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Fishing Reports


DATE:                                         Friday April 24th
REPORT AUTHOR                  Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:            10+ fish for Ashley Robertson, Alan Turner, Phil Coulthard, Alan Lillie, Peter Andrews, Andrew Bentley
NOTABLE BAG:                       5 fish for 16lbs 13oz George Ashton
BEST RAINBOW:                    12lbs 4oz for Peter Entwistle, 10lbs Robbie Finney, 8lbs 13oz George Ashton, 7lbs 3oz Phil Coulthard
BEST BROWN:                         6lbs+ for Antoon Gysbers & Ian King
BANK ROD AV:                        3.38 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                         4.12 fish per angler
Sport: It was great to see the CSSC and HASSRA anglers up today holding their Northwest qualifier for the final. 22 of them took to the water and caught a very respectable 100 trout between them. The top three anglers were Ashley Robertson (12 fish), Phil Coulthard (10 fish) and Alan Lillie (12 fish). All three of these catches came from The Northern Shallows and Willow Island on a variety of methods from boobies on a Di3 to black diawl bachs fished on floating lines. Good Angling fellas and best of luck in the final. (see pictures below)
We have seen some cracking fish caught over the last two days not just big rainbows but big over wintered brownies as well. Today Peter Entwistle caught a 12lb 4oz rainbow on a bibio from Hollins, Robbie Finney caught a rainbow of 10lbs on a cats from a boat off Hartley’s, George Ashton had a rainbow of 8lbs 13oz from the Northern shallows and Phil Coulthard caught 7lb 3oz fish from the Same area. We also had four over wintered brownies caught over 4lbs in weight. Antoon Gysbers and Ian King had browns of 6lb+ from Harlteys and Ben’s Beach. One took a Watson’s Bumble and the other a Montana. Out on the boats Kevin Messenger had a another wintered brownie of 4lbs 13oz from Halstead’s Hike and George Ashton took one for 4lbs 8oz from Grindy’s.
Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley had a brilliant day on dries with twenty to their boat, whilst drifting over deep water at the Dam. Although they were feeding on small black buzzers and beetles their most effective pattern was foam daddies. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Thursday April 23rd.
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish weighing 8lb for David Speak.
BEST RAINBOW: 2 doubles for Derek Moore and Darren Booth.
BEST BROWN: 2lb 8oz for Derek Moore.
BANK ROD AV: 5.75 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 4.13 fish per angler.
Sport: Another very warm day with bright sunshine this morning then a bit more cloud in the afternoon. Fishing from the bank at Hartleys was David Speak who had a super day landing 10 fish. David took all his fish on a pheasant tail on a floating line. Also fishing the bank this time in Newclose bay was Martin Cottam who caught 7 trout. Martins best tactic was to fish a green nymph on a floating line. Also landing 7 fish was Alex Hitchen with a Montana on a slime line his best tactic. Dave Hitchen caught all his 9 fish from Hartleys bank with a team of buzzers on a midge tip. Out on a boat was Stuart Morgan who caught the majority of his 12 fish from Phils flats. After landing his first couple of fish on buzzers a switch to an orange sparkler on a di3 sinking line proved a good move and he caught the rest of his fish on that method. Also out on a boat enjoying good sport in the sunshine was Derek Moore and Bob Fitzpatrick who caught 17 fish between them. They caught fish all over the lake including a drift right in the middle from the dam all the way down to the causeway. Included in Dereks catch was a super 10lb specimen rainbow. Various nymphs were their best flies. Also landing a double figure rainbow was Darren Booth who caught all 9 of his fish on a small black and peacock spider. Darren drifted over much of the lake but found the area around the alders on the east bank to be his best spot. Syotw.

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DATE: Wednesday April 22nd 2015
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ fish for Rudolph Guigliani, Ken Whiteside, Bob Fitzpatrick, George Ashton,
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish for 9lb for T Fryer
BEST RAINBOW: 4lbs Mick Greenhalgh
BEST BROWN: 4lb 10oz for Stuart Gardener
BANK ROD AV: 5.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 5.6fish per angler
Another day of bright sunshine and shirt sleeves and it was a joy to be outside. The fish were a little more cooperative than yesterday, especially early in the day and then again later on as dusk approached and a little cloud cover moved in.
The majority of today’s fish were caught on buzzers, blacks and olives being best. A small number were caught on dries, small black bits mostly, although they were hard to rise reported a few anglers. Interestingly a couple of fish were spooned and were found to be full of food, made up mostly of black beetles, olive and black buzzers and daphnia. It’s great to see that there’s an abundance of natural food in the water. Tops rods on the bank and boat, Rudolph and Bob respectively, caught their fish on small black nymph patterns.
For those that are not aware the Greys Pairs comp’ is rescheduled for Monday May 4th. Whether you prefer to fish the bank or boat give us a call to enter as there still places left. If you don’t have a partner to pair up with please don’t let that put you off. Those without a partner already will be ‘paired up’ on the morning of this friendly event that allows those that favour the bank or the boat to enjoy their sport in an open comp’. Great prizes and a chance to, maybe, learn some new methods from others can only add to reasons to come along and join in.
See you next time, Nick.


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DATE: Tuesday April 21st.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8 fish for David Manning.
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish weighing 7lb for J Rowlands.
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 9oz for John Fletcher.
BANK ROD AV: 1.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 2.28 fish per angler.
Sport: The weather was super here today with wall to wall sunshine and out of the breeze it was very warm. The best catch today went to boat angler David Manning with his 8 fish. David caught his fish around both gull and willow islands with the trout falling to either buzzers or damsels fished extra slowly on a floating line. A lot of anglers today said that they had a lot of solid takes without the fish sticking, perhaps a bit of cloud would have made the difference? Ben made another stocking this afternoon. Syotw.

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DATE:                                          Monday April 20th
REPORT AUTHOR                   Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:             10 fish for Ricki Nerwbolt
NOTABLE BAG:                        3 fish for 8lbs Gareth Jones
BEST RAINBOW:                     Several at 3lbs
BEST BLUE:                              3lbs Nick Beard
BANK ROD AV:                         3.71 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                         3.57 fish per angler
Sport: I was down at the water’s edge today and there was of activity with trout feeding off the surface all over the reservoir. I saw bracken beetles and ground beetles on the water and there were black buzzers hatching with occasional olives as well.
The trout that were spooned also had a lot of daphnia in them. The top rod on the boats was Ricki Newbolt with 10 trout caught on olive lures, buzzers and one on dries. He fished over the Northern Shallows and picked a couple up from Hollins on his way in.
On the shore the best catch came to Kenneth Hill who fished buzzers on a floating line and allowed the wind to blown them round. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Sunday April 19th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 14 fish for Neil Thomas & Peter Crowe. 11 fish for Craig Barr, 10 for Peter Kosminski
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 11lbs 4oz Peter Kosminski
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 5oz for Peter Kosminski
BEST BROWN: 2lbs 8oz Rob Denson
BANK ROD AV: 5.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.71 fish per angler
Today the Stocks Loch-Style Qualifier was held at Stocks with 34 anglers taking to the water to fish from boats. Perhaps a little disappointing was that the fishing wasn’t up to the standards we’ve been enjoying over the last few days, in short it was hard. Seasoned Stocks regulars were amongst the field and some struggled to bring more than a couple of fish to the boat, whereas during practice sessions over recent weeks the same anglers have been bringing into double figures of trout to the boat. All this having been said it was hard for all. The first five positions are as follows:-

1st, Peter Crowe, 14 fish for 28lb14oz
2nd, Neil Thomas, 14 fish for 28lb10oz
3rd,Craig Barr, 11 fish for 22lb6oz
4th, Rob Denson, 7 fish for14lb15oz
5th, John Sykes, 7 fish for 13lb7oz.

Best fish of the comp’ for Gavin Murray, 3lb2oz rainbow trout.

The winning method, certainly for Peter and Neil, was pulling blobs with an intermediate line. Well done to all who competed.
On the bank were only a handful of anglers all day, with Peter Kosminski being top rod with 10 fish from Bell Point. Peter’s successful formula was to fish a minky boobie with a slow intermediate line.
See you next time, Nick.




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DATE:                                     Saturday April 18th
REPORT AUTHOR              Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:         10+ fish for Scott Nellins, Andy Cooper and others
NOTABLE BAG:                    5 fish for 14lbs 2oz George Seward
BEST RAINBOW:                 5lbs 0oz for Stephen Ratcliffe
BEST BROWN:                      N/a
BANK ROD AV:                     2.25 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                     4.80 fish per angler
Sport: This is a tricky report to write as I have very little info on tactics I am sure we will get much more detail at the end of tomorrow. I saw boats spread all over the water and they seemed to catching a few fish. It was a trickier than days gone by due to bright sunshine and an easterly breeze.
Rick Nuttall and Andy Cooper had 23 to their boat which was a great catch fishing sink tips and mini lures, they caught at the Dam, around Willow Island, the Northern Shallows to name a few of their places.
On the shore the top rod was Nigel Simpson who took 6 trout from Hartley’s on Diawl Bachs. He allowed the wind to fish them for him on a floating line. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Friday April 17th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: Several anglers caught 10+ fish.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 11lb for Antoon Gsybers.
BEST RAINBOW: 4lbs 8oz for Neil Ashworth.
BANK ROD AV: 3.44 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 9.47 fish per angler.
Sport: Another good day at Stocks with plenty of fish caught. After a cloudy morning with not much wind the conditions changed with the sun making an appearance and the wind picking up. The best catch from the bank today fell to the rod of Jim Baron with his 7 fish catch. Jim fished from Bens beach with lures on an intermediate line and said he had to keep changing flies to stay in touch with the trout. Now for the boats. Neil Ashworth had a super day catching plenty of trout. Neils best spot was newclose bay with damsels on an intermediate line his best tactic. John Sutton was also into the fish whilst drifting all over the lake. Tom Speak and Jim Doyle had a good day with lots of action and like other boat anglers found fish in several areas whilst on the drift. Andrew Bentley and Peter Andrews stuck with buzzers on a floating line to take their double figure haul with the majority of their fish found in the northern shallows. Another successful boat paring was John Sykes and Richard Hood who both brought 10+ to the net from many different areas of the lake. All in all a super day and with the wind set to drop slightly the great catches should continue. Syotw.

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DATE:                                                Thursday April 16th.
REPORT AUTHOR                         Paul.
NOTABLE CATCHES:                   See below.
NOTABLE BAG:                             5 fish weighing 12lb for Neil Coulson.
BEST RAINBOW:                          Several weighing 3lb 8oz.
BEST BROWN:                             5lb  for Derek Moore
BANK ROD AV:                             4.25 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:                             15.00 fish per angler.
Sport: After a cool start the temperature rose and with just a gentle ripple we had a great day for fishing. Fishing the bank today from Bens beach was regular Ken Whiteside who caught well into double figures. Ken opted for an intermediate line and his special home tied udf fly. Landing 8 fish this time from Hartleys bank was Keith Landless with buzzers on a floating line being his best tactic. There were lots of good catches taken from the boats. Neil Coulson was in amongst the trout with damsels on a floating line tempting most of his fish. David Manning was another successful angler finding various flies working well at willow island. Our very own Ben was out on the water with Pete Scholes and had a great day afloat landing well into double figures. Between them they found several areas, tactics and flies effective. Also enjoying great sport were Peter Crowe and Neil Hodgeson and like other anglers kept on the move and tried different lines and flies to keep in contact with the trout. Derek Moore, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ian, Shaun and Liam Gaskell were also anglers all landing well into double figures of trout on a variety of methods. Lots of trout caught today. Syotw.

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DATE: Wednesday April 15th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ fish for many today
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 11lb12oz for Roger Marshall
BEST RAINBOW: 8lbs 4oz for Mr Lemon
BEST BROWN: 5lbs(est) for Ron melling
BANK ROD AV: 8.3fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 7.1fish per angler
Drizzly, overcast and breezier than forecast calmed to be dry and less breezy by early afternoon, to transform into warm and sunny by evening. The sport was good on the bank throughout the day, on the boats it was also good but deteriorated as the afternoon progressed (for some but not all). The majority of today’s boat anglers caught their fish in the northern shallows, the most productive methods being to pull lures or black buzzers. There were some fine fish caught too. Ron Melling caught a 5lb (est) brown trout in the Gull Island area on a gold headed olive damsel. Mr Lemon had a fine 8lb 4oz rainbow pulling a fritzy lure caught tight to the willows beyond Willow Island. James Dalby, who lives nearby, brought his Dad up for the last couple of hours of the day to take a boat into the Northern Shallows. James caught two fine Rainbows giving him a 4lb 4oz bag of perfect specimens, fishing a hot headed olive damsel. James (age 14) has featured in our reports before so watch this space.
See you next time, Nick

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