All our season tickets and memberships can be purchased at any time of year as they all last for 12 months from the date of purchase." Tight Lines Ben Dobson

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Just one week to go until Stocks Reservoir re-opens for fishing on Saturday February 25th. 4000 trout will be Stocked throughout next week in various spots around the reservoir. Amongst the stocked fish will be 20 fugitive trout, each carrying a bounty for the angler that successfully captures them. Just make sure you enter when you get your ticket. There are also plenty of beautiful fish over 3lbs and some stunning big specimens that are in superb fighting fit condition. These fish are definitely going to put up a serious battle when hooked!. COME AND TEST YOUR TACKLE AT STOCKS RESERVOIR. Open next Saturday 8am. Tight Lines Ben

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Stocks will be fully stocked with fighting fit rainbows and blues for our opening day on Saturday February 25th

We are now taking boat bookings for the opening weekend and the rest of the 2017 season.

Why not take advantage of our Lake View Apartment. It sleeps four and has its own bathroom, sitting room and kitchen. It has spectacular views over Stocks and is very convenient and comfortable. We charge just £40 per person per night and our renowned breakfasts are available downstairs in the lodge.

We also have a three day fishing offer that includes all your fishing fees and boat hire for three days and two nights in our Lake View Apartment. If you wish you may keep five trout of your choice over the course of your stay. All this for just £170 per person. (We can alter this offer to suit your needs)

To book your boat for our opening weekend in February, or to book the Lake View Apartment, call Ben and Charlotte on 01524 770412 or Ben on 07896000939.

Hope to see you at Stocks on the 25th, if we don’t see you before at Bank House Fly Fishery.

Bank House is fishing really well at the moment to minkies, cats and hot head buzzers and there are some really big browns about.

Tight lines Ben and Charlotte Dobson

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Stocks:  The end of the season will soon be with us with the last day being Monday 31st October. Any anglers who are eligible to fish in the double club fish off still have time to put in a return. Graham Bell is still leading the field with a weight of just over 10lb. The best areas over the last week from the boats have been around the causeway and northern shallows and along Fairbanks, Currys cast, the boulders and as far as blackhouse bay on the east bank. From the bank the best spots have been Bell point, 2 trees and into Hollins bay. Tony Taylor has had 3 visits over the last few days and landed 14 fish and lost a good few more. Tonys best spot has been around Bell point with his best tactic being olive booby in different shades fished slow and deep on a sinking line. The biggest fish this last week was a super brownie caught by Bob Fitzpatrick that was estimated to weigh 6-7lb before being released. Bobs brownie has been in the lake for a good while and has held its weight and condition well. See picture below. Strangely there have been a number of decent browns caught since the brown trout season has finished with fish in the 3-4lb range being caught. Sinking lines have taken the majority of trout for the last few weeks with olive being by far the best colour. Damsels, boobys fritz lures and snakes have all taken fish. Syotw Paul.


Bank House Fly Fishery is fishing really well at the moment. There are specimen blues, browns and rainbows in the lake at the moment along with some beautiful tigers. I recommend fishing down the sides of the islands with minkies and damsel patterns, tweaking back small spiders and crunchers just under the surface and washing lining olive/black buzzers with a small booby or daddy on the Point. Tight Lines Ben

Bob Fitzpatrick caught this stunning 7-8lb brownie from Fairbanks. The brownies being caught at Stocks at the moment are in fantastic condition.

Bob Fitzpatrick caught this stunning 7-8lb brownie from Fairbanks. The brownies being caught at Stocks at the moment are in fantastic condition.

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Sport: With the cooler temperatures the trout have started to feed with better catches being made each week. In calmer areas fish can be seen rising to olive and black buzzers of which there have been some big hatches. Trout are also in evidence around the margins charging into the vast shoals of minnows. Those anglers who are in the doubles club fish off only have until the end of the season on 31st October. Both Andy Cooper and Graham Bell fished this weekend and have returned their catches with both anglers dropping a number of fish as well as the ones landed. Andy caught 8 fish with 4 rainbows and 4 browns which unfortunately are out of season. Andy caught his fish from Currys cast on snakes and dabblers on an intermediate line. Graham landed 10 fish with 5 rainbows and 5 browns weighing up to 3lb. Graham caught his fish from Bell point, Currys cast and Blackhouse bay. Big lures fished on a ssi line took the majority of his fish although he did take one on a dry fly. I will not give the weight of the leader but it is certainly beatable. Tony Taylor was out on the water today and landed 6 fish. Tony fished from Bell point with olive boobys on a di6 sinking line taking all his fish. Nice to see the trout back on move and starting to feed. Syotw Paul.

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The 2016 Doubles Club Fish Off
If you have caught a double figure trout during the 2016 season you can win a free season ticket for 2017.
It is really simple this year. All you have to do is come to Stocks any time between October 14th and October 31st, register in the lodge as a doubles club angler, buy a full day ticket and go fishing. You can take all the rainbows and blues you catch during the course of the day to create your bag. (Brown trout are out of season)The doubles club member who weighs in the biggest catch during this period can choose between a full day sporting and a half day two fish season membership for next season.
The Simple rules are as follows.
1. To qualify you must have caught a double figure fish during this season from Stocks Reservoir.
2. You can pick any day within the given time period (Oct 14th & Oct 31st )
3. You must register in the lodge and state that you want to enter the doubles club fish off before you start fishing.
4. It is a fly fishing only competition.
5. You may fish from bank or boat.
6. At the end of the day you must hand your bag of fish to the member of staff on duty to weigh and record your weight.
7. Once you have fished you may not re-enter on a later date.
8. The winner will be announced at the end of the season on November 1st

To book a boat call Stocks on 01200 446602

Good Luck and Tight Lines Ben Dobson

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Over the last week we have seen an increasing number of fish being caught from all over the reservoir. The boats have found success over the Northern shallows and down the east bank. The best methods have been dries fished into the calmer water close into the margins. Curry’s Cast has produced some good fish to daddies and claret hoppers.

From the shore Hollins Bay all the way round to Bell point has been producing the most fish but its worth a wander up the east bank as well. The best tactics from the shore has been dancers and damsels fished on intemediate lines. Ted Walton stayed in our holiday let on Saturday night and fished both Saturday and Sunday. He caught three and dropped two on his first day and on Sunday took six good fish on a blue flash damsel. His best area was around Bell Point. We have had some good hatches of olive buzzers coming off the water and there are loads of mountian minnows in the margins. So fry patterns and buzzers will be well worth a try. Tight Lines Ben

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Thursday September 15th to Wednesday September 21st
The water here at Stocks is back up to healthy level and reservoir is looking beautiful. You can now fish the Northern Shallows once again and behind Willow Island. This newly flooded ground in these shallow areas was covered with a good sward of grasses and plant life and now offers new feeding opportunities for the trout.
Mountain minnows are abundant in the margins and the trout will, no doubt, soon be taking advantage of this valuable source of protein. We have had hatches of olive buzzers from several areas including Bell Point, Hartley’s Bank, Grindy’s and Newclose Bay. We have also had sporadic falls of terrestrials including small black flies and daddies that have given rise to localised hotspots for dry fly fishing. These have occurred off the east bank around Black House Bay and over the main Basin.
The fishing has remained tricky however, the best methods have been dries when the conditions suit with daddies, claret hoppers and black bits and sinking lines with fabs and boobies on the brighter days or less clement days.
We have continued stocking trout throughout so there are loads of trout at large in the water at the moment including a full quota of prize tagged fish.
The next scheduled competition on Stocks will be the Stocks n Shares competition on October the 15th. However a new date for the rescheduled Stocks Pairs Match will follow shortly.
Bank House Fly Fishery has been fishing steadily away with good catches coming to Damsel patterns, minkies and black taddies. Egg flies have taken their fair share of fish as have small wets fished in the top foot of water.
The best fish of the week was a rainbow 12lbs 8oz caught by Ben James Fox
Tight Lines Ben

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Due the the number of anglers away at The National this weekend we have had postpone the Stocks Pairs to October. The date will follow shortly. Ben

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Monday 29th August – Monday 5th September.
Although the fishing has still been tricky with the trout not responding quite as they should there have been fish caught but a number of anglers are saying they are getting chances but the fish are either not getting hold properly or dropping off during the fight so there are signs of sport improving. One such angler was Bob Fitzpatrick who had over a dozen solid takes to either pink or black snake flies whilst fishing around willow and gull island. Biggest fish of the week was a 9lb 3oz rainbow which was caught by first time visitor to stocks Gyorgy Goskavits. Gyorgy caught his big fish from the dam wall on a red dry fly. Bill Tennant had a half day and landed 3 fish and had other chances whilst fishing in Hollins bay. Bill caught his fish on a brown fritz tadpole with an orange bead head. Landing 4 trout from Hollins and Bens beach was Nigel Blackley who also caught on tadpole lures. Best areas to try are Hollins bay, both willow and gull island and tight in to the dam wall, i have also seen numbers of fish at Haighs hollow and over the Hodder trench. Last bank holiday Monday we held a charity match in aid of the north west air ambulance, a great cause. The winners of this blind pairs match were Mark Tyndall and Dereck Moore. With donations and raffle ticket sales a total of £350 was raised for this worthy cause. Well done and thanks to all who contributed. On Friday Ben made a stocking that included double figure rainbows and blues and there will be another stocking made again tomorrow. Syotw Paul.

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After all the wet weather early in the week and the sudden influx of water the reservoir seems to be settling down. Over the last wo day there are signs that the fish are starting to feed again. On the bank Alan Grant tempted 4 fish with a goldhead black and green nymph from Hollins Bay also with 4 fish from the bank Nigel Simpson found  a candy Booby pulled acrosss the surface casting at rising ffish from Hartleys. Out on the Boats Paul Bebb and Rob Shelton had 3 fish on various dries from the Alder and the dam wall but also rose a dozen more. Also on Dries were Tom Speak and Paul Davison who had 8 fish to the boat from the Northern Shallows. Also in the Shallows with three 3 fish was Stocks Resident Bob Fitzpatrick who caught his fish on crunchers. With this activity hopefully its a good sign of things too come. See you out there Pete

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