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Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports

Saturday May 27th

DATE:                                Saturday May 27th
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       10 trout for David Saville
NOTABLE BAG:                5 fish for 11lbs 8oz David Saville
BEST RNB:                        3lbs fort David Saville
BANK ROD AV:                 N/A
BOAT ROD AV:                 2.80 fish per angler
Sport: The forecast kept a lot of anglers away today. I didn’t get e return handed in from the bank anglers and the boat anglers spent a fair bit of their day in the lodge avoiding the thunder and lightning. We got plenty of thunder and lightning today but only a few heavy showers of rain.
The top rod was David Saville of Oldham Fly Fishing Club who fished superbly to catch ten trout. David fished home tied black buzzer patterns on a floating line and midge tip to catch all ten of his fish. He caught in Newclose, along the Northern Shallows and on the East Bank. David is pictured below with his well-earned trophy for winning top bag from Oldham Fly Fishers. Good Angling.
In second place with four fish all caught on dries was Chris Bradshaw and his boat partner Neil Higham took two on damsel patterns.
It was a very unsettled day with multiple wind changes and weather changes so I am sure it will resettle tomorrow. Tight Lines Ben

From Left to Right: Chris Bradshaw, David Saville & Neil Higham. Good angling guys.

From Left to Right: Chris Bradshaw, David Saville & Neil Higham. Good angling guys.

Air Ambulance Charity Match Postponed

The Air Ambulance Blind Pairs Charity Match that was due to take place on Sunday June 4th has been postponed to a future date yet to be confirmed. Stocks is currently fishing really well and will be open for business as usual on Sunday June 4th. If you would like to reserve a boat call the lodge on 01200 446602. Tight Lines Ben

Friday 26th May

DATE: Friday 26th May
NOTABLE CATCHES: 7 trout for Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley
BEST RNB: 11lb Andrew Bentley
BANK ROD AV: 1.60 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 5.33 fish per angler
Sport: Its another bright and scorchio day in the costa del stocks today but once again, it doesn’t seem as if its putting the fish off with some very good catches considering the conditions. The bank has been a little quieter today with just a handful of anglers venturing out. Friday regular Anton Gysbers landed 2 trout From Bell Point on an orange Nomad. Also on the bank but from the dam area Pete Murphy landed 4 fish gain on an orange lure. The boats have been a lot busier with some good catches Dave Mackay and Andy Ross had 8 fish to the boat with Haighs hollow featuring in their best area they both fished a floating line and found the a black Shipmans buzzer to be to the trouts liking. Also on the boats Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley had 14 fish, they found buzzer worked well this morning but when the sun was overhead went sub-surface with blobs to continue catching. Included in the 14 fish haul Andrew had a stunning 11lb rainbow which put a real struggle before being subdued and released to fight another day. Todays top catch goes too Elliot Horrocks who along with his dad Ken landed 18 fish to the boat with Elliott landing a very creditable 12 fish from all over the reservoir but his trusty Dawsons Nomad is still doing the damage, good angling Elliott. See you out there Pete

stocks:Thursday 25th May.

DATE: Thursday May 25th.
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish weighing 10lb for Derek Mason and Brian Kellett.
BEST RNB: 5lb for Mark Diamond.
BEST BROWN: 3lb 4oz for Jerry Brewer.
BANK ROD AV: 4.90 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 5.50 fish per angler.
Sport: Even with the super hot, bright and at times still conditions there were a good number of trout caught today. Fishing the bank at Hartleys was John Masters who caught 10 rainbows. He fished a floating line with a couple of his old favourites, a Wickham’s fancy and a grenadier, he also got a couple on a small gold head lure. Landing 8 fish from the dam wall was Phil Coulthard who caught on a black and green booby and black and green diawl bach. Phil said he had a lot more action with fish on and off. Derek Mason caught his 11 fish from the alders over on the east bank with black buzzers on a floating line being his best tactic. Also fishing around the alders was Brian Kellett who caught 8 fish. A foam beetle on a floating line took all his fish. Now for the boat catches. Mark Diamond had a good day landing 8 fish. Mark found fish in all areas and caught his fish on a peach booby fished on an intermediate line. Tony Taylor caught his 7 fish up in the northern shallows with black dry flies taking his fish even in the bright conditions. Another angler landing 7 fish on dry flies was Steve Bland who found his best area to be around Currys cast and gull island. Like Tony black was his best colour. Dave Barratt caught his 10 trout from the buoy line and Eaking shallows area with olive buzzers on a bung set up being his favoured tactic. Bringing 14 fish to their boat were Keith Jacklin and Tony Pollit who caught fish in several areas with their best pattern being a clan chief. Great day, great fishing. Syotw Paul.

Stocks:Wednesday 24th May.

DATE: Wednesday May 24th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: Ron Melling 8 fish – Bob Fitzpatrick 15- Andy Ross 10 – Dave Adams 11 – Ricky Newbolt 14 – Dave McKay 9 – Craig Wishart 8 fish.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 18lb for Craig Wishart.
BEST RNB: 8lb 5oz for Craig Wishart.
BEST BROWN: Several weighing 2lb.
BANK ROD AV: 2.50 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 6.13 fish per angler.
Sport: With lots of trout rising freely out in open water the boats had the best of the sport today with all areas holding good numbers of fish. Ian Dickenson and Frank Murray had a good day afloat landing 12 fish between them. They caught well at barn quarry and up in the northern shallows on blobs fished on intermediate lines. Ron Melling caught his 8 fish on black hoppers with his best area being Haighs hollow. Ricky Newbolt was amongst the trout landing 14 of them. Rickys best spot was Cooks creek where he put his cats whisker on a sink tip line to good use. Dave McKay, Ian Ross, Dave Adams and Andy Ross staying in the apartment had great sport landing a total of 40 trout between them. Their best tactic was to fish a combination of blobs, boobys and olive buzzers with the buoy line and willow island being their best areas. Bob Fitzpatrick took the best catch of the day with 15 fish to the net. Bob found fish all over the lake and caught on several different patterns and lines. Craig Wishart had a worthwhile trip today, he caught 8 good sized fish including the best of the day, an 8lb 5oz rainbow and a tagged trout that gave him a £100 tackle voucher! All Craigs fish fell to an orange fab fished on a floating line up in the northern shallows. Andy Galbraith was the top rod on the shore today with five trout. four of which came from the dam. Andy used a combination of lure and nymphs on a floating line and got smashed up by something big. Other bank anglers comented that they had plenty of chances but the fish wouldn’t stick. Syotw Paul.