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Fishing Reports


Sport: With the heavy rain we have seen over the last weekend Stocks is almost back to full level, great to see. This has cooled the water significantly which can only be a good thing and should stir the trout back onto the feed. There are lots of minnows around the margins and over the last few days daddys have been in evidence and the trout have been seen taking them so well worth keeping an eye out for these gangly legged terrestrials and matching the hatch as they say. As the water rises the newly flooded ground is usually best so worth casting into the margins and the submerged willows up in the northern shallows, indeed the best catch yesterday taken by Graham Barton on a gold head damsel was caught right behind willow island which was dry land this time last week. Ben is to make another good stocking again tomorrow with both rainbows and blues. On bank holiday Monday 29th august we are holding another charity blind pairs match in aid of the north west air ambulance. This is a great friendly competition and of course much needed funds are raised for this worthy cause. To book yourself in call stocks on 01200446602. Syotw Paul.

Stocks Reservoir is almost at full level. You can fish behind Willow Island again, the water has cooled and the newly flooded ground offers new feeding opportunities for the trout.

Stocks Reservoir is almost at full level. You can fish behind Willow Island again and the water has cooled. The newly flooded ground offers new feeding opportunities for the trout.

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Bank House has a corporate event on Friday August 19th. They have booked the whole lake. The fishery will be open to all again, as usual, on Saturday. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Sunday 14th August
NOTABLE CATCHES: 4 fish for Rick Nuttall
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish for 9lb 9oz Rick Nuttall
BEST RAINBOW: 4lb 2oz Rob Denson
BEST BROWN: Several wild brownies
BOAT ROD AV: 1.5 fish per angler
Sport: Today saw warm overcast conditions with a light wind which was perfect for the annual dry lines match. This year 16 anglers took to the water fishing only a floater. In the morning session top rod was Peter Andrews with 2 fish for 5lb 8oz in Second was Mark Tyndall with two fish for 5lb 2oz. After a well deserved buffet lunch they once again took to the water till 6 pm at the end the top rod from the afternoon session was Dermot Speight with 3 fish for 6lb 8oz and in second was Bob Fitzpatrick with 2 fish for 4lb 14oz. The overall winner is calculated by adding the places from both sessions together and this years dry lines winner taking 3rd in the morning session and 3rd in the afternoon session catch 4 fish overall for 9lb 9oz was Rick Nuttall. Rick caught his fish with a damsel pattern but boobies on the surface and dries have also fished well. The last prize of the day went to Rob Denson for the biggest a fish a stunning 4lb 2oz Rainbow. The fish that were caught were caught from all over the reservoir but the two main hotspots seemed to be the dam and the northern shallows. Next Sunday sees the Boat masters being contested for so if you fancy your chances at being the 2016 Stocks Boat Master give the lodge a ring and put your name down. See you out there Pete.



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DATE: Friday August 12th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 3 fish for Emyr Evans
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish for 16lb 4oz Emyr Evans
BEST RAINBOW: 11lb 4oz Emyr Evans
BEST BROWN: 4lb Emyr Evans
BANK ROD AV: 1 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2 fish per angler
Sport: The big fish have definitely been playing today for the four travelling welsh anglers len Hicks had a lovely 9lb rainbow (see pic below) but was outdone by fishing buddy Emyr Evans who had 3 fish for 16lbs 4oz including a 11lb 4oz rainbow(see below) and a 4lb brownie. Between the four of them they had 8 fish mainly on size 12 cat boobies, octopus and size 14 cocktail boobies and commented on the fact that they had many more follows that just didn’t hook up. The majority of their fish came from the alders down to Halsteads hike. Lets hope this is the start of better things too come. See you out there Pete

Memyr Evans 11lb 4oz Rainbow

Memyr Evans 11lb 4oz Rainbow

Len Hicks 9lb Rainbow

Len Hicks 9lb Rainbow

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The Stocks Dry Lines competition that was due to be fished tomorrow will now be fished next Sunday August 14th. The match was cancelled on Thursday due to weather warnings for tomorrow. Frustratingly the weather forecast has now dramatically improved! If you would like to enter the Dry Lines (floating line only competition) on Sunday 14th, please call the lodge on 01200 446602.
Tight Lines Ben

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Sport: The top catch today went to bank angler Ian Jackson with his 7 trout. Ian fished at 2 trees next to the jetty and caught on boobys and diawl bach on a floating line. Ian said he also lost a few and commented that the fish were up in the surface even in the bright sunshine. Antoon was also out on the bank on his usual 3 hour Friday fishing trip and landed 3 fish from Bell point. He didn’t mention what he caught on but his usual best patterns are diawl bach and Watsons bumble. Out on the boats there were trout caught with Hollins bay and the dam area being best. Ron Melling had a couple of fish and dropped and had chances of a few more all on daddys and ginger midas dry flies. Syotw Paul.

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Sport: Although the fishing has been tricky recently there are still fish being caught. Bob Fitzpatrick has been on the water often and has caught fish and also had a lot of trout follow his flies then turn away at the last minute. Chris Skerrat was out the other day and landed 3 rainbows and 1 brownie from the corner of Newclose bay where the fence runs in. Chris caught his fish on a damsel pattern on a slow sinking intermediate line. David McCabe landed 2 fish and lost another 2 during the fight yesterday whilst fishing close to the shore at Grindy lawn. David fished a floating line and caught on both gold head damsel and orange blob. When i have been out on the water recently i have seen a couple of things. One day you will get a few chances and the hook up rate will be high then on another day you will have a lot of follows but not many fish in the net. I was out last week with my good friend Rob Shelton and first off we had 6 chances with 4 landed and 1 bust up, good hook up rate, we then had another 20 chances without netting a fish. Why this should be i am not sure as some of the trout will bow wave after your flies from 15ft away and follow you right to the boat. Other anglers have found the same. If we could find a way of getting these following fish to commit we would see some very good catches. I will work on it and let you know how i get on! The weather forecast is good for Friday and Saturday but due to very strong wind for Sunday the dry line competition has been cancelled. We will re schedule this comp again in a couple of weeks and post a date here soon. There was a good stocking of quality rainbows and blues made today, these fish should hopefully stir the others into taking properly instead of just chasing. Syotw Paul.

Some belting rainbows and blues being stocked today.

Some belting rainbows and blues being stocked today.

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Sport: Ron Melling took to the water today and had a good day afloat with plenty of action. Ron fished up by the dam and Grindys where he landed 3 fish on a ginger midas and daddys but lost and had the chance of a good few more. Also taking a boat to the dam was Bob Fitzpatrick who landed 4 fish and like Ron had plenty of follows without the fish taking. Bobs best tactic was to rapidly pull boobys with extra large eyes across the surface on a floating line. Syotw Paul.

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It was bright start at Stocks today but the cloud cover built up over the course of the morning.Richie Kelly and Jose Vallarino had seven trout to their boat to 3lbs. They caught at the Dam and in Hollins Bay on floating lines with cat boobies coral boobies and daddies pulled through the surface.
Bob Fitzpatrick took three good fish, all took a gorgeous George fished back through the surface on a midge tip long. There were fish taken on dries as well and there were quite a lot of trout rising especially at the Dam and from Hollins to Hartley’s Bank. Tight Lines Ben

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A tricky day at stocks today with rain this morning then bright sunshine this afternoon and three changes of wind direction where never going to make things easy on the boats there was some success first in was Andy Galbraith who landed 2 fish from the northern shallows on a red holo Diawl bach. Next was Mr Irwin who caught his fish from the dam on a blob fished on a di6. Lastly Stocks Resident Bob Fitzpatrick landed two fish on a floating line with cats whisker boobies. everyon has commented on the amount of follows and swirls that arent connecting. possibly with a calmer day and a bit more cloud cover things could have been different. See you out there Pete

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