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Stocks:Friday 1st May

Date                                     Friday 1st May
Report by                          Matthew
Best Catch                         16 fish for Peter Holland
Best Bag Weighed in      Five fish for 24lb Peter Holland
Best Rainbow                  15lb 8oz Peter Holland
Best Brown                       Ian King for 4lb 8oz
Bank Average                 4.87 fish per angler
Boat Rod Average        5.73 fish per angler
Sport:  Despite the dismal weather forecast things panned out pretty nicely indeed. Peter Holland and Craig Tattum had a good day with various flies doing the trick, most notably white boobies and traditional wets. Pete thought he was into a good fish drifting the east bank and he was right. However his initial estimate when it turned on the surface of 7lb, fell very short indeed! After a good battle the stunning rainbow tipped the scales at 15lb 8oz. Pete found the fish keen to chase his booby fished on the Di 7 with the first couple of pulls producing the takes. Between them they finished with 23 fish. (Photo to follow of Pete’s lovely Rainbow). Elsewhere on the water our very own Peter had a good session with 12 fish again willing to chase his orange blob. Pete found fish in Newclose.  Newclose bay has seen few boats recently while the shallows have been fishing so well, it’s very likely to turn back on again as things continue to get warmer. Steve Hilton had a good 15 fish to his boat with a combination of Olive Nomads and Black fritz patterns doing the trick. Steve took the most of his fish from Hollins Bay. Another good score from the boats came to Peter Hill with a very credible 12 fish in a half-day session. Peter found that there is still plenty of fish to be had drifting on to Willow Island. Good Angling Pete!
On the bank today another double! Mick Whiteside had an incredible fish of 16lb.
Mick tempted the specimen rainbow from Bell Point to a Zonker pattern fished slowly on a floater. Mick has a canny way of always catching big fish, come to think of it so does his brother Ken! Must be in the blood!
The little clip below is of another chap who catches big fish a staggering four doubles in one half-day session!!
Tight lines Matthew


Mick and his 16lb rainbow


Peter Holland 16lb rainbow

Date                                          Thursday 30th April.

Report by                               Paul.
Best Catch                              14 fish for Alistair Beaumont.

Best Bag Weighed in          1 fish weighing 15lb for Bill Orell.

Best Rainbow                       17lbs for Bill Orrell (one of six double caught today!)

Best Brown                           10lbs for Bill Orrell

Best Blue                                Several weighing 2lb 8oz.

Bank Average                      2.9 fish per angler.

Boat Rod Average             4.7  fish per angler.

Sport: Although the weather wasn’t very good here today the fishing certainly was, with some good catches recorded and some huge fish landed. On the bank today was Stocks regular Bill Orrell who landed not 1 but 4 double figure trout. Bill caught a total of 11 fish including a 10lb brownie and rainbows weighing 13lb, 15lb and17lb, an impressive catch in just half a days fishing. Bill caught his fish from Hollins bay with the deadly pattern being an orange lure, well-done Bill! Another angler to land a Stocks double was Roger Dandridge who caught a super 14lb 7oz rainbow that also came from Hollins bay. Roger caught his giant fish using a floating line and a home tied white cats whisker. On the boats Alistair Beaumont took the top catch with a credible 14 fish. Alistair caught his fish on a floating line and various wet flies with several areas being productive for Alistair including the northern shallows and the willows on the east bank. Hywel Morgan was out on the water today with Paul Davidson and they too had great sport whilst taking photos for a magazine article. They caught fish on allsorts of methods and in many areas with dry flies taking their fair share of fish.

On a sad note it is with regret that I give you the news of the passing away of a great friend and great angler, Mr Duncan Hesketh. Duncan will be much missed by all the staff here at Stocks and I am sure many of the anglers that had become great friends with him over the many years that Duncan came fishing here. Duncan was known for his angling prowess and his cheery disposition, there was always time for a chat and a joke with Duncan. Our thoughts are with his family at this time. Duncan Hesketh, a gentleman and a friend… See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Wednesday 29th April

Date    Wednesday 29th April
Report by    Matthew
Best Catch    17 fish for Paul Davison
Best Bag Weighed in    2 fish for 7lb Michael Tat lock
Best Rainbow
Best Brown
Best Blue    5lb Michael Tatlock
Several for 2lb 8oz
Bank Average    2.48 fish per angler
Boat Rod Average    3.42 fish per angler
Sport: Generally speaking things have been a little trickier today.
The heavy rains have altered the Ph slightly and that coupled with a new wind direction adds up to tougher conditions. Never the less things started to pick up in the afternoon. Paul Davison had 17 fish drifting the middle basin. The bulk of his catch came to dries and nymphs.
Peter Andrews wasn’t too far behind with 15 good fish. Peter found the fish eager to chase his cats whisker with the Northern Shallows been the top spot.
Buzzers and Cormorants doing the trick from the shore with Bens Beach and Hartley’s fishing well. This afternoon Ben stocked some more amazing specimen fish with a good number of them at 15lb +!  The weather forecast looks pretty promising at the moment so it is certainly worth wetting a line.
Tight lines Matthew.

Stocks: Monday 27th

Date                                      Monday 27th April
Report by                           Paul
Best Catch                          22 Fish by Geoff Thomas
Best Bag Weighed in       2 fish for15lb 4oz by Elliot Horrocks
Best Rainbow                   13lbs by Elliot Horrocks
Best Brown                       3lbs 2oz Ian Porman
Best Blue                            several @ 2lbs
Bank Average                  6.0 fish per angler
Boat Rod Average         To follow

Sport: Today saw the annual fire service competition with 42 anglers taking part and there were some excellent catches recorded and some cracking fish landed. The top pair were the Isle of Man anglers Geoff Thomas and Ian Gregson who landed a staggering total of 37 trout between them. Geoff and Ian found fish in several areas but their most productive spot was the Willows on the East bank. Both anglers found orange blobs and damsels effective, but they did say that the trout were lying within just a few feet from the shore. Unfortunately we do not have the full set of results, however we will post them tomorrow. The biggest fish taken was a super 13lb rainbow that tempted by junior angler Elliot Horrocks. Once hooked this giant fish flew out of the water and took off making Elliot jump out of his skin. A tense 15-minute battle followed before it was finally netted. Good Angling! (See the picture below)
The bank fished well today the best areas were Newclose Bay, Bell point and Hollins Bay with Cats whiskers, olive fritz lures and boobies all taking there fair share of fish. See you on the water Paul


Elliot Horrocks with a cracking 13lb rainbow

Stocks: Sunday 26th April

Date                                   Sunday 26th April
Report by                       Ben
Best Catch                       18 Fish by Geoff Thomas
Best Bag Weighed in    5 fish for18lb 12oz by Dave Jones
Best Rainbow                    10lbs 4oz Dave Jones
Best Brown                      3lbs John Ashworth
Best Blue                         4lb 8oz by Geoff Thomas
Bank Average              2.7 fish per angler
Boat Rod Average      5.2 fish per angler

Sport: Today we hosted a bank match between Horwich and Windermere fishing clubs. The conditions weren’t perfect this morning, there was bright sunshine and a stiff breeze. As we all say “bright ‘n’ breezy never easy”. However the cloud did come after lunch and even though the air temperature dropped there was some good sport to be had. Brian Grey from Horwich anglers showed everyone how it was done with 10 trout to the net over the course of the day. Brian opted for the East Bank and took most of his fish on a damsel. Also fishing for Horwich was Dave Jones who built up a cracking bag of fish that tipped the scales to 18lbs 12oz and included a rainbow of 10lbs 4oz. This helped Horwich to an average weight of 4lbs 5oz per angler and to a victory over Windermere whose average weight was 3lbs 10oz. Also on the bank were Steven Lind and Rich Murray who landed 18 trout between them. Blobs were their best patterns and they caught from various areas.
Out on the boats the sport was a bit hotter, but like on the bank, we had some mixed results with some anglers catching loads of fish whilst others struggled. Best boat was Geoff Thomas and Ian Gregson from the Isle of Mann who landed a staggering 33 trout of the day. I am not sure of their tactics but they fished all over the Northern part of the reservoir. In the Northern Shallows was John Ashworth He to was amongst the fish with 13 brown and rainbows to 3lbs. Once again I missed him leaving so I am not sure of his tactics. Tight Lines Ben

Dave Jones 10lbs 4oz

Dave Jones with his 10lb 4oz Rainbow