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Fishing Reports

Richard hood with his 11lb+ Rainbow

Richard hood with his 11lb+ Rainbow

Filed under: Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports staff @ 6:07 pm May 5, 2015

DATE:                                    Monday May 4th
REPORT AUTHOR             Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       23 fish for Mark Rose, 20 for George Ashton, 18 for Chris Guthrie
NOTABLE BAG:                 5 fish for 18lbs 8oz for Alan Daniels, 4 fish for 15lbs 3oz Ryan Mathews
BEST RAINBOW:              13lbs oz for Mark Rose, 11lbs Richard Hood, 10lbs Mr?
BEST BROWN:                  Several @ 2lbs
BANK ROD AV:                  3.73 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                  9.17 fish per angler
Sport: Today we held the Greys Pairs and 19 pairs took to the water. One member of each pair fished from the shore and the other from the boat. Everybody was ranked for bank and boat and the pair with the lowest total were crowned champions.
Nearly all the boats headed straight for the Dam area but after a quiet first hour or two everyone started venture away to the North, which it turned was on fire!
Trout were rising everywhere especially around the boulders, curry’s cast and out over open water towards Gull Island. I gather trout were rising at The Northern Shallows as well and later at the Dam.
One angler got dries to work extremely well. Chris Guthrie caught eighteen fish and 16 of them fell to small black CDC dries. This great catch earned him 3rd place from the boats. Twinned with a solid performance on the shore by his partner James Vann they ended up in 3rd place overall.
Mike Laycock had a very productive afternoon after a quiet start and finished with 15 to his boat on blobs and boobies and his partner Mark Taylor took six off the bank. They were 4th and 3rd respectively giving a total score of 7 and finished in 2nd place.
The Winners, however, were Mark Rose and John Goodwin. Mark caught 23 trout on blobs and buzzers, fished on a midge tip. He caught all his fish from Blackhouse Bay to Curry’s cast. He also returned a 13lb rainbow and won the Nigel Haigh Trophy for top individual! Good Angling. John had a great performance too with 10 trout from Bell Point on pulled dabblers. They were both 1st earning them the unbeatable total of 2. Well done Guys.
Other great individual results came to Darren Booth who was 2nd on the shore with 9 trout from Grindy’s Lawn on small black wets and George Ashton who was 2nd on the boats with 20 trout on blobs and buzzers. He shared a boat with Mark Rose. Well done fellers
Richard Hood also returned a cracking 11lb rainbow part of his 14 fish catch. The photo will follow.
It was a brilliant day at Stocks with fish rising all over taking small black or grey chironomids and small copper coloured beetles. See pics below. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Sunday May 3rd
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+fish for Mike Laycock and Chris Guthrie
BOAT ROD AV: 5.4 fish per angler
A rainy start to the day broke to be very pleasant with excellent fishing conditions. Sadly there were no bank anglers visiting Stocks today but there were a handful of boats out on the water. Tomorrow is the Greys Pairs comp’ therefore the practicing anglers we had today were naturally reluctant to divulge much information regarding successful methods etc. What is worthy of note is that there was a very calm period of a couple of hours in the afternoon, during which many fish were seen to be feeding on the surface in all areas including out in open water..
SYNT, Nick.

Addition: Andy Cliffe has just returned from an afternoon’s boat session having caught 16 trout to a tequila blob, mostly from the dam arm. Not included in the above averages.

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DATE:                                      Saturday May 2nd
REPORT AUTHOR               Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:          10+ fish for Bob Fitzpatrick & Derek Moore
NOTABLE BAG:                     3 fish for 13lbs 8oz
BEST RAINBOW:                  8lbs 8oz for Phil Davies
BEST BROWN:                       N/a
BANK ROD AV:                      2.60 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                      5.63 fish per angler
Sport: Bob Fitzpatrick and Derek Moore had a cricket score today fishing boobies and wets down at the Dam on ghost tips to Di3 lines. There were lots of small black flies coming off the water from the dam all the way up the main basin to Gull Island and the swallows and martins were feeding right across the reservoir.
The best catch from the shore was Phil Davis who took nine trout from the dam wall on buzzers and cats whiskers. Phil also had an 8lb 8oz rainbow in his three fish bag that tipped the scales to 13lbs 8oz. Also if you would like to join in the Greys Pairs on Monday we still have places either for new pairs or for bank anglers to complete a pair. We have a few boat anglers looking for partners to fish the shore. If you fancy a go call the lodge on 01200 446602. Tight Lines Ben

Phil davis with his 8lb 8oz rainbow taken from the dam wall.

Phil davis with his 8lb 8oz rainbow taken from the dam wall.

Filed under: Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports staff @ 8:30 pm May 2, 2015

We have a surplus of boat anglers for the Greys Pairs match this Monday (May 4th), they looking bank anglers that would partner up with them. If you would like make up a pair please call Stocks on 01200 446602. All are welcome its a friendly affair with some great prizes. Cheers Ben Dobson

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DATE:                                   Friday May 1st
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:      10+ fish for Ray Enthwistle, Ken Whiteside, Colin Gibbons, Gareth Evans,
NOTABLE BAG:                 5 fish for 21lbs 14oz Colin Gibbons
BEST RAINBOW:              10lbs 10oz for Colin Gibbons, 10lb+ for Bernie McDonough
BEST BLUE:                        2lbs 8oz Steve Bland
BANK ROD AV:                  6.50 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                  4.44 fish per angler
Sport: It great to see Keith Woods and Carlisle Fly Tyers here holding their annual meet. 20 of them took to water and between them they caught a fair number of trout, with several of them catching their bag limits and returning a few as well. It seemed to be a day where lures out fished nymphs and many good catches fell to orange fritz patterns and black n green lures.
It was a close run thing for the best bag of five, but tipping the scales slightly further than the rest was Ian McVittie with a bag weight of 12lbs 8oz. Good Angling Ian. Ian Caught his fish tight into the Dam wall on orange lures. Keith Woods was 2nd with five fish for 12lbs. Keith cvaught his fish on boobies at the Willows. Other good bags came from The Northern shallow, Willow Island, The Willows and Grindy’s
It was also great to see Dermot Speight back on the water after a long recovery from a broken ankle. He was out with Steve Bland. They fished washing lined diawl bachs down the east bank and at the Dam to tempt 15 trout to their boat. The majority of their fish took the booby. Dermot also caught a tagged trout winning him a £50 tackle voucher. See pic below.
The biggest catch of the day went to Colin Gibbons who was fishing from a drifting boat with Kevin Dunn. A 10lb 10oz rainbow gave him a bumper bag weight of 21lbs 14oz. They put a fair few back too and ended up with 18 trout between them. They caught from all over the reservoir on black n green lures, diawl backs and tequila blobs. Well done guys.
Bernie McDonough also had a double rainbow from Newclose Bay, they didn’t weigh it as they wanted to get back asap, but it looks like a double to me, see pic below.
It was good fishing from the shore too. Ray Entwistle caught into double figure in Hollins Bay on Black n green fritz, as did Ken Whiteside on a black n green UDF fly from Bell Point and Gareth Evans also caught into double figure off Bell Point on an orange booby. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Thursday April 30th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 6 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick and Ted Heath.
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish weighing 7lb 8oz for Peter Carr.
BEST RAINBOW: 5lbs 8oz for Peter Carr.
BANK ROD AV: 1.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 2.85 fish per angler.
Sport: Bob Fitzpatrick was out on the water today drifting around the northern shallows and willow island where he caught 6 trout. Bob fished a floating line with green and red diawl bach on his droppers and a cats whisker booby on the point. Also out on a boat were Tony Plant and Ted Heath who caught 8 fish between them. They too fished up in the northern shallows but found dabblers to be the effective fly. Bob, Tony and Ted said that several times throughout the day in calm areas the trout would start to rise. Syotw.

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Wednesday April 29th.
With the weather continuing to be vile, not just at Stocks it seems, it’s wasn’t too surprising that the few that had booked boats for today re-scheduled to come another day. Four anglers donned multiple layers and set out on the bank however, and as well as covering some distance they also caught some fish, seven between them. Andrew Robinson leant into the wind on Bell Point to catch a fine rainbow pulling a green and black fritz lure. Brothers Graham and Andrew Child headed straight along the old railway line, taking the short cut to drop into Newclose Bay where relative shelter and calmer water was waiting. Andrew fished a black lure to land a 2 lb+ blue trout. Graham started with an intermediate line fishing buzzers by the washing line method without success. Switching to a floating line and straight lining his black and red buzzers paid off and Graham had a great half day catching 5 trout. It must warm up soon, it’s May on Friday! See you next time Nick.

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Sport: Tuesday 28th April. Just a quick report tonight as due to bad weather only a couple of hardy anglers braved the elements for a short time. Top catch went to Bruce Irvine who kept on the move and fished in some horrendous wind of Bell point and Hartleys bank but was rewarded with a couple of fish although he said he lost a few, no doubt blown off the line by the wind! A cats whisker pulled through the waves was his method. Hopefully the nice weather will soon return. Syotw. Paul.

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DATE: Monday April 27th 2015
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ fish for Steve Unsworth and Jim Twaddle
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 28lb 14oz for Phil Macdonald
BEST RAINBOW: 12lbs 8oz for Phil Macdonald
BEST BROWN: Several around the 4lb mark
BANK ROD AV: 0.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.3 fish per angler
The media are coining phrases such as ‘polar plume’ for the weather we’re all experiencing. As I write it’s snowing at Stocks. The weather is wrong so that’s enough on that subject for today.
A handful of bank anglers struggled against a difficult wind to fish into. Only a few fish were caught from the bank today.
Afloat were a good number of anglers, mainly because the Lancashire Fire Service Open was held here today and alone they were 21 rods. Between the LFS men 52 fish were caught weighing in a rod average of 2.4 fish for the comp.

Notable results as follows:-
Champion in 1st place was Steve Unsworth who caught 12 fish (10lb 6oz rainbow in bag)
Best team was Jim Twaddle and Phil McDonald
Biggest fish; Phil McDonald 12lb 8oz (Phil also had a rainbow at 10lb 7oz in his 5 fish bag).

Steve caught his fish pulling a black nugget in the Northern Shallows. Phil also caught his monsters in the Northern Shallows, either on a hot headed cat or a white boobie.

We had real summers when I were a lad, and jumpers for goal posts.
See you next time, Nick.

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