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Fishing Reports


DATE: Thursday 19th March.
NOTABLE CATCHES: Several anglers landed 15+ fish. See below.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 15lb for Mick Glancey.
BEST RAINBOW: 6lbs for Andrew Bentley.
BEST BROWN: 4lb 8oz for D Harvey.
BANK ROD AV: 7.11 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 9.20 fish per angler.
Sport: A lovely spring day here at Stocks, warm, sunny  and hardly a breath of wind, hope it was like that where you were and you managed to get out and enjoy it for a bit. There were some good catches recorded today both from the bank and the boats. D Harvey had a good day landing 10 fish whilst fishing what looks like 10 acre foot on his return slip. He took all his trout on a gold head viva on a floating line. Landing 9 fish was Ray Mercer who fished from Bell point with a black and green lure on an intermediate line. Landing 15 fish today was Alan Flesher who also caught on black and green but this time a booby. Alan fished his booby on a di3 sinking line with his best spot being Hartleys. Also on the bank in Hollins bay was Tony Taylor who caught 12 fish with nymphs on a midge tip line being his best tactic. Out on a boat today were Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley who both landed 15 fish each. They caught the majority of their fish from the northern shallows and around willow island and found buzzers on a midge tip line highly effective. They commented on the number of buzzers that were hatching in the warm spring sunshine. Josh Murfet had a great day landing over 2o trout from several areas including Cooks creek and Hollins bay. He like other anglers found buzzers and bloodworm fished on a midge tip line to be his best tactic. Other successful anglers also found black and green lures or boobys on a di3 sinking line or buzzers on a floater or midge tip to be their best tactic. Hope the nice weather continues. See you on the water.

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DATE:                                            Wednesday March 18th
REPORT AUTHOR                     Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                10+ fish for Stuart Morgan, John Fletcher & Peter Taylor
NOTABLE BAG:                           5 fish for 18lbs 13oz for Dave Flitcroft
BEST RAINBOW:                        9lbs 0oz for Dave Flitcroft
BEST BLUE:                                 2lbs 8oz Stuart Morgan
BANK ROD AV:                           5.07 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                           5.55 fish per angler
Sport: There was a taste of spring about today and the trout were in the feeding mode.
The top rod was Stuart Morgan who had a cracking score fishing two boobies on a Di3 Line around Willow Island. Dave fished a varied retrieve stripping and then pausing to allow his buoyant flies to periodically rise in the water. This was just too tempting for trout on the hunt for food.
At Gull Island Gary Allen and Peter Taylor enjoyed some awesome sport washing lining buzzers on midge tips and intermediate lines. Gary had a cracking 7lbs 8oz rainbow that took the booby on the point whilst he was already playing another 3lb rainbow on a buzzer on the dropper. Amazingly he landed both fish. Their combined bag of 10 trout weighed an impressive 30lbs.
David McCabe and Joan Lindsay hired local guide Paul Bebb for the day. They had loads of action and, to boot, David caught a tagged fish winning him a £100 tackle voucher.
The shore also fished really well.
John Fletcher took 11 good fish to 3lbs 2oz on his own tied bloodworm pattern fished on a floating line. His best area was the stream inlet in Hollins bay and he found a countdown of about 15 seconds produced the best results.
Graham Hart had 9 trout to 4lbs 4oz, all on bloodworm and buzzers fished on a floater. His best areas were Ben’s Beach and Hollins Bay.
Dave Flitcroft took 8 fish to 9lbs from Bell Point. Dave caught his fish on Pheasant Tail Nymphs, again on a floating line and his bag of 5 trout tipped the scales to 18lbs 13oz. It looks as though the weather is going to be great for the next couple of days so I am sure the good sport will continue. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Tuesday 17th march.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 13 fish for Paul Miller-12 for Ricky Newbolt-13 for Bob Fitzpatrick-14 for George Ashton.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 11lb 11ox for Anthony Dover.
BEST RAINBOW: 6lbs for Bernard McBride.
BANK ROD AV: 6.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 10.00 fish per angler!*
Sport: Not a bad day with the weather, starting off a bit chilly but warming up all the while and hardly any wind at all which is a nice change. Paul Miller had a good few hours whilst fishing the bank at Hartleys and Bell point landing 13 good rainbows weighing up to 3lb. Paul opted for a di3 sinking line and damsel patterns on a fast retrieve saying the trout were in 4 or 5 feet of water. Also fishing the bank around Bell point and Bens beach was Anthony Dover who caught 9 fish. Anthony also found his best tactic to be a damsel on a di3 sinking line. Out on a boat today was Ricky Newbolt who caught 12 fish whilst fishing around willow island and also in Hollins bay. Ricky caught on both floating and di3 sinking lines and like other anglers found a damsel to be his best pattern. Bob Fitzpatrick was another boat angler to get amongst the fish landing 13 trout. Bobs best area was Currys cast where he caught his fish on snake flies and cats whisker on a fast glass sinking line. George Ashton fished at willow island where he tempted 14 fish on a sink tip line with a nomad being his best fly. See you on the water.

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DATE:                                          Monday March 16th
REPORT AUTHOR                   Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:             11 fish for Mark Tyndall, 10 fish for Ian Greenwood
NOTABLE BAG:                        5 fish for 12lbs 8oz for Jo Halton
BEST RAINBOW:                     3lbs 0oz for Josh Murfet and Jo Halton
BEST BROWN:                          N/a
BANK ROD AV:                        4.14 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                        6.00 fish per angler
Sport: Mark Tyndall and Ian Greenwood were out on the reservoir today. They fished from a drifting boat and worked their way right around the reservoir. They commented they picked up fish from spots all over and ended up with 21 to the boat. They caught on green peas and damsel patterns.
Josh Murfet arrived mid afternoon and took a boat out into Hollins for a couple of hours. He landed five trout to 3lbs and had the chance of a couple more. Josh was one of two anglers today that told the same story. After a cast that was not to his liking he stripped back to recast and was straight into a trout just under the surface. He repeated this and was rewarded with trout splashing on the surface after his flies.
On the shore the top rods were Jo Halton and Terry Worthington. They caught 8 and 7 fish respectively from on and around Bell Point. Jo caught most of his on a floating line with a home tied green pea woolly bugger and a red headed diawl bach. Terry also fished on a floating line his best pattern however was a cormorant which also had a red head. Tight Lines Ben
Ps Iain Barr’s world bank championship has a heat on Bank House Fly Fishery this Sunday. We still have places if you would like to take part. The final is on Elanor on April 19th. Call me on 01200 446602 or 0789 6000939 if you would like to enter. There is £2000 up for grabs to the winner of the final and I believe it is being filmed for Tight Lines on Sky.

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DATE: Sunday March 15th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 6 Fish for Steve Bland
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 4lbs 8oz Jim Connell
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs for Jim Connell
BANK ROD AV: 2.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 1.8 fish per angler
Sport: The weather forecast gave a cold day with a biting north easterly. The forecast was correct consequently Stocks was quiet with only a handful of brave anglers.
The fishing was hard. Today’s top rod Steve Bland had 6 to the boat all on a black widow, interestingly Steve found that the fish responded to a rapid pull, unlike the successful slow retrieve of recent days.
On the bank Jim Connell worked hard for his fish in the Bell Point/bench area fishing a black and green boobie with a medium sinker, commenting ‘hard fighting fish’ Jim had a handsome 3lb rainbow amongst his bag.
For the days ahead we are forecast much lighter winds.
See you next time, Nick.

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DATE:                                     Saturday March 14th
REPORT AUTHOR               Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:         14 fish for Stuart Morgan, 11 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick
NOTABLE BAG:                     5 fish for 19lbs 2oz Gavin Murray
BEST RAINBOW:                  10lbs 4oz for Gavin Murray, 9lbs 4oz Stuart Morgan, 8lbs+ Warren Langridge
BEST BROWN:                      2lbs 8oz Bob Fitzpatrick
BANK ROD AV:                     3.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                     5.64 fish per angler
Sport: Today we held the Stocks Trout Masters Final to find a champion to represent the fishery in the grand final held at Grafham Water. It was as a boat match this year. Anglers killed their first 5 fish and then they were awarded 2lbs for every fish returned. We capped any individual trout in the first five at 5lbs which proved to be important. It was a close run thing for first place with Warren Langridge with 8 fish in total. His bag weight was 11lbs 4oz and with 3 fish returned his total weight was 17lbs 4oz. Unluckily for him one of the trout he returned was an 8lb+ rainbow!
Gavin Murray had six fish but had some crackers in his bag of five, but with his big rainbow of 10lbs 4oz was capped at 5lbs. His bag weight was still 14lbs and with his returned fish his total was 16lbs. So Warren pipped him at the posts. All the very best in the final. (see pics below)
They both fished around Willow Island with sinking lines and cats boobies.
In third place was Josh Murphet who had 5 trout for 11lbs 15oz. Josh fished a skinny black tadpole on an intermediate line with a very slow retrieve in Hollins Bay.
Fishing from a boat at Phil’s Flats was Stuart Morgan and Dave Chatterton, they too fished boobies back slowly on sinking lines and landed a very impressive 20 trout to the boat. Stuart’s catch included another big rainbow of 9lbs 4oz.
Bob Fitzpatrick drifted around Curry’s cast, Willow Island and The Northern shallows to catch a total of 11 trout on a black snake fished on a fast glass.
On the shore the fishing was a little tougher the top rod was Tony Taylor with six trout from Bell Point. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                                          Friday March 13th
REPORT AUTHOR                   Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:             10 fish for Geoff Cort & Brian Baxter
NOTABLE BAG:                         5 fish for 12lbs for Keith Charnock & Brian Baxter. 2 fish for 13lbs 1oz for Geoff Cort
BEST RAINBOW:                    10lbs 9oz for Geoff Cort
BEST BROWN:                         N/a
BANK ROD AV:                       4.67 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                       4.60 fish per angler
Sport: Geoff Cort fished the shallow saddle behind Willow Island and along the Northern Shallows to tempt 10 good rainbows, the best of which tipped the scales to 10lbs 9oz. Geoff fished an intermediate line with a yellow damsel pattern and a slow retrieve.
Also out on a boat was Keith Charnock who, after a quick tour of the Northern end, settled at the submerged willows off Curry’s Cast. Casting tight in to the trees he took eight rainbows.
The top rod on the shore was Brian Baxter who fished various boobies on a sunk line from Bell Point. Brain caught a total of 10 trout to 3lbs 12oz. All three of these anglers commented to me that the takes very gentle and tricky to detect but when they lifted into them the trout fort really well. So it really paid to stay in touch with your flies. Tight Lines Ben

Geoff Cort caught this 10lbs 9oz rainbow on a yellow damsel whilst boat fishing behind Willow Island.

Geoff Cort caught this 10lbs 9oz rainbow on a yellow damsel whilst boat fishing behind Willow Island.

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DATE: Thursday March 12th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 5 fish for Andy Farrar.
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish weighing 10lb 12oz for Jim Dawson.
BEST RAINBOW: 6lb 12oz for Jim Dawson.
BOAT ROD AV: 3.16 fish per angler.
Sport: Not a bad day weather wise with reasonable temperatures for the time of year and not too much wind although it has gradually switched round from the east as the afternoon progressed. There were a few boats out and all caught fish with the best catch being 5 fish for Andy farrar. Also in his group were Peter Solomon and Mark Davies who both caught 4 each. All the above found the northern shallows and round willow island to be the best spot with damsel patterns taking the lions share of the trout. The biggest fish of the day went to Jim Dawson with a rainbow tipping the scales to 6lb 12oz taken from the same area. Even though the weather has started to warm up a bit and spring is in the air i still find casting VERY close to the bank the best ploy. Often my flies will be cast into just a couple of inches of water and i will expect the trout to take as my flies are less than 10 feet from the shore. It is very easy at this time of year to be fishing in too deep a water and too far from the bank. See you on the water.

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DATE: Wednesday March 11th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 9 fish for Gary Allen
BANK ROD AV: 1.3 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.3 fish per angler
I never imagined there would be any similarities between Stocks and cricket however today rain stopped play. What started as a glorious day turned wet by noon and then very wet by 2pm. By 3 pm the few anglers that were out braving the weather had all left.
Gary Allen was enjoying a boat to himself for his birthday and had a respectable 9 fish washing lining buzzers in the shallows of Newclose Bay. On the bank in Hollins and Ben’s Beach catches were also made fishing buzzers. Small black and red patterns seem to be the order of the day.
Also successful were nomads and the viva.
Now to get dry, see you next time, Nick


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DATE:                                  Tuesday March 10th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:     10+ fish for George Ashton, Jose, Alan Daniels & Ken Whiteside
NOTABLE BAG:                5 fish for 13lbs 12oz for Jose
BEST RAINBOW:             3lbs 12oz for Mick Glancey & Jose
BEST BROWN:                 4lbs 8oz for Graham Bell
BANK ROD AV:                4.88 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                 5.86 fish per angler
Sport: It was glorious at Stocks today, blue sky with a strong breeze the morning that died away in the afternoon. In the evening it dropped right off and we saw an early hatch of buzzers.
George Ashton and Jose took a boat up to the Northern end of the reservoir and found a really productive spot off Willow Island. Although they were fishing over shallow ground they found the fish feeding right on the bottom. They fished long sink tip lines with long leaders and weighted nomads to successfully bring 31 trout to the boat. The commented that if their flies weren’t bumping along the bottom they weren’t getting the takes. This make perfect sense as the vast majority of the available food at this time of year is the larval form of aquatic insects such as buzzer pupa and bloodworm. These insects inhabit the lake bed in the shallow areas, on Stocks that’s 10 foot of depth or less. George also caught a tagged trout winning him a free full day five fish ticket.
On the shore there was also good sport to be had. Alan Davies caught 13 trout on black fritz lures fished on an intermediate line. Alan started at Bell Point and fished his way around to Hollins. He caught quite a few fish in the scum lanes off Hartley’s. He too had a tagged trout but as he hadn’t thrown £2 into the pot it had to be returned.
Ken Whiteside had 10 trout to 3lbs 8oz whilst fishing around the same area on his trusty UDF fly. Ken favoured a floating line.
Graham Hart fished His way back from Ben’s Beach with a team of buzzers on a floating line to tempt eight good fish and Tony Taylor also took eight fish on a midge tip line with a rabbit wing cormorant. We had lots of comments today on how hard the trout were fighting and about great condition they were in. The weather for the weekend looks good so hopefully we’ll see more great sport. Tight Lines Ben

Enter the Loch Style Qualifier on Stocks Reservoir on April 19th. The first step towards fishing for England. Entries MUST be in for March 31st you can not enter after this date.
We have a AT TEFF Loch-style Qualifier on Stocks Reservoir on April 19th.
This a great match in itself and well worth entry for the experience as well as trying to reach the England team. The fishery will donate tackle prizes for the top individuals and you get to fish alongside some really experienced anglers. You can do nothing but learn.
To enter click on this link  (TE-FF.ORG) and follow the link to the Loch Style Qualifiers and then select the Stocks Heat on April 19th. You can download an entry form and send a cheque or pay online, but you need to act soon. Entires close on March 31st. I’ll see you there Ben

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