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Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports

Wednesday September 5th – Saturday September 8th

The fishing has really ‘gone up a gear’ on Stocks over the last few days.
On Wednesday John Sykes caught ten trout whilst drifting along the Northern Shallows with a Di 5 line, a back n green tadpole on the point and a damsel on the dropper.
Fishing open water across Newclose Bay, Colin Fitzjohn successfully tempted six trout to dries.
The top rod from the shore was Richard Wincer who caught nine rainbows on a damsel and dancer booby fished on a floater.
On Thursday the good sport continued. Ricky Newbolt had eight trout from along the buoy line on an intermediate line and a black n green lure. Fishing a similar method with very similar flies in Newclose Bay were John Legg and Craig Whittaker. They had eighteen fish between them.
Neil Heath proved that dries were still working with 7 trout taken from open water near Willow.
On Friday Neil Heath and Jamie Presho had a busy day with sixteen rainbows between them. They fished the Northern end of the reservoir with floating lines and Lures.
In Newclose Bay Stewart McCaughey caught twelve trout. He also fished on a floating line with a blob on the point and diawls on the droppers. Stewart’s boat partner Geoff Hall had a monster brownie amongst his fish (see pic below).
Antoon Gysbers had 4 trout during a short session off Hollins point.
Today we are holding the Stocks Pairs, it’s still fishing well we have just had our 7th pair in with a ten fish limit. Report to follow.

Stewart McCaghey holding Geoff Hall's 10+ brownie.

Stewart McCaghey holding Geoff Hall’s 10+ brownie.

Stocks:Tuesday 4th September.

Sport: There are still plenty of trout being caught with the northern end of the lake best from the boats and from Hollins round to Bell point best from the bank. The best boat catch over the last couple of days was taken by Colin Riley who headed off to the northern end where he found good numbers of trout in Newclose bay. Colin had lots of follows on both sparkler and black and green booby on a di3 stripped ultra fast across the surface but it was only when he changed to a fast roly poly retrieve that the trout started to get hold of his flies. The biggest fish over the same period was also caught by Colin with a mint 6lb brown trout. Black and green patterns and damsels have been by far the best colours for consistent Jamie Presho who once again took the best bank catch today. Jamie found lots of action fishing from Bell point with damsels and cormorants. There were a lot of fish rising today with daddys, buzzers and dung flies on the water in abundance. Always good to see so many fish feeding on the surface. Syotw Paul.


A slower than usual start on August 24th proved to be just a minor blip as the good sport quickly returned thereafter. Our chunky rainbows have been providing great sport with lots 3lb fish being taken, and the occasional appearance from some of our huge resident browns really spiced things up. Enough to get anyone’s pulse rate up!
Proving to be Mr consistent, Mr M Peter from Overton made three visits to us and landed a total of 26 trout. Olive fritz, Cats Whiskers and Hot Head damsels were his weapons of choice and mightily successful they were too.
Mr Francis from Lancaster caught eight trout on beetles and hoppers, he had rainbows to 3lbs and browns to 3lbs 8oz.
Tom Smith tempted a cracking brownie of 10lbs to cat’s whisker. Tom returned it to water to fight another day.
Fred Squires from Garstang and P Davie from Westhead both took six rainbows up to 3lbs on buzzers and Mr L Walsh from Oswaldtwistle had a nice rainbow of 5lbs 8oz, which also took a buzzer. Buzzers have accounted for quite a lot of the fish caught over this period.
Mr A Leigh from Preston took twelve rainbows to 4lbs fishing an orange grub pattern.
However the catch of the week has to go to the man simply known as John from Morecambe. John fished hoppers and damsels catch ten trout, his catch included rainbows up to 3lbs and a belting resident brownie of 13lbs. John also returned this fish, where it can continue to gorge on dace fry or anything else that takes its fancy. Good angling John.
The rod average over this period was 3.7 fish per angler. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks: Saturday 1st September.

Sport: The rain we had last week has pushed the water level up over a metre and has changed the fishing in a number of ways. The bank is much easier under foot now the water level is above the silt line and as a consequence the water is much clearer now the wind and wave action is not continually washing against the fine silt. The water is a bit cooler which makes the trout feel more comfortable and so more willing to feed and whereas the trout have been staying out in open water they have now started to move closer to the shore which is good news for bank anglers. Last week the bouy line and Eaking shallows were dry but now the freshly flooded ground is holding good numbers of trout and has probably been the best area for the boats. Phil Winterbottom and boat partner landed 11 trout between them from this area finding the fish keen to take Montanas, black and green lures and zonkers. Although they were fishing in quite shallow water sinking lines worked the best with a fast or roly poly retrieve. Tony Dryden also fished along the bouy line to take his trout but found a more imitative approach best with a team of black buzzers working for him. Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley had a bumper day yesterday landing a total of 26 trout between them. They drifted all over the newly flooded northern end of the lake catching on both nymphs and lures finding the trout high in the water and eager to feed. Roy Duckworth enjoyed lots of action fishing from the shore near the jetty. Roy landed fish up to 3lb in weight and had much more action to his black and green patterns. Alan Grant fished from Bell point to land 6 fish with his fish falling to a small black nymph on a sink tip line. Richard Wincer was also amongst the trout landing 7 of them on a tan foam daddy. The best spot for Richard was next to the jetty. Jamie Presho had an action packed few hours landing 8 fish and having a good number of other chances whilst fishing between the jetty and Hollins bay. Jamie found a floating line and green holo / green pea combo his most effective set up. The trout are still on the feed today with Neil Ashworth landing 9 fish on a half day ticket. With Neil fishing a competition next week he had a good drift around the water and found a few different areas and patterns working. Syotw Paul.

The 2018 Stocks Pairs

Venue: Stocks Reservoir
Date: Saturday September 8th

In this fly fishing competition you get to fish alongside your partner from the same boat. The aim is to try and catch a bag of catch 10 trout between you. It’s as simple as that.
This is a great day out for two mates, or a parent and child or, if you wish, we can pair you up with someone new.
This is a one day event with some fantastic prizes up for grabs.
You’ve got to be in it to win it!
Here is a brief outline of the competition.

1. Each pair fishes from a drifting boat and can use any flies that comply with everyday fishery rules.
2. Once you have caught your 10th trout you must head back to the lodge and hand your fish in to the fishery staff.
3. When you hand you fish in, you will be awarded a bonus of 8oz for every complete 15 minute period left in match.
4. Any one trout cannot add more than 5lbs to your total bag weight, but will count for the biggest fish.
5. The competition will start at 10:00am and finish at 6:00pm.
To enter or for more information call Stocks on 01200 446602