of the best weekends so far this season!
Tight lines Matthew

stocks:monday 22nd june

Date:    Monday 22nd June.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    10 fish for Mr Dunn.
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish weighing 20lb for Mr Dunn.
Best Rainbow:    10lb for Mr Dunn.
Best Brownie:    Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
Best Blue:    2lb.
Bank Rod Av:    2.20 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    4.33 fish per angler.
Sport: Today we saw some great weather with warm overcast conditions this morning then this afternoon the sun came out. With the cloud cover this morning there were plenty of trout rising but there was a spell at about 2pm when the surface of the reservoir was crawling with fish, I can only remember one other time when I have seen more rising fish. With all this surface activity it is no surprise that dry flies were by far the best patterns with all the best catches being taken right off the top. Mr Dunn and Mr Leyland caught 15 fish between them with Mr Dunn landing 10 including a super overwintered double weighing exactly 10lb. Hoppers were their most effective pattern and as predicted yesterday they caught all their fish drifting right in the middle of the reservoir. Frank Hartley landed a credible 7 fish with specimens weighing up to 6lb. As with other successful anglers, Frank fished various dry flies right out in open water. With the warm weather set to continue we should see more great top of the water action.  See you on the water Paul.