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Stocks: Saturday30th & Sunday31st May

Date:                                   Saturday 30th & Sunday May 31st
Report Author:             Ben
Best Catch:                      Sat: 8 for John Mees, Patrick Beauchamp and Mark Wilson Sun: 10 trout for Peter Kosminski
Heaviest Bag:                4 fish for 16lbs Colin Newman
Best Rainbow:              15lbs Richard Hood and Mark Wilson
Best Brownie:               Several at 2lbs 8oz
Bank Rod Av:                2.64 fish per man
Boat Rod Av:                3.00 fish per man
Sport:  Saturday saw the arrival of the English Fly Fishers who are visiting us for three days of fishing. On the first day 15 of them took to the water each accompanied by a Bowlander for a friendly fishing match. The conditions weren’t brilliant a stiff Easterly breeze and bright sunshine made for a tricky day. However the thirty anglers caught a total 105 fish all of which were returned to fight another day. Amongst the trout caught were two double figure fish the best of which was tempted by Richard Hood and was estimated to be around 15lbs. The two best catches went two English Fly Fishers, John Mees and Patrick Beauchamp who both landed eight trout to the boat. Surprisingly they were both using very different tactics John fished a Di5 and Di7 with lures over Newclose Bay to tempt all his fish, whilst Patrick fished the Dam with a courtland blue and a team of Diawl Bachs. Despite having the two top rods the total number of trout caught were split 56 to the Bowlanders and 49 to the English Fly Fishers giving the Bowlanders a narrow victory. Well done to all the Bowlanders who fished, especially Harriers captain Steve Bland who was our top rod with 7.
On the shore Mark Wilson has had a great weekend. On Saturday he landed 8 trout the best of which was a 12lb rainbow. He returned on Sunday to take a further 5 and a 15lb rainbow, which was safely returned. Mark has been fishing Ben’s Beech, Bell Point, Hartley’s and Hollins and his top pattern has been a black n green cat variant. Good Angling! Today on the East bank from curry’s cast to Black house Peter Kosminksi really got amongst the trout. He had 10 to the net and many more pulls and tugs. Peter fished a fast glass with two boobies and a slow figure of eight retrieve.  Tight lines Ben

Stocks Report:Friday 29th May


Friday 29th May

Report by


Best Catch

10 fish for Anton Gysbers

Best Bag Weighed in

1 fish for 16lb 11oz! Bill Orrell

Best Rainbow

5lb Jim Pickford

Best Brow

16lb 11oz Bill Orrell

Boat Rod Average

Bank Average 2.8


Sport: An exceptional day had the fish on the surface rising freely up until lunchtime. Tapping in to the frantic morning session was regular Anton Gysbers who had 10 good fish up to 4lb in all but 4 hours! Anton found the fish were hitting his team of Diawl bachs almost the instant they hit the water! A super slow retrieve was paramount to his success, with Hartley’s producing the bulk of the catch. Norman Walker found the trout wanting to chase so he opted for a quicker retrieve and green and white fritz patterns. Norman had 7 fish all from Bell Point. Also finishing with 7 fish was Stocks big fish master himself Bill Orrell. Yes he’s done it again just falling shy of the record with a stunning Brownie of 16lb 11oz. Bill got the take whilst on Bell Point fishing his own tied black and green lure. A lengthy battle ensued with almost all fishing along Ben’s beach coming to a stand still while angles looked on to witness the landing of such a stunning fish! Good effort Bill your going to have to tie me some flies!!

On the boats the fish are still coming from the Causeway and the Northern Shallows were Jim Pickford and Cyril Procter had 12 to their boat. Amongst Jim’s 8 were two lovely fish of 5lb apiece one a Rainbow and one a Blue. A mixture of nymphs won the day with the odd fish coming to the dries too. David Manning had a short session with 6 fish coming to red holographing diawl bachs with Willow Island being the top spot.

The weather is set to remain fantastic for the weekend so it’s a good time to wet a line.

Tight lines Matthew


Bill does it again with this stunning 16lb 11oz Brown trout

Stocks:Thursday 28th May

Date    Monday 28th May.
Report by    Paul.
Best Catch    9 fish for Phil Price and Tom Heys.
Best Bag Weighed in    5 fish weighing 11lb 8oz for A Thompson.
Best Rainbow     10lb for Pete Scholes.
Best Brown    Several weighing 3lb.
Bank Average    2.66 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Average      4.76 fish per angler.
Sport:   This morning the weather consisted of rain and strong winds then this afternoon it changed completely, the wind dropped and the sun shone brightly. With the weather conditions as they were, this morning saw the best of the action and there were some good catches made. Phil Price took to a boat for a half-day session and landed 9 fish with rainbows running up to 5lb. Phil fished around Gull Island and the northern shallows to catch his fish with sedge patterns and bibio fished loch style being his effective tactic. Andy Hulls and Ray Bird fished from a boat and landed 14 fish between them. They caught all their fish on a hot head damsel with the majority of their fish being taken from various areas along the east bank. Tom Heys and Tom Bird also motored off to the east bank, this time to the willows where they caught 16 trout between them. They found the trout willing to chase boobys and blobs with the fish following their flies right to the boat before taking them. Joan Lyndsay and David McCabe caught a total of 11 fish. They found a variety of patterns effective but all their fish were caught from the northern shallows. Our very own Pete was out on the water today and included in his catch was a super double figure rainbow that was caught from the willows on the east bank, and he lost another a short time later! Well-done Pete. Ben did a stocking of heavy weights today, see video soon. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks:Monday 25th may

Date    Monday 25th May.
Report by    Paul.
Best Catch    10 fish for Graham Constable.
Best Bag Weighed in    5 fish weighing 16lb for Mr Brindle.
Best Rainbow     4lb for Mr Newbolt.
Best Brown    7lb 4oz for Mr Brindle.
Bank Average    3.75 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Average     4.00 fish per angler.
Sport:   For most of the day we had clear blue skies and warm sunshine and you could almost be forgiven for thinking it was summer, then this evening it started to rain, oh well. There were some reasonable catches made today despite the sunshine. Graham Constable took the best catch from the bank with a credible 10 fish haul. Graham caught all his fish from Bell point with his most effective pattern being a black fritz lure. Also recording a good score from the bank was Paul Wilcock  who landed 7 fish with his best fly being a booby. On the boats Mr and Mrs Brindle had a good days fishing landing a total of 17 trout between them including the biggest fish of the day, a super 7lb 4oz brownie. They found buzzers to be working well and caught all their fish from the mushroom tree in Newclose bay. Miko Williams caught 7 fish on buzzers with all his fish being caught from several spots along the east bank. David Manning caught 6 fish on buzzers from Willow island but said he should have caught more, having dropped several fish and being snapped by another. Several boat anglers landed 5 today with several areas producing fish including Blackhouse bay, Ten acre foot and the willows on the east bank. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Sunday May 24th

Date                                             Sunday May 24th
Report by                                 Ben
Best Catch                                16 fish for Nigel Blackly
Best Bag Weighed in             2 fish for 13lbs 9oz Bob Fitzpatrick
Best Rainbow                         17lbs+ Brain O’Hare
Best Brown                             Several at 2lbs
Boat Rod Average               3.14 fish per man
Bank Average                        2.23 fish per man

Sport:  Today we hosted a heat of the Winnerweb Challenge, which is a new competition. It is very generously prized, the winner of each heat will win £300 plus the captor of the best fish will receive £10 for every 1lb of fish. 24 anglers took to the water to try and qualify for the final on Toft Newton and the chance to win some big money prizes. The results were as follows:
1st Bob Fitzpatrick, 2nd Andrew Grabham, 3rd Derek Moore, 4th Bob Karwowski, 5th Steve Moxon, 6th Brendan Ginty, 7th Lee Ferrity, 8th Anthony Harrison, 9th Jamie Hogg 10th John Forster 11th Mark Chippendale and 12th Gerard Kearny. (see photo below. Good luck to all in the final. If you fancy a go you can still qualify in the final heat next weekend at Elinor Fishery. Details can be found at
Outside the match with the freedom to roam there were some good catches. Two particularly stood out. Nigel Blackly fished a white and green cats whisker to take 16 fine trout to 3lbs he had many other pulls and tugs which kept him going. His best area was The Alders on the East Bank. On this side of the reservoir down in Hollins Raymond Gregson was showing everyone how it’s done with 11 trout to the net. Raymond used various fritz lures.
Out on the boats Carl Nixon and Paul Moore took 17 trout on the washing line. Paul Bebb and John Sykes had 10 to their boat also on the washing line method. But the best fish went to boat partners Denis Bell and Brian O Hare who both landed trout of over 15lbs the best was estimated around 17 or 18lbs. They fished damsels over the Northern Shallows. Tight Lines Ben

All the Qualifiers to the winnerweb final and the Heat winner Bob Fitzpatrick with Hywel Morgan. Bob took home over £400!