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Fishing Reports


DATE: Tuesday July 5th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 fish for Peter Carr and Simon Taylor
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 10lb peter Carr
BEST RAINBOW: 3lb Paul Marsden
BEST BLUE: Several at 2lb
BANK ROD AV: 1 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.14 fish per angler
Sport: A lovely day up here at stocks but very quiet on the bank only one angler Gerry Brewer who fished at Grindys Lawn and caught one trout on a buzzer but was snapped with a very savage take on a lure. The main of the action today was on the boats guide Paul Bebb was out for a short session with Paul Marsden and caught 10 fish mainly on a cats whisker booby and a tequila blob fished on a floater, Paul even managed a double hook up. Most of their fish came from Two Trees and Hartleys. Also on the boat Peter Carr and Simon Taylor started there three day stint at stocks and where off to a flying start with 12 fish mainly caught on a black booby and they caught all their fish from Newclose bay. With some settled weather on the way the fishing should start too improve markedly. See you out there Pete

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DATE: Sunday July 3rd
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10 fish for Neil Hodgson and Ian Malpass
NOTABLE BAG: 10 fish for 30lb 4oz Neil Hodgson and Ian Malpass
BEST RAINBOW: 12lb 8oz Neil Hodgson
BEST BLUE: 3lb 12oz
BANK ROD AV: fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3 fish per angler
Sport: Today we hosted the stocks Heat of the Scierra pairs, today 10 pairs took to the water with a 10 fish bag then in with a time bonus. Anglers were into fish from the start with the dam and the causeway being the top areas. At the causeway a di3 with boobies and dabblers worked the best whereas at the dam dries and boobies and blobs on a slow glass took much of the fish. The first pair in were Neil Hodgson and Ian Malpass at 12:30 with a 10 fish bag weighing 30lb 4oz which included a stunning 12lb 8oz rainbow(pic below) so with time bonus this gave them an unassailable lead of 39lb 4oz good angling gents. The Second pairing in were Mark Tyndall with a 23lb 10oz bag but were pipped into second place by John Sykes and Dave Allan who finished 15 minutes later but whos bag weighed 26lb which included a 7lb rainbow. The fishing then got a little tougher with bright sunshine for most of the afternoon. On the bank Joe Johnson took 3 fish from Grindys Lawn all on a sedgehog on a floating line. See you out there Pete

Neil Hodgson 12lb 8oz Rainbow

Neil Hodgson 12lb 8oz Rainbow

scierra results

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DATE:                                  Saturday July 2nd
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:      6-8 fish for Mr?
NOTABLE BAG:                2 fish for 9lbs for Joe Dootson
BEST RAINBOW:             6lbs for Joe Dootson
BEST BLUE:                      3lbs for Luca Sutton & Joe Dootson
BANK ROD AV:                 1.00 fish per angler ( 3 anglers fished a short session)
BOAT ROD AV:                 3.80 fish per angler
Sport: It’s a bit sketchy today I’m afraid due to lack of info and the weather kept most people away.
Two anglers had twelve to their boat and they were off the water by 3pm but they kept their cards close to their chest about tactics and areas. Another had six in a similar time period.
I can tell you that Andrew Whiteman and Dave Thorp had lots of action at the dam on dry sedge patterns and buzzers.
On the shore fishing off the dam wall Joe Dootson took two nice fish for 9lbs on black emergers and his fishing buddy took a nice rainbow on a Montana. I am sure I will have a lot more detail tomorrow. The rod averages are a bit misleading today as the few boats moved all over the place practising for tomorrow and the three bank anglers only fished the dam for a short while before making their way back. Tight Lines Ben

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What a surprise the weatherman got it wrong again heavy rain forecast only a couple of showers materialised. We did get bright n breezy and for those that know Stocks well this isnt a good combination. However Anton Gysbers had 2 brownies and a blue in a short morning session with a red holographic diawl bach being his top pattern. On the boats Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley had 13 fish to their boat, they worked out that the fish wanted nymphs fished straight lined and almost static good angling gents. Just a quick reminder we have the Angler World International in a couple of weeks with a 2 week holiday in the yukon up for grabs its well worth entering. Give the lodge a ring for more info. See you out there Pete

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DATE:                             Thursday June 30th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8 fish for James Birtwistle
NOTABLE BAG:           5lb 12oz Ray Entwistle
BEST RAINBOW:        4lb 8oz James Birtwistle
BEST BROWN:            2lb 8oz James Birtwistle
BEST BLUE:                 4lb 8oz Neil Hodgson
BANK ROD AV:           4.50 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:            2.83 fish per angler
Sport: some good catches today on both the bank and the boats. Ray entwistle had 4 fish with his fritz lures from the boat jetty area also on the bank Don Blades had 4 fish with Montanas and vivas. On the boats Neil Hodgson and his partner had 14 fish with various flies fished in the surface including a stunning 4lb 8oz blue. Also fishing high in the water with 11 fish were Dave Allan and John Sykes. This evening we hosted three local clubs on their competition/social they only took to the water for 4 hours but caught 29 fish between 17 of them. Top rod went to James Birtwistle who tempted 8 fish to the net on Nomad lures followed closely by Ian Gregg with 6 fish on Daddies, Boobies and Montanas. Fish are being caught all across the reservoir with flies being fished high in the water taking the majority of the fish so don’t be fooled into fishing below the fish with sinking lines. This cooler weather is sure to keep the fish biting, see you out there Pete

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DATE:                                        Wednesday June 29th
REPORT AUTHOR                 Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:             7 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick
NOTABLE BAG:                       2 fish for 5lbs 8oz Derek Moore
BEST RAINBOW:                    3lbs 4oz Bob Fitzpatrick
BEST BROWN:                        3lbs 1oz Derek Moore
BEST BLUE:                             4lbs 4oz Gavin Murray
BANK ROD AV:                       No bank anglers today
BOAT ROD AV:                       3.00 fish per angler
Sport: Despite the rain and wind the reservoir fished well today. There were no bank anglers and all bar one angler was on a half day ticket so a three fish average wasn’t bad going.
Bob Fitzpatrick caught seven rainbows and blues fishing a midge tip and boobies.
Derek Moore caught five on dries including a nice brownie and his bag of two fish for 5lbs 8oz won him a fly line for having the heaviest bag of the mid week drifters.
Alex Rankin also took five trout on dries. The best area was in the shelter of the dam. Bank House is also fishing really well at the moment to dries and washing lined diawls. Tight Lines Ben

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A rain soaked day here at stocks but that hasnt stopped the fish playing travelling anglers Sam and Marilyn Montgomerywere once again in amongst the fish with 9 to the boat caught mainly on blobs and dries. Paul was out with Mark Furnival and tempted 5 fish to the net with boobies being there top fly. the fish are definitely looking up so keep those flies high in the water. See you out there Pete

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Sport: There were some good catches recorded today with the boats averaging 7.75 fish per angler. Ron Melling had a good day landing 8 trout with the majority of his fish falling to a daddy long legs. Rons best drifts were around the dam wall and the spillway. Marilyn and Sam Montgomery had a super days fishing landing 18 fish between them. They found fish all around the dam wall and from 2 trees down into barn quarry and along Hartleys with dry flies and soldier palmer being their most effective patterns. Last few times i have been out every take has been seen near or on the surface of the water, worth keeping your flies up there and not fishing under the fish i reckon. Syotw Paul.

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DATE: Sunday June 26th


NOTABLE CATCHES: 11 fish for Derek Moore

NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 5lb Mr. Alcock

BEST RAINBOW: Several at 2lb 8oz

BEST BROWN: Approx 12oz Derek Moore

BEST BLUE: Several around 3lb

BANK ROD AV: 2 fish per angler

BOAT ROD AV: 2.92fish per angler

Sport: The bank was a lonely place today for Peter Atkinson he had it all to himself and put it too good use with two fish to the net from Two Trees both fish taking a hares ear. The boats in contrast where quite busy with everyone catching Mr Alcock was fishing with Mr Speak and both had 2 fish on dries from the dam area. Also on the boats Dave Nixon and boat partner had 4 fish on snakes from all along the west bank. Resident guide Paul Bebb was out with first timer Alan Redman who manage to tempt 3 fish to his daddies and cat booby good angling Alan. Finally stocks regulars Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton fished dries again at the dam to take 16 trout, again daddies and the midas where their top patterns. Just a reminder next Sunday is the Stocks heat of the Scierra Pairs match. This is a great competition where you get too fish in a boat with your buddy to fishery rules, you catch 10 fish between you and then come in to get them weighed and get a time bonus. If you’d like to know more or register for this great competition please contact the lodge on 01200 446602.See you out there Pete

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DATE:                                  Saturday June 25th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:      8 fish for Paul Atherton
NOTABLE BAG:                 5 fish for 10lbs 4oz for Duncan Lees
BEST RAINBOW:              3lbs 4oz for Paul Atherton
BEST BROWN:                  12oz wild fish for Gary Martin
BEST BLUE:                        2lbs Len Riding
BANK ROD AV:                  3.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                   1.4 fish per angler
Sport: It was a tricky day today at Stocks but as always we had some successful anglers. Wer only had six anglers on the shore but everyone caught fish. The top bank angler was Paul Atherton who fished a pink snake at Grindy’s Lawn. According to the boat anglers he lost a fair few as well. Paul was joined by Rob Newton who took three on buzzers from the same area.
John Sealy used an orange booby and an orange gold headed lure to take five trout for 10lbs from Ben’s Beach and Len Riding used the same to take three from Two Trees.
On the boats it wasn’t fish across the board which suggests there are plenty of fish close in to the margins.
The top rod was Duncan Lees who caught five rainbows and blues whilst fishing off Grindy’s Lawn. Duncan caught two on buzzers and three on boobies fished deep. Tight Lines Ben

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