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Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports

Winter Fishing

Stocks will be open for fishing on Saturdays and Sundays throughout November with exception on the weekend of the 4th &5th. It still well worth a visit, was teaching on there yesturday and caught quite quickly on a susdpender buzzer, another angler had two in a short session on a Minkie and a cormorant. He was fishing in Hollins Bay and I was near the jetty.

Bank House Fly Fishery is open everyday throughout the winter except for Christmas day. Its currently fishing well to dries and damsel patterns. There are some huge brownies to be had at Bank House at the moment. Try fishing minkies tight to the islands.

Congratulations to Bob Fitzpatrick he has won the doubles club fish off on Stocks with a rainbow trout of 2lbs 13oz. Bob has won a season ticket for next season.

Thankyou so much for everyone who has supported Stocks this season. I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed your time spent on the water. I hope to see you over the winter, during which time I will be posting a combined weekly report for both fisheries. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks update

Stocks will be closing on the 31st October so all doubles club have until then to complete their fish off. We apologise for the lack of reports over the last month this has been due to two factors, firswtly we have had no internet for a prolonged period of time and secondly with the bad weather there has been a significant drop in angler numbers but the anglers that have attended have had some success with lures being the best method with the fish back in the margins keep on the move and fish the margins.
There are still places for the charity match being held on the 28th October if you are interested then please contact the lodge on 01200 446602 for further details
For the first time Stocks will be opening over the winter months on Saturdays and Sundays for bank and boat fishing although the boats will have to be pre-booked. This is a great opportunity to fish stocks through the winter months and see how it performs. This is on a trial basis this winter so use it or lose it guys tight lines Pete

Week ending Saturday September 16th

The week started with our first named storm of the year and finished with cooler, but much more settled conditions. The storm certainly put some water down, on Wednesday morning I had row a boat out from the shore to get to the jetty!
The weather certainly affected the numbers of anglers visiting but of ones that have visited us, most of them have left with a fish or two.
The best rod today was Bob Fitzpatrick who fished half a day for six fish. He had four rainbows to 3lbs 12oz and two brownies to 2lbs 8oz. Bob found a sparkler booby on the point and sparkly cormorants on the droppers retrieved with a fast roly-poly to be the most effective method. He used a sink tip line. He caught out over open water and close into the margins in Blackhouse Bay and at the Dam.
Over the week we have seen fish caught on sparklers fished right into the margins down the east bank at Grindy’s Lawn and off Pete’s Point.
Dries have also been a successful method with black bits and daddies coming up as the top patterns.
Antoon Gysbers has been coming every Friday since the season got underway in February. He always arrives early and heads out at 8am. He only fishes four a few hours and is back up at the lodge by 11am at the latest. Antoon has become Mr consistent, so far this season he is yet to blank, and usually catches more than one as well. This Friday he had two rainbows from Bell Point to 3lbs both took a stealth cormorant. Antoon almost always starts and finishes with the same cast of flies on and he fishes them on a floating line. This week he shared his deadly team of three flies. See the pic below. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks is back to full level.

Stocks is back to full level.

Wedneswday August 5th -Saturday August 9th

DATE:                                    Wednesday August 5th Saturday August 9th
REPORT AUTHOR                Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:           6 trout for Steve Bland, Tony Taylor
NOTABLE BAG:                    Five fish for 12lbs Derek Moore & Felicity Appleton
BEST RNB:                             4lbs Antoon Gysbers
BEST BROWN:                      2lbs 2oz Derek Moore
BANK ROD AV:                     2.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                     1.6 fish per angler
Sport: We have had a lot of water down over the last few days and the reservoir level has risen around 6 or 7 feet in height. Although this has made the fishing tough, there are still trout being caught.
On Wednesday Tony Taylor had six rainbows and browns stripping boobies back on a Di3 line whilst fishing near Bell Point.
Steve Radcliffe had four rainbows to his boat on both dries and on cats fished on a Di3.
Thursday and Friday were very quiet on the fishery but one notable bag was caught by Antoon Gysbers who fish for just 2hrs. He also used cats on a sinking line and caught two rainbows that tipped the scales to 7lbs. Not bad considering the water level had risen over a meter over night.
The level has continued to rise ever since and this made for a tricky pairs competition today.
It was late notice and so a small but quality field set out to try and catch and eight fish limit.With prizes going to the top three pairs.
In first place was Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton who caught five trout for 12lbs and their bag included two good rainbows, one of 3lbs 5oz and another of 3lbs 7oz. There used a variety of tactics including dries and pulling lures through the margins. Their best area was along the east shore near the Alders. They both received a £70 Tackle Voucher.
In Second place was Steve Bland and James who caught seven trout between them but as some of their fish were returned wild brownies they were pipped on weight. Steve used dries including orange culs and daddies. They both received a new fly line of their choice.
In third place, and donning a new pair of shades each, were Neil Heath and Steve Radcliffe with four trout to their boat. Good angling everyone.
Outside the match Colin Riley deserves a mention. He only fished the afternoon and took three good rainbows. He caught two from the Alders and Spillway area and one from Willow Island.
He confirmed the key point. When the water level rises like it just has, you have to cast right into the edges. You call pull 3lb rainbows out of 6 inches of water! He caught on a black Hopper and a sparkler. Tight lines Ben