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Fishing Reports


DATE:                                       Saturday February 28th
REPORT AUTHOR                Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:           19 fish for Gavin McCormack, 16 fish for George Ashton
NOTABLE BAG:                      5 fish 20lb (ish) Ben Bayliss
BEST RAINBOW:                   10lbs 2oz for Ben Bayliss
BEST BROWN:                        3lbs George Ashton
BANK ROD AV:                       5.40 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                       6.22 fish per angler
Sport: The weather forecast over stated the bad weather. It was a really nice morning and then the wind picked up in the afternoon, but not as much as we expected.
The morning did seem to be the most productive though right around the reservoir.
The top boat was George Ashton and Jose who between them had 21 trout to the boat to 4lbs. They fished long sink tip lines and did most of their damage on weighted olive nomads. Their best area was around Willow Island.
Also out on the boats were Ben Bayliss and Adam Larbalestier fishing on the drift with small ‘comp legal’ doubles and wets. They had 15 trout to the boat and Ben landed a cracking rainbow of 10lbs 2oz. (pictured below) There best areas were Newclose Bay and Curry’s Cast.
On the shore there were also some big catches. Gavin McCormack had 19 trout to 3lbs on a floating line and a bead head cat’s whisker. His best area was Hollins Bay.
Over on Hartley’s Nigel Simpson got both black boobies and white boobies to work really well on a Di3 line and a slow steady retrieve. His Di3 was sixth sense, which really helped detect the takes. He landed a total of nine trout to 3lbs. Tight Lines Ben

Ben Bayliss caught this 10lb 2oz rainbow on a small UV double viva from Newclose Bay

Ben Bayliss caught this 10lb 2oz rainbow on a small UV double viva from Newclose Bay

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DATE:                                  Friday February 27th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:     15 fish for Ryan Mathews
NOTABLE BAG:                5 fish
BEST RAINBOW:             12lbs Ryan Mathews
BEST BROWN:                  N/a
BANK ROD AV:                 7.1 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                 5.0 fish per angler
Sport: I was a quite nice day at Stocks, we started out overcast but it brightened up around lunchtime. There was a lazy wind adding a chill to most of the day but it eventually died away to give a pleasant enough evening.
Out on the boats Ryan Mathews had a great day, he started down at the Dam then across to the east bank. He caught a belting 12lb rainbow off the Alders that fought really well before succumbing to the net. He picked a few more up there before returning to Hollins and Two trees to finish off the day. He caught a total of 15 trout on mix of mini lures and wets fished on a fast intermediate line.
Intermediate lines accounted for almost all the big catches today. Gary Towers had 10 from Hollins on the same with a cats whisker scoring well for him. Gary said that when he speeded up his retrieve to a strip he stopped getting nips at the fly and it started locking up. Gary Mrgan used the same method, line and fly to take 12 trout from Two Trees. Gary commented that most of the fish were taking from under his rod tip. Fred Bateman had 8 fish in short half day session from the same area on bloodworm, but he too caught on an intermediate line.
The one exception was Neil Ashcroft who caught 12 good fish on an olive buzzer. His most productive are was Hollins. Just as Neil moved out to go and fish elsewhere, in stepped Dave Hitchen and he pulled out a tagged fish first cast. Dave won a free full day five fish ticket.
Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Thursday February 26th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8 fish for John Hayes-12 fish for John Williams.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 12lb 6oz for John Williams.
BEST RAINBOW: Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV: 7.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: No boat anglers today.
Sport: A wet and windy morning gave way to a sunny windy afternoon with the temperature dropping as the day went on. John Hayes had a good day landing 8 rainbows whilst fishing along the bank from Bell point to Hollins bay. John found a black and green tadpole to be his most effective pattern. Landing 12 fish was John Williams who caught the majority of his fish in Hollins bay and next to the jetty. John fished with an intermediate line with various flies including Montana, orange fritz and a damsel and kept varying the depth with some trout taking as soon as the flies landed and others taking on the count of 20. It would be nice if the wind dropped and it was a bit warmer. See you on the water Paul.

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DATE: Wednesday February 25nd
NOTABLE CATCHES: 20+ Fish for Graham Bell, Mr Baxter.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 23lb 8oz G Bell
BEST RAINBOW: 11lb 4oz Graham Bell, 11lb Bob Fitzpatrick, 11lb+ Pete Whittle, 9lb+ Ken Whiteside
BANK ROD AV: 6.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 9.6 fish per angler

Yesterday’s weather was such that there was a turnout of only three anglers throughout the day, all fishing from the bank. Anthony Dover braved the wind, rain and snow for a full day and was rewarded with an excellent catch of 16 fish, the majority from Hollins Bay which was relatively sheltered. Late arrivals the Birtwistles fished for a couple of hours at the end of the day and, despite the worsening weather, they both caught their bags. Much respect to you guys for braving those conditions in pursuit of your sport.

Today was a completely different kettle of fish (sorry) with light winds and overcast skies. As well as a great turnout of anglers the fish were also out for action as reflected in the stats’ above.
Graham Bell had an impressive bag including a 6lb rainbow aswell as the double figure specimen pictured. Graham was fishing a fastglass line and damsels. Also entering the ‘doubles club’ today were Bob Fitzpatrick and Pete Whittle, finding their ‘monsters’ in The Northern Shallows and Heron’s Hurdle respectively. Pete was on the bank whilst Bob’s was from the boat. Ken Whiteside’s 9lb+ rainbow from Bell Point must also be worth a mention.

Other notable catches were Graham Harts 15 fish all taken on buzzers from Ben’s Beach and Hollins. Similarly Steve Boothby had 15 fish from the jetty area all on a Pitsford Pea. Top rod of the day from the bank however was Mr B Baxter with 23 fish taken pulling lures.

The sport is truly excellent and the fish are in 1st class condition, something that many have commented upon. Don’t miss out.

See you next time, Nick.


Graham Bell with an 11lb 4oz Stocks rainbow. He also had a 6lb fish in his bag. His total bag weight for five fish tipped the scales to 23lbs 8oz

Graham Bell with an 11lb 4oz Stocks rainbow. He also had a 6lb fish in his bag. His total bag weight for five fish tipped the scales to 23lbs 8oz

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DATE: Monday February 23nd
NOTABLE CATCHES: 20+ fish: Jo Halton, Terry Worthington
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 14lb, Jo Halton
BEST RAINBOW: 5lbs+ (est) Jo Halton
BANK ROD AV: 13.1 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 6.0 fish per angler
The snow showers that came in yesterday afternoon continued this morning until about midday as the wind strength steadily increased. The sun showed itself mid afternoon and all commented that this slowed the sport considerably. Conditions were not ideal for being outdoors however the hardy souls that did venture out to fish were rewarded with some excellent sport and fine catches. Pulling lures of various patterns caught fish, as did dries and buzzers which accounted for many of the fish caught by Jo Halton and Terry Worthington. Terry made particular mention of the Shipman’s buzzer.
Messrs Tyndall and Greenwood had a hard day’s sport bringing 12 to the boat between them, the wind speed and direction making it difficult to find a good drift .
The forecast is for it to be breezy again tomorrow and then much calmer from Wednesday. Windy or not the sport is excellent and with Stocks being the shape it is there is always somewhere to find shelter, whether on the boat or bank.

See you next time, Nick.

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DATE:                                   Sunday February 22nd
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       30+ John Mair, Martin McCafferty, Steven McVean
NOTABLE BAG:                  5 fish for 18lbs 8oz for Rob Godlington
BEST RAINBOW:               9lbs 8oz for Robert Godlington, & 9lbs(est) for John Mair
BANK ROD AV:                  18.14 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                  12.57 fish per angler
Sport: The weather kept all but the hardiest of anglers away today. We did have 15 boats out this morning but most of them were back in by 1pm as there was a cold wind with sleet and rain. As some angler left early I only had 16 boat returns handed in so that is what I based the boat rod average on. It has to be said when it came to being hardy the Scots had us well and truly beaten with six of them staying to the very end, although Andrew Fairweather and his fishing partner also stuck in there. He was rewarded too with 26 trout on orange taddies fished with a mixed retrieve on a Di3. Like most good catches today he was in the relative shelter of Hollins Bay.
Martin Mcafferty and Steven McVean were the top boat. They had a cricket score on Damsels, also fished on Di3 lines.
We had some great catches on the bank as well. John Mair was top individual rod from both bank and boat. John used a black fritz on a slime line to great effect and his bag included a 9lb rainbow (pictured below).
John Ross used the same line with a snake to catch 25 trout and his best area was in the deep channel of Hollins where the stream runs in.
Robert Godlington fished on the bank opposite to catch the best fish of the day, a rainbow of 9lbs 8oz. Welldone fellas you deserved your fish today.

Let hope the weather warms up a little. Tight Lines Ben

Robert Godlington with a well earned 9lb 8oz rainbow

Robert Godlington with a well earned 9lb 8oz rainbow

John Mair with 9lb rainbow, part of his bumper catch.

John Mair with 9lb rainbow, part of his bumper catch.

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DATE:                                      Saturday February 21st
REPORT AUTHOR               Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:          30+ trout for: Bank: Stephen Lind, John Muir, Dave Robson, John Ross, Kevin Graham, Darren Bell, Gary Towers, Thomas Graham, Chris Gibbons, Steven Robinson, Mark Jackson, Jamie Hogg, Laurence Phelan  & Paul Miller. Boats: Nick Halstead, Andy Cooper, Rick Nuttall, John Ball & Steve Gildart.
NOTABLE BAG:                    5 fish for 20lbs 0oz for Gary Towers
BEST RAINBOW:                  6lbs for John Ross x2, & Graham Ashworth
BEST BROWN:                      20lbs 8oz for Stephen Lind NEW FISHERY RECORD
BANK ROD AV:                     18.39 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                     18.01 fish per angler
Sport: Wow! What an opening day! If I was to write about all the good catches today I would never get home, so sorry if you don’t get a mention. I will try and mention the very best catches and methods.
I have to start with Stephen Lind not only did he beat the fishery record with a 20lb 8oz brownie (returned) but he was also one of the top rods and won a new GREYS outfit worth £300!! That was worth getting up for.
Stephen caught the huge brownie on a black nomad from Hollins Bay on a fast glass line and 5 weight rod. It put up a great fight that was videoed by his friend so hopefully we will get to publish that soon. I have been warned it contains some strong language!
In the afternoon Steve switched to a team of buzzers on a floater and continued catching well until dusk. Good Angling!!
Nearby John Ross caught extremely well on a black snake fished on an intermediate line with a slow retrieve.
Mark Jackson caught a lot of fish on a cats fished on a floater as did Darren Bell and Jamie Hogg using a very similar method.
John Muir stacked up a great tally on black fritz on an intermediate line and Peter Miller was one of biggest catchers today using an ssi line and black n green taddies.
Gary Towers had the best bag weight with five fish for 20lbs, he was also one of the day’s best rods but i am not sure of his methods.
The bank fish extremely well from Davy Jones, Hollins Bay, Two Trees, Barn Quarry, Hartley’s, Bell Point, Ben’s Beach and Grindy’s Lawn. But there were also respectable numbers taken from Newclose and The Alders.
From the boats, the wind kept most people away from the Northern Shallows as the Southern end was much more sheltered. Although one boat did stick it out up there, Gareth Tilly and Peter Mathews had 23 to the boat at the Causeway on Green Peas and Tequila blobs fished on Di3 lines with a mixed retrieve.
Nick Halstead and John Barrow fished off Grindy’s lawn with olive nomads to loads of fish to 5lbs. The found intermediate lines most effective. Steve Gildart and Nick Waddington used similar tactics in the same area, also to great effect.
Andy Cooper and Rick Nuttall had a cricket score off Kettlewells fishing Di5 lines, cats Whiskers and dabblers.
We had 5 tagged trout caught today (photos to follow) as mentioned Stephen Lind won a GREYS outfit, Austin Short won a £100 Tackle voucher, Steve Robinson and Alex McEwen won £50 tackle vouchers and Chris Gibbons won a free full day five fish ticket.
What a great day!
There are some big rainbows out there somewhere, although lots of people got snapped today. Hopefully someone will land one tomorrow. Tight Lines Ben

Stephen Lind with this incredable brownie of 20lbs 8oz a new fishery record.

Stephen Lind with this incredable brownie of 20lbs 8oz a new fishery record.

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To get our 20th anniversary season off to a flying start we have released some monster specimen brownies into Stocks Reservoir. Pictured below are a couple of them. Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of the biggest fish but they were over 20lbs!
One of the these huge specimen fish has been sponsored by HARDY GREYS and its capture will earn you a new GREYS GR50 fly rod of your choice and the new GTS700 reel to match. We will load on a Greys Platinum floating line and backing to complete a great outfit.
More big prizes will soon be revealed. These prize brownies are over and above our usual tagged fish that on capture will earn you anything from a free days fishing to £50 and £100 tackle vouchers and our star prize of £500 cash! Please note that brownies do have to be returned until they come into season March 15t.h. If a tagged brownie is caught prior to this date, the tag may be removed and brought up to the lodge.
On top of all these tagged fish we will award a Wychwood Fly rod and reel to the angler who weighs in the best bag of trout over the opening weekend.
Over the next week 4000 quality trout will be released into the reservoir ready for our open day next Saturday February 21st.
We look forward to seeing you. Tight Lines from all at Stocks
Ps. we still have a few boats available on the opening Sunday. To book a boat, call us on: 01200 446602.

One of the huge browies going into Stocks today.

One of the huge browies going into Stocks today.

Another cracking brownie gointo the reservoir ready for our opening day next Saturday 21st

Another cracking brownie gointo the reservoir ready for our opening day next Saturday 21st

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We are circulating the water at Bank House to keep it from freezing and to maintain open water for fishing. The sport has been great just recently, its been a mixture of minkies or cats stripped back of fished slowly on the drop or static buzzers and eggs. The fish are fighting really hard at the moment, loads of dace fry and sticklebacks about. Tight Lines Ben

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‘Fugitive tagged trout’ are at large with big cash bounties on their heads. The first fugitive trout caught in 2013 will carry a guaranteed bounty of £500! Last year six of our anglers claimed the maximum bounty of £500. Become a bounty hunter, visit Stocks Reservoir.


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