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Stocks: Saturday 28th February

Peter Mathews 22lb brace

Peter Mathews 22lb brace

Date      Saturday 28th February 2009
Report by   Pete
Best Catch   27 fish by Peter Mathews
Best Bag Weighed in   5 fish for 29lb by Peter Mathews
Best Rainbow     13lb 0oz by Peter Mathews
Bank Average   4.69 per angler
Boat Rod Average   5.19 per angler
Sport: Today started with heavy cloud and drizzle, but this soon cleared and left a slight ripple and mild conditions perfect for fishing. The story today is about two father and son combinations. On the boat Peter Mathews and son had a bumper catch of 27 fish,  including a brace of 22lb with two rainbows of 13lb and 9lb (pictured above) and a five fish limit of 29lb. They had the majority of their fish from the Northern Shallows and Phil’s Flats on Minkies and Zonkers the 13lb Monster fell to a pink Minkie stripped back at high speed. When asked Peter said they were fishing a slow retrieve and getting a lot of knocks so decided to speed it up. When they did the fish really started to hook up.  Great angling lads. From the bank it was a father and son again.  With the top catches of the day, regulars Malcolm and Jim Hunter had 10 and 11 fish respectively all from Newclose bay.They were  on two totally different methods.  Malcolm found diawl bachs on a floating line worked for him whereas Jim favoured a cormorant on an slow intermediate line for his fish. With catches like these it looks like its going to be a cracking week ahead. Tight lines Pete

Stocks: Friday February 27th

Report by                         Matthew
Best Catch                         17 fish for John Forster
Best Bag Weighed in      5 fish for 21lb Dave O’Gradey
Best Rainbow                   12lb 4oz Dave O’Gradey
Bank Average                  2.78
Boat Rod Average         10.40
Sport: It doesn’t get much better than this! I have had 4 boats come in with 20 plus fish!! I can keep the tactics short and sweet, Black and Green is doing all the work be it Fritz patterns or even boobies. Lines to be on are Di 3’s and Intermediates. The areas to be are still the northern shallows, be it Phil’s flats or around Willow. I did notice that a lot of fish have come from the bottom of Gull Island and that Ben Baylis and Adam Larbalester were picking up fish over deeper waters about 50 yards out from Willow Island.
John Forster takes the top rod honours today with a staggering 17 fish, using the exact tactics as above. Not far behind was Dave O’Gradey with 15 fish including a lovely rainbow of 12lb 4oz.
On the bank thing have been a little quieter although Steve Cowperthwaite had 12 trout from Newclose on his own tied green buzzer, Steve’s buzzer has a short green marabou tail, although it sounds odd he swears by it and consistently does well with it to boot!

Very tight lines Matt.

Dave o'Grady 12lb 4oz Rainbow

Dave o'Grady 12lb 4oz Rainbow

Stocks: Thursday 26th February

Date                             Thursday 26th February 2009
Report by                     Matthew
Best Catch                   11 fish for John Calvert
Best Bag Weighed in   5 fish for 12lb 4oz Paul Kitchen
Best Rainbow               5lb Ray Mercer
Bank Average               7.2
Boat Rod Average        3.0
Sport:   Newclose bay was the place to be today. John Calvert took top boat honours with 11 hard fighting trout to the net. John found the fish keen to hit green and black mini lures fished slowly on a Di3 line. Although the majority of the catch came from Newclose Bay The Northern Shallows was still a productive spot.
Any bank angler who fished Newclose today was in for some good sport! Brendan Ginty had 10 fish all falling for black and green fritz, and just a few yards along the shore was Bob Blatchford who took 7 fish on his black lures too. Both guys were fishing slowly on intermediate lines.
Ray Entwistle proved that fish were still holding well down in Hollins with 8 to his black and green fritz.
One thing is for sure you just have to have black and green in your box!
Tight lines Matt

Bank House: February 18th to February 25th

Date:     February 18th to 25th Report by Ben
Best Rainbow    13lbs for Mr J Waghorn
Heaviest 4 fish    13lbs 4oz Mr D McAllister
Best Catch (No. Fish)    19 trout for Mr David Harrison
Rod Average    3.7 fish per man

Sport: Bank House has fished well over the last week. The stats above don’t really show the full story as there has been a lot of big fish returned on sporting tickets. We have been getting quite a few over-wintered brownies caught and returned, the best of which was estimated around the14lb mark. Lytham’s ever consistent Mr David Harrison took the best catch of the week with 19 trout. David kept on the move working his way around the fishery with a cat’s whisker fished on an intermediate line. On this day (24th) the fish were in the mood for chasing and it was a fast strip retrieve that did most damage. Joe Spence from Lancaster used a similar method to take 16 trout just a few days earlier.
As the water in Bank House turns over every 48hrs or so, it responds very quickly to changes in the weather and the water temperature can fluctuate quite considerably over the course of a week. This means that the trout’s behaviour changes too so it important to vary your retrieve and the depth that your flies are fishing until you find the killer method. Last week in the calm conditions we even had some great catches on small black dries! I will be stocking some more specimens before the weekend so the sport should be exciting. Finally Ken Whiteside also had a good catch last week, he took 15 fine trout on a fly he calls the bugs bunny. I have no idea what that looks like so “that’s all folks” tight lines Ben

Stocks: Wednesday February 25th

Date      Wednesday 25th February 2009
Report by   Pete
Best Catch   14 fish by Mark Chippendale
Best Bag Weighed in       14lb 8oz Mike Williams
Best Rainbow       6lb by Mr Billington
Bank Average  3.66 fish
Boat Rod Average 3.73 fish
Sport: The wind today certainly hampered presentation and made the fishing a little trickier than it has been. Mike Williams certainly found a method that worked, he fished Newclose Bay to good effect landing 8 fish with 5 trout tipping the scales to 14lb 8oz. Brian Gaskell landed five fish for 12lb unfortunately neither angler revealed their methods. From the boats  regular Mark Chippendale had a 14 fish bonanza all from the Northern Shallows Mark said he started off with a black and green buzzer and was straight into the fish but as the wind picked up he switched to a black and green fritz and really got in amongst them. Good angling in tricky conditions. The Northern Shallows and Phil’s Flats are still producing the fish from the boats and the key seems to be in the retrieve, a slow figure eight or draw is doing the damage. Tight lines Pete