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Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports

Tuesday March 21st

DATE:                           Tuesday March 21st
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 fish for Dean Walker 11 fish for Matt turner 10 fish for Bernard Mcbride
NOTABLE BAG:          5 fish for 11lb 8oz Alex Turner
BEST FISH:                  Several around 3lb
BANK ROD AV:          9.50 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          n/a
Sport: with strong winds today no one ventured out on the boats but the bank fished very well indeed regular Bernard Mcbride had 10 fish mainly on an old flapper from Hollins bay also in Hollins bay but on the opposite side Matt Turner caught 11 fish on various lures, his dad Alex caught 5. Top rod today and resident in the upstairs apartment was Dean Walker who had 12 fish from Two Trees his best Pattern was a Yellow Dancer Booby. With the weather improving and warming up towards the weekend it’s looking good for some great sport.
Just a reminder that this years Rio Fours competition kicks off on Sunday 2nd April
Fished over three dates all, are Sundays: Day 1: April 2nd, Day 2: May 7th, Final Day May 28th
The Rio 4s is a four man team event that will see all the teams fishing over three days each separated by roughly one month. Each match will undoubtedly require very different fishing techniques and tactics, so the winning team will have to be adaptable. Ultimately, one of the teams will be crowned the 2017 Rio 4 Champions.
Teams of four will fish the first two rounds as two pairs. Each pair will fish together in the same boat to try and complete a bag of ten trout between them. Once they have completed their bag they must return to the lodge to receive a time bonus. They are then free to continue fishing on catch and release, from a drifting boat for the remaining time in the match.
All the pairs will be ranked at the end of each match, so each team of four will have two rankings that will be totalled to give them a team score.
In the final round all four members will be drawn with members from other teams. Anglers with complete a bag of four fish and then carry on fishing catch and release with each returned fish adding 2lbs onto the bag weight. All anglers will be ranked and team points totalled. After the final match the team that has massed the lowest score will be the 2017 Rio Champions.
Each match will be fished to international national rules, with the exception of flies that will be fishery rules.
Each team may name between four and seven anglers that will be eligible to represent them over the course of the three rounds. However, the very generous prize fund will be split between all the anglers named in the team. A team of four may add an extra angler at any time prior to the final match, as long as no more than a total seven anglers are used over all three matches.

So if you would like to enter a team please contact the lodge on 01200 446602

Stocks: Monday 20th March.

Sport: The best catch today went to Mark Tyndall and Ron Blundell who landed 7 trout between them with Ron landing his first ever rainbows. Mark took his boat into Hollins bay where they found damsels fished on di3 sinking lines their best tactic. On the bank Tony Taylor braved the wind and headed off to the Bell point area where he was rewarded with 3 good trout on his ever effective booby and sinking line combo. Syotw. Paul.

Saturday March 18th

DATE:                                    Saturday March 18th
REPORT AUTHOR                Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:           17 fish for Tony Taylor &13 fish for Colin Riley
BEST FISH:                             4lbs Tony Taylor
BANK ROD AV:                     6.75 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                     N/A
Sport: We were quiet today due to the poor weather, however the wind did eventually drop away and we had quite pleasant evening.
Just five half day tickets were taken on the shore and a almost everyone caught a fish or two. Two anglers did very well. The first was Tony Taylor with seventeen fish from Bell Point. Tony fished a yellow booby on a medium sinking line (Di3) to take all his fish. The trout were reasonably high in the water and faster sinking lines didn’t produce anything.
The second angler was Colin Riley who fished in Hollins Bay on a floating line with a white gold headed lure to caught thirteen trout. Colin used a steady retrieve and also caught his fish fairly high in the water.
There were quite few fish rising in Hollins Bay taking black adult buzzers off the surface. The trout are now moving out from the extreme margins and are starting to feed higher in the water. Tight Lines Ben

Friday March 17th

Unsurprisingly with the impending weather doom over the weekend there was no one at the fishery today so no report tonight. Also with regards to the weather we have had to cancel the spring pairs due to take place on Sunday. We will endeavour to fit it in later in the year if at all possible. See you out the there Pete

Stocks:Thursday 16th March.

DATE: Thursday March 16th.
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish weighing 6lb 8oz for Mike westacott.
BEST FISH: 4lb for Pete Scholes.
BANK ROD AV: 3.33 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 4.00 fish per angler.
Sport: Fishing the bank today at Bens beach was Tony Taylor who landed 7 trout. Tony found the fish a bit higher in the water with a di3 sinking line and booby set up his best tactic. Mike Westacott fished next to the boat jetty to land 4 fish. Mike caught his fish on a black fritz lure on a floating line. Fishing from a boat and landing 6 fish was Pete Scholes who found the northern shallows his best area. Pete opted for a fast glass sinking line with a cut throat cats whisker being his best pattern. Bringing 9 trout to his boat was Andy Cliff who found his fish at the back of willow island. Andys best tactic was a combo of blobs and cormorants fished on a slow sinking intermediate line with most of his fish coming on the hang. Syotw. Paul.