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Fishing Reports


DATE: Tuesday 23rd June.
NOTABLE CATCHES: H Moore 7 fish, Mr Fish 8 fish and Steve Bland 9 fish.
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish weighing 8lb 4oz for Dave Flitcroft.
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 6oz for Dave Flitcroft.
BEST BROWN: Several weighing 2lb.
BEST BLUE: 3lb for Andy Galbraith.
BANK ROD AV: 3.66 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 5.12 fish per angler.
Sport: From the bank the best catch fell to the rod of Mr H Moore with his 7 fish catch. Mr Moore caught his fish from the dam wall with the majority taking olive, black and white buzzers fished on a floating line. Out on a boat today was Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland who caught 14 fish between them. They drifted all over and caught on a variety of dry flies. They commented that all their fish were caught in calm water near the shore. Also landing 14 fish to their boat was Mr Johnston and Mr Fish. They found trout in several areas and caught their fish on dry daddy long legs. Syotw.

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It was a quiet day on stocks with just a couple of half day rods on the bank and one boat out. The top rod was Bill Knight with four trout from the Dam on a Hare’s ear. Andrew Briggs did catch the cracker below though, one of five big fish in the last three days. Tight Lines Ben

Andrtew Briggs caught this fin perfect 8lb 8oz rainbow whilst bank fishing in Hollins. It took a Viva and put up a great fight before coming to the net.

Andrtew Briggs caught this fin perfect 8lb 8oz rainbow whilst bank fishing in Hollins. It took a Viva and put up a great fight before coming to the net.

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Stocks Two Day day 2 and final results

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DATE: Sunday June 21st
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8fish for Ian Greenwood, 7 fish for Tom Speak
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish for 12lb 6oz for Richard Hood
BEST RAINBOW: 8lbs 1oz for Richard Hood
BEST BROWN: 4lb 1oz for Nick Thornborrow
BANK ROD AV: 2.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.48 fish per angler
Whilst conditions were not ideal due to a stiff breeze, day 2 of the ‘Odds and Sods’ England Team qualifier got underway as planned. The south westerly that prevailed throughout the day caused the northern end of Stocks to be rather ‘lumpy’ when compared to day 1, meaning successful methods used by some on day 1 were difficult to fish today. With methods revised to suit the conditions many worked hard drifting in the Northern Shallows, The Willows, Fairbanks and into the Causeway and the hard work was to pay off for some, in particular Bob Fitzpatrick. The Dam Arm and the East Bank, where the wind was kinder, perhaps received more attention than Day 1 and again some good catches were achieved fishing dries and nymphing. Newclose Bay also offered relative shelter and was, perhaps, overlooked by many on the water. Not so for Ian Greenwood who found a respectable number of fish in Newclose today. The full results table will be posted here during Monday.
Visiting regulars from Ayrshire, Whitesides Senior and Junior, enjoyed a great fathers’ day session to net 9 trout to the boat, fishing intermediate lines the Kate Maclaren and red headed damsel nymph were their most productive approach and again the pair fished mostly in Newclose Bay and along the buoy line, well done fellas.
Newclose features again, this time from the bank. Steven Cook, and bank partner Tom, took a walk to the area of the ‘Mushroom Tree’ to fish between the willows and both caught. Steven reports that he caught his four fish on a ke-he fly with a ‘Courtland Blue’ line.
This Sunday, the 28th, will be the Scierra Pairs and there are still places available. Call the lodge, 01200 446602, to enter.
See you next time, Nick.

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DATE: Saturday June 20th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10fish for Carl Malpass, 6 fish for Sam Georgiou (bank)
BEST RAINBOW: 10lbs 15oz for Tom Speak
BEST BROWN: 6lbs 10oz for John Hood
BANK ROD AV: 2.0fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 5.2fish per angler
Today Stocks was host to day one (of two) of the ‘Odds and Sods’ comp’ where 11 boats took to the water. Many reported that the bites were ‘finecky’ and it was hard to get the fish to stay on the hook, and indeed many trout were lost mid fight. This having been said the form was respectable with a rod average of 5.8 per angler. Tomorrow is day two when the final rankings will be determined, however the top 5 positions at the end of day one are as follows:-
1.Carl Malpass
2.Bob Fitzpatrick
3.Dermot Speight
4.Nick Thornborrow
5.Paul Davison.

Exact methods and fly patterns are understandably a little guarded until Sunday fishes out, however the jist is that the fish are high in the water, concentrated more in the margins than open water and greens and blacks make up the more successful fly patterns.
Visiting anglers were few in number today and results were mixed. Most notable was a half day visit by Sam Georgiou who walked several areas of the banks, today being his first visit to Stocks. Sam fished a foam daddy with a floating line to catch 6 trout, Bell Point proving to be his most productive area. Well done Sam and see you next time.


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DATE:                                                 Friday June 19th
REPORT AUTHOR                          Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                     10+ fish for Digger, Mark Howard, Tom Speak, Paul Davison, Derek Moore
BEST RAINBOW:                             Several at 3lbs
BEST BROWN:                                 Several at 2lbs
BANK ROD AV:                                3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                                 7.29 fish per angler
Sport: Just a brief report tonight as most anglers were on sporting tickets and practising for tomorrow’s england qualifier. It fished really well from the boats with several anglers catching into double figures. All I got back was that they caught on a variety of flies and methods and that they had fished all around the reservoir. Make of that what you will!
Derek Hill and Alec Richmond did fill out their return slips so I can tell you that they had seven trout their boat on yellow dancers and Bill Menzies and Ernie Greenualgh had ten to their boat on damsels and dries.
Nathan Robertson had five to his boat from Grindy’s, Ten Acre Foot and Willow Island he too caught on both damsels and dries. More detailed info will follow as it comes in. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Thursday 18th June.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ for Steve Smalley, Mark Howarth and Paul Davison.
NOTABLE BAG: n/a sport tickets.
BEST RAINBOW: 10lb + for Mark Howarth
BEST BROWN: 4lb for Dave Hulston.
BANK ROD AV: 2.14 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 6.44 fish per angler.
Sport: From the bank today the best catch went to Ian Jobe with his 5 fish. Ian found Bell point to be his best spot with a damsel and a muddler on a sink tip line his best tactic. Other popular bank spots today included 2 trees next to the jetty, Hartleys bank and Bens beach. Out on the boats there were a number of good catches recorded with Steve Smalley and Mark Howarth both landing over 10 fish each including a tagged fish for Steve and a stocks double for Mark. They drifted all over the lake finding fish in a good number of areas whilst experimenting with different tactics. Also landing 10+ trout was Paul Davison who also drifted all over finding several productive areas and like Steve and Mark caught on several different tactics. Syotw.

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DATE: Wednesday June 17th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 17 to the boat for Webb and Morton, 12 for Natrass and partner.
BEST RAINBOW: 10lbs 0oz for Mr Webb
BANK ROD AV: 2 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.3 fish per angler
A terrible weather forecast and, admittedly, a wet start meant a quiet day at Stocks today. By afternoon the rain had stopped and the wind was gentle. The sport was good for the majority of anglers.
On the bank Dave Hitchen’s catch of two hard fighting trout is worthy of note due to Dave’s choice of successful fly pattern; his own four eyed booby. Worth a try is to tie a booby with 4 eyes; Dave’s pattern has a black fritz body and black marabou tail with 4 lime green eyes and the fish certainly wanted it today.
Afloat the best catch of the day went to Messsrs Webb and Morton with 17 fish to the boat, including a 10lb+ rainbow caught by the jetty. The majority of their 17 trout however came from the Northern Shallows and The Willows, fishing a cats booby with a sinking line finding the fish to be tight against the trees. David and Joan had a great day too, also fishing the cats booby. Their best area was found to be Hartleys casting towards the shore from the boat.
Lastly it was great to meet boat pair Forbes and Cottle who, arriving late in the afternoon, fished Stocks as one venue on their itinerary of several in the UK. The pair has already fished Carron Valley, Menteith and Beescastle fishing Stocks before continuing on to Chew, Litton and Blagdon. With Mr Cottle having travelled from Nashville Tennessee it was great to see that a visit to Stocks was included in the plan. The duo managed four trout to the boat, exploring all over the res’, however (i quote) they had a ‘whole bunch of knocks’ with the best results found fishing a yellow dancer.

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DATE: Tuesday 16th June.
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish weighing 10lb for Alan Daniels.
BEST RAINBOW: lbs oz for
BEST BROWN: 2lb 8oz for Ricky Newbolt.
BEST BLUE: 2lb 12oz for Alan Daniels.
BANK ROD AV: 2.60 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 3.92 fish per angler.
Sport: The boat anglers had the best of the sport today as the averages show. The best catch went to Ricky Newbolt with his 11 fish. Ricky caught all his fish from the northern end of the lake with his best spot being Cooks creek. Ricky fished a floating line and caught on both black buzzers and lures. Both landing 6 fish each were David Manning and Alan Daniels. David and Alan both found willow island their best spot with David catching on buzzers and Alan on a consett budgie. From the bank the best area was from barn quarry along Hartleys to Bell point with buzzers and damsel patterns the best flies. Syotw.

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DATE:                                        Monday June 15th
REPORT AUTHOR                 Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:            Philip Davies, Richard Morgan, Mark Tyndall & Ian Dickinson
NOTABLE BAG:                       5 fish for 11lbs 8oz Ken Baxter
BEST RAINBOW:                    4lbs 0oz for Richard Morgan
BEST BROWN:                        2lbs 8oz Philip Davies
BANK ROD AV:                       4.56 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                        4.71 fish per angler
Sport: It was a mixed bag of results today but some anglers really got amongst the fish. Mark Tyndall and Ian Greenwood had seventeen to their boat, mainly on dries but they did catch on other methods too. They did a full lap of the reservoir fishing in lots of different areas.
Richard Morgan and Steve Whitham had thirteen to their boat, once again they caught doing a few different things but their best period was on green holographic diawl bachs over the Northern Shallows.
Ian Dickinson and Frank Murray also had thirteen trout. They caught on buzzers and cormorants over the Northern Shallows.
Ricky Newbolt had seven fish to 3lbs also on buzzers fished down the east bank.
On the shore the top rod was Philip Davies who fished off the dam wall with buzzers to tempt fifteen trout. His bag included four nice brownies to 2lbs 8oz and rainbows to 3lbs.
Ken Baxter, Lee Baxter and James Birtwistle all had six trout apiece on half day tickets. Ken caught from Davy Jones on a floater and damsel patterns, Lee used the same tactic at two trees and James also fished at two trees but caught all his fish on invictas and butchers. He said he could have had many more as well. Tight Lines Ben

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