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Fishing Reports


DATE: Sunday May 24th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 7 fish for Steve Cochrane
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 14lb for Steve Cochrane
BEST RAINBOW: 9lbs0 oz for James Carr
BEST BROWN: 4lb 8oz for Bob Beveridge
BEST BLUE: 3lb 0oz for Mick Glancey
BANK ROD AV: 0.7fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 1.8fish per angler
For some it was a good fishing today, for others it was found to be difficult.
Today’s best blue trout weighed in at 3lbs on the nose and was caught by Mick Glancey in Hollins Hurdle, fishing a floating line with his own cat’s whisker. A 4lb 8oz brown was also netted by Bob Beveridge who was afloat in the Davey Jones area, fishing a black Pennell with a floating line. Rainbow of the day weighed in at a respectable 9lb and was returned to fight another day by visiting sport angler James Carr. James shared a boat with Steve Cochrane who also netted a couple of hefty rainbows at an estimated 7lbs each. The pair worked hard at the drift to bring ten trout to the boat between them, the majority being caught on dries and also cormorants fished with a floating line. Well done lads and see you next time.

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DATE:                                        Saturday May 23rd
REPORT AUTHOR                 Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:            12 fish for Ryan Mathews and Bernard McBride
NOTABLE BAG:                        5 fish for 13lbs 4oz Jim Rigby
BEST RAINBOW:                     3lbs for Jim Rigby
BEST BROWN:                         Several Wildies
BANK ROD AV:                        2.50 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                        4.92 fish per angler
Sport: We had two tagged trout caught today one by Don Blades from Bell Point and the other by Jim Rigby from the causeway. Both anglers won a £50 tackle voucher. There are still three Jackpot tagged trout at large, the first angler to bring one of them to the lodge can claim a bounty of £500 cash.
It was quite on the bank today, just a couple of anglers and all on half day tickets. The water was covered in a variety of small beetles. There shield bugs, coachman, a lot of tan weevils and many others that I couldn’t identify. There were also Hawthorns again and the trout were feeding on them all over the reservoir.
This morning Joan Clough and Mr C. D Thomas took their boat around to Heron’s Hurdle in Newclose. Trout were rising all around and they can’t have been out for more than one and a half hours before they returned to the lodge with a full bag of five. The covered rising fish with olive lures and stripped them back.
Ryan Mathews had twelve fish fishing on the drift down the Willows and over the Northern Shallows. He caught his first seven on a slow glass and boobies then picked up five more on dries targeting rising fish.
Bob Fitzpatrick and Ian Ritchie had eleven to their boat initially on dries then cormorants fished on a floater later on. Their best area was Black House Bay.
Mark Thomas had seven trout on Damsels and crunchers at the Causeway and Cook’s Creek.
Jim Rigby and Bernard McBride caught steadily all day to build a tally of 21 fish to the boat. They mainly fished the Northern Shallows, Willow Island and the Causeway. Bernard caught his on dries namely bob’s bits and hoppers. Jim caught most of his on sinking lines and dabblers.
There is a lot of daphnia in the water at the moment and it seems to everywhere. The trout that we are spooning are full of food. To quote the fast show “Today they were mostly eating beetles and adult flies” Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                                 Friday May 22nd
REPORT AUTHOR          Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:     10 fish for Ian Ross
NOTABLE BAG:               5 fish for 13lbs for Stephen Tattersall
BEST RAINBOW:            12lbs+ for John Sherlock jnr & 9lbs 1oz for Andy Ross
BEST BROWN:                 2lbs 8oz David MacKay & Michael Huddleston
BEST BLUE:                      N/a
BANK ROD AV:                2.60 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                 3.60 fish per angler
Sport: Hawthorns appeared in numbers today. They were all over the water in Newclose but they were in Hollins, off Gull Island and Beetles Drop. Bank angler Duncan Kia had seven trout in Newclose. He caught two on Hawthorn imitations but found that his fly was bit lost amongst the masses. He switched to an olive nomad to try and get the trout’s attention. It worked; he caught a further five more to 3lbs 8oz.
On the boats David Mackay and Andy Ross brought 15 trout to the net. They fished around Phil’s Flats and the Northern Shallows with boobies on intermediate lines. Andy also had a cracking rainbow of 9lbs 1oz. Good angling fellers.
Ian Ross and Dave Barrett also had a good day with 13 to their boat on hot headed damsels. The fished around Willow Island and over the shallows.
Rob Denson caught some of the Hawthorn feeders on cormorants fished on a floating line and ended up with 7 trout to the boat, three of which were brownies.
John Sherlock jnr had the best trout of the day (pictured below). It was 12lbs+ it gave him an arm aching fight, he couldn’t do anything with it. it just kept on going and going. It took a hot headed damsel at the causeway and was returned to fight another day.
Stephen Tattersall had five trout for 13lbs off the willows on the east bank on tequilas. Tight Lines Ben

This trout just wouldn't give up. It was 12lb+ caught at the Causeway by John Sherlock jnr

This trout just wouldn’t give up. It was 12lb+ caught at the Causeway by John Sherlock jnr

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DATE: Thursday May 21st.
NOTABLE CATCHES: Several anglers caught 7 fish.
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish weighing 6lb for Mr Stephens.
BEST RAINBOW: 9lb for David Mackay.
BEST BROWN: Several wild brownies returned.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
BANK ROD AV: 1.75 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 3.17 fish per angler
Sport: Today the EFF fished their own competition with all 24 of them taking to the water. The best areas were around willow island and tight in amongst the sticks in the northern shallows. The results of the comp will be posted in tomorrow’s report. Great to have the EFF back and looking forward to seeing you all again next year or before when we travel down to rutland and grafham. See you next year Viv. Elsewhere the biggest fish of the day was a 9lb rainbow that was caught by David Mackay. David caught his giant rainbow from the causeway on a yellow dancer booby. Another mention goes to Russell Maclaren and boat partner who have fished with us for two and a half days and caught a total of 32 trout. Their best area over their trip has been around willow island with a watermelon coloured fab on a di3 sinking line being their best tactic. The fish are very close to the shore especially in the willows up in the northern shallows, worth giving this area a look over the next few days. Syotw.

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EFF Bowlander results

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DATE: Wednesday May 20th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8 fish for Russ Maclaren
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 5lb 8oz for Brian Baxter
BANK ROD AV: 1.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.7 fish per angler
Windy again today but at least it was mostly dry, following a few brief showers this morning.
On the bank the majority of fish caught were found in the Bell Point area. Pulling lures and, in particular two tone blobs, with sinking lines, appears to have achieved the best results.
A dozen boats were afloat today however information regarding best fly patterns and methods is sparse due to many anglers practicing for up and coming competitions.
A detailed report on yesterday’s friendly between our ‘Bowlanders’ and the EFFA is not yet available but should be posted tomorrow.
Please hand in your catch returns and give us feedback; it’s your catch returns that enable us to compile reports and figures that are of interest to others.
SYNT Nick.

Addition: Last boat off the water, Andy Ross and boat partner (names tbc) have eleven trout to their boat in their day’s session. DI3, boobies, long leaders. Mostly fish were found in Newclose and the Northern Shallows/Phils Flatts areas.

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Sport: Today Stocks hosted the annual competition the Bowlanders vs the EFF, a great, friendly competition. Although this is a friendly comp both teams are keen to win the prestigious title and the bragging rights that go with it. The results will be posted on tomorrow’s report as they will be announced at a dinner later on tonight. Although there were a few fish caught on dry flies and nymphs the majority of the trout caught fell to 2 tone blobs and boobies on various sinking lines with several anglers taking their limit of 8 fish and others not far behind with 7. A few of the successful anglers commented that they found their fish very close to the shore line with Newclose bay and the willows along the northern shallows being a couple of the favoured areas. Nice to see you all again. Syotw. Paul.

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I am afraid I have no information today. As I haven’t got any returns from boat or bank. The English Fly Fishers took six boats out this afternoon and left for their digs without calling into the lodge. I caught John Mees and he said it had fished well, he’d had his eight fish and that one of them had had a 12lb+ rainbow. So hopefully there will be a lot more information tomorrow. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Sunday May 17th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10 to the boat for the Moretons
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish for 9lb for Peter Kasminski
BEST BROWN: 4lb 11oz for Peter Kasminski
BEST BLUE: 2lb 4oz for Neil Marriot
BANK ROD AV: 1.4 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.6 fish per angler
Saturday saw a downturn in rod averages on both the bank and boats. Several anglers commented on their catch returns that the squally winds made it difficult to fish in many areas.
Today we have enjoyed better conditions with lighter winds more in keeping with this time of the year.
Today conditions appeared great but some did report the wind as being an obstruction to good presentation and in some areas it was. The general consensus was that today the fishing was hard. A representative measure is that Peter Kasminski has landed 36 trout in four visits this season. Today, being Peter’s 5th visit this season, he worked hard to land 3, mainly wading in the Bell Point area fishing various flies with a slow sinker. Amongst Peter’s bag was a pristine brown trout of 4lb 11oz.
Today’s only blue trout to submit was caught by Neil Marriot fishing alongside his boat partner for the day Ross Birchall.
SYNT, Nick

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DATE:                                   Friday May 15th
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       10+ fish for Paul Bebb, Alec Torrence, Derek Hill, Bill Donagh, Ray Entwistle, Terry Farrell, Keith Landless & Ian King
NOTABLE BAG:                 4 fish for 16lbs 2oz Gary Williams
BEST RAINBOW:              10lbs 0oz for David Welsh & 10lbs+ Bill Menzies
BEST BROWN:                  6lbs 8oz for Richard Bamforth
BEST BLUE:                       Several @2lb+
BANK ROD AV:                 8.30 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                  5.88 fish per angler
Sport: We had some cracking scores again today. I spooned a couple of trout caught from the Dam and they were full of several species of small black beetles, small olive and black buzzers, orange daphnia, adult midges and the odd hawthorn fly. With such a variety of food items in each fish it’s easy to see why many different methods are working well at the moment.
Out the boats Paul Bebb and John Fletcher caught 21 trout between them mainly on the washing line fished on a floater. They had trout to 8lbs and their best patterns were peach booby, and black pheasant tails.
Derek Hill and Alec Torrance had over 20 to the boat between them. Their best area was off Bell Point and Ben’s Beach. They clocked the daphnia and switched to orange dancers and that was when they really started catching. They caught rainbows and browns to 3lbs.
Bill Menzies and Ernie Greenaulgh had 12 trout and Bill had a cracking double figure fish which was quickly returned. They also caught on orange and their best spot was The Alders.
Bill McDonagh and David Welsh had 21 trout between them on Yellow Dancers fished on slow intermediates. David’s bag of three included a 10lb rainbow and tipped the scales to 14lbs. They caught most of them drifting along Hartley’s.
Niel Hodgson and David Thompson caught 12 whilst drifting all over the reservoir on Dabblers and boobies.
Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley had 14 trout between them from the northern end of the reservoir mainly on dries.
Gary Williams brought four good fish to the scales with a total weight of 16lbs 2oz. His bag included a 5lb 8oz rainbow and 4lb brownie. He too found the alders productive.
The shore also fished well. Terry Farrell fished just about the entire area of bank from Curry’s Cast right back round to the Eaking Shallows. He caught all over but his best area was from Bell Point to Two Trees. He caught on red holographic diawl bachs.
Keith Landless caught well at Barn Quarry on black n green tadpoles nymphs back on a floater.
Ray Entwistle caught well in Hollins on Black n green fritz lures.
And Ian King fished for a couple of hours this evening and got into double figures on muddlers and bibios.
This morning Antoon Gysbers also found the trout right up in the water. Once again he got his Watson’s Bumbles working well with 8 trout in a short session.
The best brown was caught on a Montana by Richard Bamforth in Hollins. We also had two tagged trout caught both by anglers who had not entered so they had to be returned. A boat angler lost another tagged fish right at the net. There are now three jackpot fish out there the first of them caught is worth £500.
Two anglers saw an amazing sight today from their boat off Ben’s Beach. A trout of about 2lbs was floating on the surface, perhaps it hadn’t gone back well after being caught, when a huge trout came up and took it. It swam down with the rainbow across its mouth. About 30 seconds later the smaller fish floated back up to the surface. That’s one ambitious trout! Tight Lines Ben

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