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Stocks: The 2014 Dry Lines & October so far.

September 28th to October 18th
On September 28th we held the Stocks Dry Lines competition. In this popular match there is a break for lunch and the morning and afternoon sessions are treated as two separate matches. The overall champion however is the angler that is most consistent over both sessions. The fishing wasn’t easy with a rod average of 1.1 for the day. The top rod and 2014 Champion Alistair Beaumont who caught three fish in the morning and one in the afternoon. Alistair fished a hot head damsel along the margins in Hollins and around Gull Island. This is the third time he has won this event, which is excellent angling. The winner of the morning session was Bernard McBride and the afternoon session was Ian Greenwood. Also in the prizes were John Turner, Mark Tyndall, Jim Rigby and Terry Chippendale. See pic below
October: The fishing has continued to be very tricky; the best methods have been dries in the calm areas around Black House Bay, Gull Island, Hollins Bay, Grindy’s and Bell Point
We are still seeing black buzzers and sedges emerging, which has surprised me because the water level has remained very low. When the wind drops away the trout are rising and picking out the small black flies but are not easy to tempt.
There are loads of mountain minnows around the jetty area and around most of the margins, the trout are feeding on them so black and gold lures or minkies are well worth a swim.

NB*Starting from tomorrow (Sunday October19th) until the end of the season (November Saturday 15th) we will be allowing worm and spin as well as the usual fly fishing.

Bank House Fly Fishery is currently fishing very well with good mixed bags of browns, blues and rainbows being caught. The best methods are spider patterns fished back just under the surface, apps worms stripped at pace, twiddled hot head damsels or, if the conditions suit, dries with small black patterns scoring well. Tight Lines Ben

Bank House Fly Fishery: This Saturday Dec 8th

At Bank House this coming Saturday December 8th.  We still have places available. Please call me on 0789 6000 939 to enter.
This popular competition is now in its fifth winter series. This year there heats both north and south of the border. Last year there were heats and a final that raised a total of £1,200. In the final that meant they paid out £15.50 for every fish caught. This year they are hoping to raise £2,500. Please remember that this is fun comp with a bit of an incentive.
Entry is £10 per heat plus the fishing fees and you can enter as many times as you like. Entry fees will go into the pot for the final.
Please note the grand final is on February 23rd 2013, which is the same day as the opening day on Stocks Reservoir.
The fishing is catch and release. All heats start at 9am with a briefing 8:45am. All hooks must be barbless or de-barbed and you can have up to 3 rods set up. This is a pegged match moving every 40 minutes and there is a break for lunch.
If you would like to enter please call me on my mobile or reply to this email with your contact details. You’ve got to be in it to win it!
Tight Lines Ben

Bank House Fly Fishery: October 9th to October 24th

DATE                              October 9th – October 24th Report by Ben Dobson
BEST CATCH               12 fish for Ricky Newbolt from Bay Horse
BEST BAG OF 4          4 fish for 14lbs for J Bancroft from Blackpool
BEST RAINBOW        8lbs 8oz Mr T Chapel from High Bentham
BEST BROWN            8lbs 4oz Mr J Livesdale from Elswick
BEST BLUE                 4lbs Mr R Thomason from Great Eccleston
ROD AVERAGE         3.55 fish per angler
SPORT: Buzzers and nymphs are producing some great catches on Bank House at the moment. Ricky Newbolt caught 12 fine fish on pheasant tails and white buzzers from all over the lake. Mr P Tall took 9 trout on various buzzers. Mr D Leavers took eight trout including a 6lb brownie on white buzzers and there have several other good catches to these patterns. But it’s not all buzzers; Mr P Wilkinson took six trout including a 7lb brownie on a hot head damsel.  Mr J Bancroft from Blackpool took 8 trout and put 4 on the scales for 14lbs, he used a mix of min lures to build his bag and today the best catch of 9 trout was taken on daddies by Jim Quinn. There are a lot of really decent sized brownies coming out, there are lots of records of fish over 4lbs and the best today tipped the scales to 7lbs. Minkies have also been taking fish especially when allowed to sink and fished back tightly into islands. There are some beautiful double figure rainbows and blues hiding somewhere and some more about to go in so watch this space. Tight Lines Ben

Bank House Fly Fishery Oct 1st – Oct 8th

DATE                               October 1st – October 8th Report by Ben Dobson
BEST CATCH                13 fish for Ron Richie, 10 fish for Ricky Newbolt
BEST BAG OF 4            4 fish for 27lbs 8oz for Ron Ritchie
BEST RAINBOW         10lbs for Ricky Newbolt, 10lbs for Colin Gibbons, 10lbs + 8lbs 8oz for Ron Ritchie
BEST BROWN               5lbs Mr D P Lee from Wigan
BEST BLUE                  12lbs to (didn’t fill the book out)
BEST TIGER                Several of 3lbs +
ROD AVERAGE          3.13 fish per angler
SPORT:  Bank House has continued to fish well with the trout well dispersed all around the lake. A variety of methods have been working well: wets like Kate McLaren and dabblers stripped back just subsurface, Minkies and fry patterns twiddled back on intermediate lines and, when the conditions have suited, dries like cdc buzzers and daddies have all produced good bags of trout. Over the last couple of days buzzers have also been working well. Ron Ritchie from Bamber Bridge had a cracking day with 13 trout to the net and four in the bag for 27lbs 8oz. Ron started out on white zonkers, which seemed attract nothing but brownies, so after a while he switched to orange variant and soon after he was amongst some big Bank House rainbows. He is pictured below with rainbows of 10lbs, 8lbs 8oz and two at 4lbs. Ricky Newbolt from The Bay Horse has had two good visits in his first he landed seven trout with rainbows to 9lbs 8oz and browns to 4lbs. He fished small black patterns just subsurface. On his second visit he landed 10 fish with rainbows to 10lbs, this time it was dabblers that proved most effective. Colin Gibbons also used dabblers to tempt eight fine trout, the three fish in his bag tipped the scales to 18lbs. Mr G Sheedy had a cracking battle with a big brownie, but when he landed it he realised it had been foul hooked so he returned it to the water. He estimated it to be between 10 and 12lbs. We also has a 12lb blue trout caught but unfortunately I’m not sure who caught it as they didn’t fill out the return book in the lodge. If are visiting Bank House then keeping on the move and working your way all around the lake seems to be really paying off. Also today we had a huge hatch of sedge. Sedges were covering the foliage of the over hanging plants on the banking. Muddlers often score well when sedges are about. Tight Lines Ben

Ron Ritchie caught this cracking 27lb 8oz bag of four trout on a orange zonker.

Big Fish At Bank House Fly Fishery

Big Fish at Bank House Fly Fishery
Bank House Fly fishery has come alive! There are a lot of 4lb + brownies being caught, some big double figure rainbows and some cracking tigers and blues. We have also just released some massive blue trout and rainbows that will give anyone a run for their money. The trout are feeding high in the water taking small wets pulled back just subsurface or dries, with daddies and F Flies both scoring well. The best catches this week were Ricky Newbolt who caught 16 trout on Kate McLaren’s and his catch included two lovely tiger trout. Dave Butcher caught 11 trout on dabblers and other small wet fly patterns. The fish are well spread all around the water so it’s a good idea to keep on the move. Minkies and buzzers have also taken some good bags. If you would like to book a place you can do so on 01524 770412. Tight Lines Ben