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Fishing Reports


DATE:                                   Sunday May 10th .
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       10+ trout for Mike James, Steve Martin, Jim Fish, Neil Pickup, Andy Cliffe, Fred Montain and Shaun Gaskell.
NOTABLE BAG:                  5 trout for 12lbs 8oz Fred Montain
BEST RAINBOW:               9lbs for Neil Pickup
BEST BROWN:                    3lbs 8oz for Russell Doleman
BEST BLUE:                        Several at 3lbs
BANK ROD AV:                 3.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                  6.20 fish per angler
Sport: What a strange day! If I had taken the rod average on the boat at 3pm it would have been about 2 fish per man but then the top end, especially the Causeway turned on and some anglers came in with cricket scores!
Neil Pick up on his first visit to Stocks drifted across the causeway to take 17 trout on a white minkies booby not bad going for a half day ticket!
Fishing in the same area Mike James and Jim Fish tempted 40 to their boat on daddies and blobs. Andy Cliff used a similar tactic to take 18 fish over the course of the day.
The top rod on the shore was Russell Doleman with 7 trout all caught on a damsel.
Also a big well done to Kacie Campbell who caught her first trout today. See picture below. Tight lines Ben

Kacie Campbell aged 7 with her first trout caught on the fly. Kacie cvaught on a black buzzer. One to watch for the future. Good angling!

Kacie Campbell aged 7 with her first trout caught on the fly. Kacie cvaught on a black buzzer. One to watch for the future. Good angling!

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DATE:                                              Saturday May 14th
REPORT AUTHOR                       Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                 12 trout for Bob Fitzpatrick
NOTABLE BAG:                            4 fish for 10lbs Martin Skilbeck
BEST RAINBOW:                        5lbs for Colin Riley, 4lbs for John Rowe
BEST BROWN:                            4lbs for Melvin Wood
BEST BLUE:                                 4lbs 3oz for Tim Barley
BANK ROD AV:                           3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                           2.90 fish per angler
Sport: It was great to see Brian Stark and the Scottish Power guys fishing today. The conditions were tricky for them with bright sunshine and a cool Northerly breeze. They still caught a fair few trout though 31 between them not including the little wild brownies that were returned. Their top basket was caught by Tim Barley with 3 trout for 9lbs exactly. (See pics below) The best fish prize went to Mark Davies but I’m not sure how big it was. Great to see you fellers have great night tonight.
We also had Leeds fly dressers on the water today, which is always a pleasure. Melvin Wood was their top rod with seven trout including a nice overwintered brownie. Pictured below. Melvin caught most of his fish on blobs whilst drifting across open water at the dam.
Bob Fitzpatrick caught very well today over a shortened day with twelve trout to net. Bob straight lined a team of diawl bachs to tempt them all. Bob found fish between Pete’s Point and the east bank and out over open water in Newclose Bay.
Gary and Stephen Martin had ten trout to their boat including rainbows to 4lbs and blues to 3lbs. They caught most of their fish drift across the dam. Their best patterns green holographic diawl bach and cats whisker boobies fish on floating lines on the washing line. Good angling fellers.
On the shore Robert Bradley had six blues and rainbows a few of which went 3lbs. Robert fished along Ben’s Beach with a black fritz on a floating line. Well done that man.
Nigel Simpson also had a good session with five rainbows and blues to 3lbs on cats whiskers. Nigel also found the fish on Ben’s Beach.
The conditions weren’t great today and the cool breeze didn’t help. Tomorrow looks much better with very light winds and much more cloud cover. Tight Lines Ben

It brilliant to host Brian stark and the Scottish Power anglers again. I hope you have great night tonight fellers.

It was brilliant to see Brian stark and the Scottish Power anglers once again. I hope you have great night tonight fellers and safe travels.

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DATE:                              Friday May 13th .
NOTABLE CATCHES: 16 fish Mr Barnes and 13 fish Rob Finney
NOTABLE BAG:            5 fish for 11lb 8oz Rob Finney
BEST RAINBOW:         8lb Ian Clarkson
BEST BROWN:             Several at 2lb
BEST BLUE:                  Several at 4lb
BANK ROD AV:            3.75 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:            6.53 fish per angler
Sport: Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky not at stocks though. Ian Clarkson finished his days fishing with a stunning 8lb rainbow pic below) from two trees on an olive buzzer, also on the buzzers Richard Lewis has 6 fish from Barn Quarry this time it was black that did the trick. The buzzers were working on the boats as well with Rob Finney catching 13 fish mainly in Hollins Bay. Again in Hollins boat partners Mr Barnes and Mr Williams finished a good days fishing with 26 fish to the boats again on buzzers with quite a few fish in the 4lb class. Ricky Newbolt managed 10 fish from all over the reservoir with the infamous stocks cat booby accounting for most of the fish. The wind changes overnight tonight coming round to a northwestly and dropping off just in time for the weekend there are still a few boats left for Sunday if you want to get in on the awesome fishing of late, just phone the lodge to book one. Tight lines Pete

Ian Clarkson 8lb Rainbow caught on an olive buzzer at Two Trees

Ian Clarkson 8lb Rainbow caught on an olive buzzer at Two Trees

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DATE:                                     Thursday May 12th .
REPORT AUTHOR               Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:         13 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick
NOTABLE BAG:                   2 fish for 8lb 8oz Mick Glancey
BEST RAINBOW:                9lb for Paul Lynch
BEST BROWN:                    5lb for Gary Corbett
BEST BLUE:                         4lb 8oz Mick Glancey
BANK ROD AV:                   2.44 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                   4.86 fish per angler
Sport: “Bright n Breezy never easy” as the saying up here goes and some did find todays conditions tricky but stocks regular Mick Glancey walked all the way to Newclose turned around and walked back then fish the jetty area to take 6 fish all on a Yellow Dancer including a lovely 5lb 8oz rainbow on the greys half n half line. Just outcatching Mick with 7 fish and top rod on the bank was Gary Corbett who strolled round to the Spillway and used his black fritz on an intermediate line to great effect with two over wintered wild browns of around 5lb one pictured below the other released to fight another day. Out on the Boats Stocks residents Bob Fitzpatrick and Derek Moore were once again in amongst the fish with 23 to the boat bob was loch styling traditional wets whereas Derek was fishing dries and nymphs both on floating lines. With more cloud cover and lighter winds forecast for the weekend the fishing is gonna be awesome so book a boat now to avoid disappointment. One last bit of new paul lynch was fishing buzzers in Newclose bay late on last night when he hooked in to a 9lb 8oz leviathan (pictured below) I believe the fish led him a merry dance before finally being subdued and brought to the net. ZSee you out there Pete

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DATE:                                                  Wednesday May 11th
REPORT AUTHOR                            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                       10+ trout for Bob Fitzpatrick, Derek Moore, Dermot Speight, Melvin Wood, Paul Bebb and Peter Knox
NOTABLE BAG:                                  6 trout for 16lbs for Joan Lindsay and David McAbe
BEST RAINBOW:                               10lbs+ for Melvin Wood
BEST BROWN:                                   6lbs 6oz for Ray Entwistle
BEST BLUE:                                        5lbs 0oz for Joan Lindsay
BANK ROD AV:                                  2.75 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                                  8.61 fish per angler
Sport: The majority of the anglers today fished from the boats and boy did it fish well! The trout are high in the water and feeding hard. I assume they are feeding on emerging buzzer as the martins, Swallows and terns working the water as well. Newclose and the buoy line is a hot spot but I would be happy drifting anywhere you see feeding birds. No doubt drifting is the key to success at the moment I think you will limit your success by dropping anchor. On the drift you can cover large stretches of open water and pick of trout feeding high along the way.
The top boat today were Stocks regulars Bob Fitzpatrick and Derek Moore who amassed a cricket score between them the fished over the before mentioned hot spots. They caught mainly on dries and diawl bachs, the latter fished on the washing line. They key for them was small and black.
Melvin Wood got a team of wets working extremely well and his bumper catch included a belting blue/ rainbow trout of around 10lbs.
Paul Bebb and Peter Knox really got amongst the fish on boobies, black nymphs and cormorants. They caught rainbows blues and browns to 4lbs.
Dermot Speight had a great days sport catching well into double figures on black hoppers and black nymphs. They too caught drifting the open water across Newclose Bay.
Joan Lindsay and David McAbe were out with guide Peter Scholes and caught into double figures on small black dries. Joan got the best blue of the day at 5lbs. Stocks is really fishing well at the moment. Long may it continue! Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                               Tuesday May 10th .
NOTABLE CATCHES:   14 trout for Paul Bebb 12 trout for George Ashton
NOTABLE BAG:             5trout for 16lbs 4oz for Ashley Robertson
BEST RAINBOW:          3lb 6oz for Rob Shelton
BEST BROWN:              6lbs 4oz for Ashley Robertson
BEST BLUE:                   3lbs for several anglers
BANK ROD AV:             1.17 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:             6.36 fish per angler
Sport: A stiff easterly today made for tricky casting conditions and hampered the bank anglers no end but Sheila Dandridge manage to tempt two trout in a quick afternoon session from the jetty area on an orange muddler. On the boats however the fishing was electric with George Ashton and Ashley Robertson taking 23 fish from various areas of the reservoir on intermediate lines and nomad lures Ashleys haul included a stunning 6lb 4oz brownie(see pic below) also on the boats David Hild took 9 fish from the Northern Shallows on various flies including lures and nymphs. Again on the boats Ron Melling managed to tempt 6 trout on a half day ticket mainly from the Northern shallows and Bens beach taking them on a damsel nymph and a yellow dancer booby. But top rod today goes to our very own Paul Bebb who caught and released 14 fish whilst on a guided day with Rob Shelton, Paul and Rob managed 21 fish to the boat with the majority of their fish coming from the buoy line with boobies and black nymphs fished on floating line accounting for the majority of their fish. See you out there Pete

Ashley Robertson 6lb 4oz Brownie

Ashley Robertson 6lb 4oz

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Sport: Just a quick report tonight as i think the wind put anglers off today. The top catch from the bank today went to Gareth Evans with his 7 fish. Gareth caught blues up to 3lb whilst fishing off Bell point with a black booby on a sinking line being his best tactic. The biggest fish today went to bank angler Andrew Fenton with a personal best 6lb 8oz rainbow. Andrew caught his big fish at Bens beach on a black and green buzzer. Other effective patterns from the bank included black and green lures, yellow lures and orange boobys with fish being caught from the jetty to Bell point. The best catch from the boats today went to Ian Greenwood and Mark Tyndall with 7 fish each. They caught a couple of fish at the mushroom tree in Newclose bay but the northern shallows and round willow island was where they caught most of their fish. They fished di3 and di5 dinking lines and various lures and said the trout were following their flies and taking them when they were on the way up. There was one boat still out when Ben sent the report last night but something strange happened to Andy Roskell. Andy was taking a rest and had his rod over the side of the boat with a dry fly on his dropper blowing in the breeze when a rainbow of 8lb flew out of the water for his fly, it missed and landed in the boat by his feet, it was then the tussle started but Andy managed to wrestle the fish into his net and release it back to the water! Mad. Syotw Paul.

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DATE:                                                   Sunday May 8th
REPORT AUTHOR                            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                       11 trout for Bob Fitzpatrick
NOTABLE BAG:                                  3 trout for 16lbs 8oz for Bruce Irvine
BEST RAINBOW:                              11lbs 8oz for Bruce Irvine, 9lbs Bob Fitzpatrick
BEST BROWN:                                   2lbs 8oz for Bob
BEST BLUE:                                        3lbs 0oz for Des Ashcroft
BANK ROD AV:                                  2.90 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                                  4.60 fish per angler
Sport: It was a quiet day today on the fishery with just a few bank anglers and eight boats out. There are still three out as I am writing this so they may appear in tomorrow’s report. The top bank angler was Des Ashcroft who took eight good fish on a willy wonker fished along the shore near the jetty. Des’s catch included rainbows to 4lbs and blues to 3lbs. Not bad for a half day ticket.
Bruce Irvine fished the afternoon along two trees to take three trout on a white lure. Bruce’s best fish tipped the scales to 11lbs 8oz. It gave him a brilliant fight as well tearing line off his reel and running down the shoreline, but eventually Bruce managed to get the fish over the net. Good angling Bruce.
Out on the boat Bob Fitzpatrick had eleven trout over a fairly short session fishing buzzers and diawl bachs over open water near the buoy line. Bob’s best fish was a 9lb rainbow that took black holo diawl bach. Bob fish on the drift with a heavy buzzer on the point.
Ron Melling fished the same area and across Newclose bay to tempt seven fish to damsel patterns.
One for the birders amongst you today we had two black terns and a little gull feeding over Newclose bay and sitting on the buoys at the nature reserve. Tight Lines Ben

Bruce Irvine caught this beautiful 11lb 8oz rainbow on a cats whisker fished near two trees.

Bruce Irvine caught this beautiful 11lb 8oz rainbow on a cats whisker fished near two trees.

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DATE:                                                Saturday May 7th
REPORT AUTHOR                         Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                   30 trout for Phil Green
NOTABLE BAG:                              3 trout for 11lbs 8oz for George Waters
BEST RAINBOW:                          11lbs 0oz for Graham Whiteside
BEST BROWN:                               7lbs 1oz overwintered brownie for George Waters
BEST BLUE:                                    5lbs 8oz for Phil Davies
BANK ROD AV:                              3.64 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                              6.55 fish per angler
Sport: It was our Trout Masters fish off today and six contenders took to the water to try and become the angler to represent Stocks in the grand final, which will be held on Grafham later in the year. Although there were only six anglers it was a strong field that included the previous Trout Masters Champion Darren Booth.
When I went around the boats at lunchtime Phil Green had started to pull away from the rest of the field with thirteen trout. The chasing pack included Darren Booth and Andy Cooper who were both on seven. However Phil fished like a man possessed in the afternoon and ended up with thirty trout. He returned blues and rainbows to 4lbs and one of them was tagged winning him a £100 tackle voucher. That’s what you call a red letter day!
It was an incredible performance beating the Darren who was the nearest to him by seventeen fish! I can’t remember such a convincing win against such a strong field. Great angling Phil!
Phil was stripping back one of his own tied damsel patterns on a floating line whilst drifting from the buoy line over open water towards Gull Island. Phil does tie some lovely and unique lures which, as you can see, really do the business. He does sell them as well and I think on the back of this performance he has earned a plug. If you want to take a look at his flies visit his Facebook page: fly’s4you
Congratulations Phil, I might stick a tenner on you in the final! (today’s results are below)
There were a fair few trout caught on dries today as well which was nice to see as the conditions weren’t perfect for dries. Tom speak
It was nice to Mid-Ribble Anglers on the water today. Six of them from the boats and about a dozen or so fished from the shore.
Their top rod today was Graham Childs with eleven trout caught around the jetty area. Graham roly-polied black blobs and orange blobs on a slow intermediate line. Well done Graham
Big fish magnet George Waters visited Stocks today. He fished a small black weighted minkie on a midge tip along the shore around the Jetty. He had an active morning session with eleven trout including n overwintered 7lb brownie. (pic below) Quite incredibly George only needs one more double figure trout to reach 600. Yes 600 doubles that is not a typo!
Aslo having a good day from the shore was Phil Davies who had nine trout including a nice blue of 5lbs 4oz. Phil Fished a cats on a floating line at Grindy’s Lawn. Tight Lines Ben

THE MAN OF THE MOMENT: Phil Green won our 'Trout Masters Fish Off' with 30 trout today. He also caught a tagged trout that won him a £100 tackle voucher. All the best in the final.

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DATE: Friday May 6th .
NOTABLE BAG: 3 trout weighing 7lb 8oz for Antoon Gysbers.
BEST RAINBOW: 12lbs for George Ashton.
BEST BROWN: 3lbs 8oz for Stephen Martin.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 3lb 8oz.
BANK ROD AV: 3.36 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 9.00 fish per angler.
Sport: A super day at Stocks with the weather and the fishing being equally good. There were some impressive catches made today with the boats up in the northern end of lake having the best of it. Roaming the bank this morning was Antoon Gysbers who caught 6 fine rainbows. Antoon fished near the bench and caught on diawl bach and a home tied nymph called a kracken on a floating line. Mick Shaw fished the Quarry area to land 5 fish. A black nomad on an intermediate line was his best tactic. Also landing 5 fish was Tony Newman. His best spot was Hartleys with ptn his best pattern. With 6 fish was Andrew Briggs who fished from Hartleys round into Hollins bay with all his trout falling to a nomad on a floating line. Out on a boat today were father and son team Neil and John Parkinson who caught 13 fish between them. They found their fish in the northern shallows on static diawl bach on a floating line. Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley amassed 25 fish to their boat including a super 9lb rainbow for Andrew. They caught in the northern shallows and in newclose bay with buzzers being the favoured pattern. Ricky Newbolt caught 11 fish once again from the northern shallows on a cats booby on a floating line with most of his fish being caught this morning. Ray Bird and Andy Hulls boated 21 trout between them with the northern shallows once again being the best area with a washing line rig taking most of their fish. Darren Booth and James Vann found fish in several areas and caught on a variety of methods bringing a final tally of 20 trout between them. John Lord caught his 9 fish off gull island on dries with a black parachute being his best pattern. Also landing 9 was James Graham who also caught on dry flies this time a daddy with most of his fish coming from Eaking shallows and the bouy line. Top rod today was Ryan Mathews with an impressive 25 trout to his boat. Ryans best 2 areas were the northern shallows and the alders with nomads working well in the morning before a switch to dries this afternoon. George Ashton and Ritchie Kelly caught 26 fish between them with the northern shallows once again being the best area. They both fished a floating line with Richie catching on a yellow dancer and George on a nomad. John, Ted, John and Jimmy have been staying in the lake view apartment for the last couple of nights and have had some super fishing, their best ever visit to Stocks in fact, even the weather was good to them. Before travelling home this evening they caught 13 fish between them once again up in the northern end of the lake including the biggest fish of their stay, a great 8lb rainbow that was caught by Ted Sherrade. Great to have had you with us and hopefully see you again soon. Syotw.

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