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Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports

Tuesday 28th March

DATE:                          Tuesday March 28th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 14 fish for Richie Kelly, 12 fish for Tony Taylor 11 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick
NOTABLE BAG:          4 fish for 11lb 11oz Terry Farrell
BEST FISH:                  Several at 3lb
BANK ROD AV:          6.80 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          6.80 fish per angler
Sport: The conditions today were near perfect, good cloud cover light winds and warm conditions this afternoon and it certainly looks like the fish agreed with good catches coming from the boat and bank. On the bank Dave Coup had 7 fish from Bell Point and Hollins Bay. Terry Farrell had 9 fish from the Alders and the Dam on an orange booby fished on a mid intermediate. But stocks regular Tony Taylor was once again in amongst the fish with 12, Tony caught his fish from Hollins Bay and Bell Point on an intermediate line fishing his “TT hair wing Cormorant” Tony commented on the fact he had several more pulls and lost fish even having a double hook up, saying a lot of the fish were taken on the drop as the line tightened in the breeze.
On the boats this were just as hectic with Bob Fitzpatrick catching 11 fish from Newclose Bay and the Northern Shallows with a Green Pea and a Diawl bach being his top flies fished on a floating line. Top rod goes to Richie Kelly who caught 14 fish but was tight lipped about where and with what he caught them on as he has a competition on Saturday with the civil service. All this has too mean that stocks has woken up and the fish are definitely on the feed, which is great news so get yourself up and test that tackle with some of our hard fighting fish.
See you out there Pete

Stocks:Monday 27th March.

DATE: Monday March 27th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 14 fish for Mark Tyndall – 15 fish for Ricky Newbolt.
BEST FISH: Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV: 2.40 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 7.00 fish per angler.
Sport: There were some good catches recorded today with the Jetty area and Hollins bay being the two hot areas. Out on the boats were Mark Tyndall and Ricky Newbolt who both found trout in Hollins bay. Mark landed 14 fish on his di 3 sinking line and various black lures. Ricky landed 15 fish, this time on an intermediate line and a combination of cats whisker lures and a sunburst damsel. Fishing from a boat and landing 7 fish were Lee Mylroie and Jamie Hogg. They found Grindy lawn their best spot with black and red buzzers on sink tip lines accounting for the majority of their fish. Philip Broadhurst fished from the bank at Bell point where he landed 4 fish. Philips best pattern was a black and green Montana fished slowly on a floating line. Pete and Jane are still fishing and have landed 6 between them in Hollins bay so the boat averages could be even higher. Syotw. Paul.

DATE:                           Sunday March 26th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 5 fish for Billy Sumner 4 fish for Dermot Speight 4 fish for Ashley Horsley
NOTABLE BAG:          5 fish for 13lb Billy Sumner
BEST FISH:                  Several around 3lb
BANK ROD AV:           1.50 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:           3.29 fish per angler
Sport: A quiet day on the bank today with only two anglers Dave Jones and Mark Armitage who caught 2 and 1 respectively, both from Bell Point both on sinking lines Dave got his on a Booby Fished on a T5 line whereas Dave opted for a Montana Nymph fished on an Intermediate line. The Boats where a little Busier and overall fished a little Better with most of the fish being caught this afternoon when the sun was a little more off the water. Dermot Speight caught 4 fish from the Northern Shallows and Bens Beach, His best tactic was fishing a 12ft Ghost tip with a small eyed cat booby. Also on the boats Ashley Horsley also caught 4 fish all from Bens Beach all in the last 2 hours of the day. All Ashleys fish fell to a Cats Whisker fished on an intermediate line. Top rod though goes to Billy Sumner who caught 5 fish from right in the corner of Hollins Bay again in the last few hours of the day Billy caught his fish on a cats whisker fished on a floating line with a slow retrieve.
Another of our fugitive tagged fish has been caught today by Mr Graeme Iddon who wins himself a full day 5 fish ticket well done Graeme.
See you out there Pete

Saturday March 25th

DATE:                                  March 25th
REPORT AUTHOR             Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:        6 fish for Gerry Brewer, 5 fish for Neil Ashworth & Alex Hitchen
NOTABLE BAG:                4 fish for 15lbs 10oz Neil Ashworth
BEST FISH:                        7lbs 8oz Neil Ashworth, 7lbs Bob Fitzpatrick, 7lbs Paul Davison
BANK ROD AV:                1.20 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                3.50 fish per angler
Sport: It was a stunning day at Stocks just to be out on the water. There was a hard frost this morning which meant that the fishing was tricky.
Today was the first time this season that more fish were caught on imitative patterns than big lures. However some anglers had success with boobies fished on sinking lines.
Gerry Brewer had six fish from Ben’s Beach on a damsel patterns
Alex Hitchen had five fish from the same area on boobies
David Birtwistle had four fish from the same area on nomads. All three anglers were on half day tickets.
Out on the boats Neil Ashworth took five trout whilst twiddling cormorants on a midge tip line. His catch included a rainbow of 7lbs 8oz.
It was great to see the Carlilse Fly dresser’s out on the water today. Keith Woods was their top rod with four trout from Grindy’s Lawn on boobies fished on a Di5 line.
Most other anglers caught on Diawl bachs and buzzers, both Paul Davison and Bob Fitzpatrick both had 7lb+ rainbows on diawls whilst fishing in Newclose Bay.
The trout are still unsettled by all the snow melt water but with clement weather forecast they should be back on the feed very soon. There were loads of buzzers hatching today from all over the reservoir, so I would imagine the imitative approach will really start to produce good bags. Tight Lines Ben

Neil Ashworth caught this 7lb 8oz rainbow on a cormorant fished on a midge tip.

Neil Ashworth caught this 7lb 8oz rainbow on a cormorant fished on a midge tip.

Paul Davison 7lb rainbow

Paul Davison 7lb rainbow

Friday March 24th

DATE:                           Friday March 24th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 6 fish for Robert Mclelland 5 fish for Mr Cooper
NOTABLE BAG:          4 fish for 11lb by Mr Cooper
BEST FISH:                  7lb rainbow Mr Davies
BANK ROD AV:           2.40 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:           1.70 fish per angler
Sport: The saying in Fishing goes “bright n breezy never easy” this certainly rings true especially after torrential rain, high winds and snow earlier in the week. The bank anglers had the best of it today with lots of fish being caught around Bell Point, first out this morning Friday regular Anton Gysber caught 2 fish first thing on a cormorant. Also on Bell point Dave Jones had 4 fish to a booby fished on an intermediate line. Top rod on the bank though goes to Mr Cooper with 5 fish caught from Bens Beach and Bell point this included a 4 fish bag weighing in at 11lb. On the boats things are still a little trickier but the fish are there to be caught if you keep on the move as travelling Scottish angler Robert Clelland proved with 6 fish on a mixture of bunny leeches, grizzle cats and yellow Dancers caught from all round the reservoir and a few fish dropped as well. All Roberts fish were caught tight to the bank. Other notable catches from the boat were Paul Turner with 3 fish from the dam area and Sam Allen with 2 fish also from the dam area. With warm settled weather here to stay for the foreseeable the fish is sure to only get better now the reservoir has settled down after the snow melt. If you are looking to book a boat this weekend get in quick theres only a few left. See you out there Pete