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Bank House is Jurassic Park!

It is big fish city at the moment with rainbows and browns pushing the 20lb mark!
All five species of trout present (rainbows, browns, blues, tigers and spartics)
Andrew Walsh caught all five species in one session last week! The winning tactic was a black tadpole fished on a floating line. He had eight trout in total and his best fish was 7lb brownie. Good angling Andrew. Reportedly, another angler caught and returned a 20lb rainbow on the same day.
Ricky Newbolt had a great session his 13 fish haul included: 6 rainbows, the best of which was 11lbs 8oz, 4 spartics, the best of which was 6lbs, 2 browns, the best of which was a whopping 15lbs and a 2lb blue trout. Ricki used an apps worm fished on an intermediate line.
Scott Pozzi had a belting brownie of 14lbs 8oz and on Monday night Thomas Luke had a stunningly marked double figure brownie it was at least 11lb and was returned to fight another day. Thomas has had hold of at least three other double figure fish that I know of. However they either pulled the hook disappeared round islands to parts unknown.
Phil Wilson caught this stunning 14lb 8oz rainbow on a black sedge fished dry. His heart was in his mouth when he saw this monster roll over his fly!
There have been many more great catches recently, but not many anglers are filling in the returns book, which is understandable considering the circumstances. However, please do feel free to send me your reports and photos for me to use.

BANK HOUSE FLY FISHERY REPORT: To book your visit call 01524770412

Bank House Fly Fishery has continued to fish very well. There have been great catches on washing lined buzzers with boobies or daddies on the point, on small dries fished in the shadows around the islands and on damsel patterns stripped back high in the water. Various patterns under the bung has also scored very well accounting for some big scores.

I have stocked some absolute monster rainbows into the high teens of pounds and the general stamp of fish is currently good with loads of 3lb+ fish. We have seen a fair few Spartic trout being caught as well as some cracking browns and blues. Tigers have been a bit more elusive, but they are still coming out. If you fancy targeting them, try small CDC dries fished tight to the islands, under the overhanging vegetation if possible.

Here are some reports that have been sent to me from the last week:

Iain Scott had a great day. Iain said that the fishing was hard first thing, but then the fish started to play ball. He had a 9.5lb rainbow and 5-6 lb brown the rainbow was caught on top with a small size 12 dear hair CDC on 7lb line and the brown took a size 12 fab on top when it landed on water. (Pictured) Iain ended up with 20 trout and his mate Darren had 19. Good angling fellers.

Chad Dixon also had a cracking session with 10 trout. He had two rainbows around 6lbs, got stripped down to his backing twice. Chad found a dancer stripped back on a floating line was highly effective. See pics

Richard Bamforth and his son Archie found success on small black dries. Crippled midge, F flies and parachutes all worked well. Well done guys.

Detailed individual angler reports are a bit thin on the ground, so please do text or WhatsApp me details of your visit along with any photos you have taken. My mobile number is 07896000939.

Please use the landline 01524770412 to make your booking and to prepay for your session. We are limiting the number of anglers on the fishery to 12 at any one time so there is loads space to fish and to easily maintain social distancing. Many thanks.

Stay Safe and Tight Lines Ben Dobson

Bank House Fly Fishery will Reopen on Wednesday May 13th.

Bank House Fly Fishery will reopen on Wednesday May 13th for fishing. However, in order to maintain safe social distancing, we are limiting the number of anglers allowed on the water. In order to manage this, all anglers must pre-book and pay over the phone prior to arriving at the fishery. Season ticket holders must also pre book their sessions by phoning the fishery.

There are so many different ways of contacting us nowadays that it will be for us difficult to accurately manage the bookings. Therefore we are asking everyone to book by calling the fishery on 01524 770412 between 8am and 6pm. You can pay by card over the phone. We will not be able to take bookings by personal text, messenger, Whatsapp, comments on Facebook or emails etc. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but we don’t want to over book the fishery. Non-angling companions are NOT allowed onsite.

When you arrive at Bank House you may tackle up by your car on the fishery and go straight onto the water to fish. There is no need to ring the bell for permission. The shop and the fishing lodge remain closed until further notice.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your fishing and we look forward to seeing you on the water. We have some awesome trout in the lake!

NB* We are still hoping to reopen Stocks Reservoir on Wednesday. However, the first couple of days are likely to be bank fishing only. Confirmation of this and all  the relevant info will follow tomorrow. 

Tight Lines and stay safe,

Ben & Charlotte

Bank House Fly Fishery and Stocks Reservoir – Open for fishing.

Stocks Reservoir and Bank House Fly Fishery are both open for fishing. We have hand sanitiser at the point of sale in both shops. However, if you prefer you may call prior to your visit and pay for your ticket by card over the phone. Then you may just go straight onto the water and enjoy some fresh air without entering the shop.
Bank House is currently fishing extremely well to both the bung and the washing line. Ian Gaskell had over 28 trout on Sunday. He fished an egg, amongst other things about 18” under the bung. His catch included rainbows to over 6lbs, a blue of 5lbs, Spartic trout up to 4lbs and brownie of 11lbs! He played another brown trout that he estimated to be between 15 -20lbs as it cruised past him just subsurface Jaws like! Unfortunately, this beast was too much for his 5wght rod and light tippet material and disappeared off with one barrel in tow. His son Liam caught a nice tiger trout but unfortunately, this species eluded Ian. Good angling though Ian
Joe Krejbich also had a cricket score, this time fishing bloodworm under the bung. Joe caught mainly rainbows up to 7lbs. Well done Joe.
Ricki Newbolt has been using the washing line great effect on Bank House. He has been consistently getting into double figures. Ricki uses a floating line with two small black buzzers on the dropper and either a FAB or booby on the point. He landed fifteen on his last visit and his catch included a big double figure rainbow.
The fishing at Stocks has been great when the conditions suit and tougher when windy. The bank has been much more consistent than the boats, and we’re seeing good catches daily. The best tactics have been a floating line or slow sinking intermediate line with either, a team of cormorants slowly twiddled back, or a team of buzzers fished on the washing line with FABs on the point. A more details Stocks report will follow shortly. Tight Lines Ben
Stocks: 01200 446602
Bank House: 01524 770412