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Fishing Reports


DATE: Monday July 6th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 fish for M. Tyndall. And Mr Morrall
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 8oz for Ricky Newbolt
BEST BROWN: 2lbs for David Jones
BANK ROD AV: 3.25fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 6.14fish per angler
Sport was good for those that found it, and the majority did. Dry fly continued to be favoured although the two highest catches of the day, made by Mssrs Tyndall and Morrall from their boats, were made fishing cormorants and bloodworm buzzers respectively (floating lines for both).
The East bank continued to provide the better sport, whether from bank or boat. David Jones, Keith Harwood and Mark Armitage arrived with the rain (deliberately I might add) to fish until dusk. The trio bounded over the dam wall to fish the bank between the spillway and The Alders, catching a respectable 13 trout between the three of them in about four hours. All three fished the foam daddy, dry, and reported missing more takes than they connected with.
Sounds good fun to me!
Carry insect repellent, Nick.

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DATE: Sunday July 5th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8 fish for Al Beaumont
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 12lb 8oz for Tony Taylor
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 0oz for Tony Taylor
BANK ROD AV: 0.2 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.4 fish per angler
Another warm summer’s day at Stocks today and, in keeping with recent days, the glass calm water of early morning showed great numbers of fish rising all over, in particular out in open water. Unsurprisingly dry fly was the chosen method for most.
The foam daddy long legs accounted for the majority of trout netted, the remainder being taken on small black bits and scruffy bibio patterns.
The East bank continues to yield the best catches.


Note: Reports have been delayed due to a problem with the internet connection, possibly caused by recent electrical storms.

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DATE:                                     Friday July 3rd
REPORT AUTHOR              Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:        6 fish for Kane Coleman
NOTABLE BAG:                   3 fish for 7lbs 8oz Rudolph Quagliana
BEST RAINBOW:                4lbs for Kane Coleman
BEST BROWN:                    2lbs Mr?
BANK ROD AV:                   2.27 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                   2.14 fish per angler
Sport: This morning it was flat calm and trout were rising all over the reservoir. However they proved quite tricky to catch. In the afternoon it got windy and bright. The top rod was a half day angler over from Australia fishing Stocks for his first time. Kane Coleman fished along the boulders and in Blackhouse Bay to take all six fish, two of which were 4lbs. He targeted rising trout casting in front of them with a foam daddy. Good angling Kane.
Alan Daniels caught a tagged trout winning a free full day five fish ticket. The fished was stocked on March 17th and he caught it anchored off Hartley’s Bank.
There are still a few boats out and it had clouded over now so I suspect they are catching, I’ll let you know tomorrow.
From the shore Rudolph Quagliana had three nice trout from Bell Point on daddies and Hoppers and Terry Farrell also had three fish from The Alders on CDC buzzers.
It was brilliant to see Felicity back on the water today fit and well. She hasn’t lost her touch either with two trout on a green pea from Hartley’s.
It was tricky today but the bright windy conditions were far from ideal. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                                       Thursday July 2nd
REPORT AUTHOR                Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:           9 fish for Derek Moore & Ben Dobson
BEST RAINBOW:                   4lbs 0oz for Tony Taylor
BEST BROWN:                       2lbs 8oz for Brian Parker
BEST BLUE:                            2lbs 8oz for Brian Parker
BANK ROD AV:                      5.50 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                      4.27 fish per angler
Sport: It was a day that promised great things, it looked perfect this morning: it was overcast, warm and there was a light ripple across the water. It screamed dries, and to be fair dries did catch the majority of the fish, but it didn’t quite materialise into the bonanza day we were expecting. The air temperature dropped mid morning, the heavens opened and a cool breeze picked up. It did improve once again in the late afternoon. This changed what could have been a fantastic day into a good day.
I took to the water with good friend Julian Kollard. We started at Blackhouse Bay with dries and drifted to curry’s cast where we picked up our first fish and lost another. We met a few more trout at Cook’s Creek before changing to a washing line set up. Over the next couple of hours we caught fish from The Shallows and Phil’s Flats, and then The Alders and Ten Acre Foot. Our best drift of the day however was across the Main Basin where we took five fish in one drift. This could have been due to the improved conditions though. We ended up with eleven trout in the boat, played a few more and missed the odd chance. It was a good day. One thing I did notice was that the trout went back much better if you left them in the net to recover for 30 seconds or so before releasing them. The water temperature has increased so they need treating with a bit of TLC.
Derek Moore had a good day afloat with nine trout to Midas patterns. I saw him throughout the day fishing similar areas to us, but I think his best area was the dam.
Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland had twelve trout to their boat mainly on dries and they caught down the East Bank amongst other areas.
The top rod on the shore was Brian Parker who caught seven trout, not bad going for a half day ticket. He caught on black n green tadpoles with the majority of his fish coming from Davy Jones. His catch included a brown, a rainbow and a blue. Good angling. Tight Lines. Ben

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DATE: Wednesday July 1st
NOTABLE CATCHES: 14fish for Rod Burrows(31/6), 20 to the boat for Rob Shelton, Paul Bebb
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 8oz for Dave McGregor
BEST BLUE: 2lb for Andrew Macdonald
BANK ROD AV: 2.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.3 fish per angler
Phew! What a scorcher!
Sport it was today. As the trout rose to the surface in great numbers, today’s visiting anglers rose to the challenge of catching them on dries. And so they did, with varying degrees of success, enjoying the opportunity to fish dry flies on a typical (maybe a bit too hot) summers day. Each knowing that another method would probably catch more, each chose the finer sport that was there for the taking. Foam daddys accounted for 80% ‘ish of what was caught today, the majority of the rest split between small scruffy black bits and cdc shuttlecock emergers. The east banks were doing best, from the dam to the causeway. A big thumbs up to the visiting Ayrshire bank anglers who walked the East bank as far as Currys Cast, and back, in Neoprene. McGregor, Macdonald and Porter had 10 fish between them, fishing black pennel, palmered coch and a cat booby. On the walk back they experienced various levels of delirium in their neoprene waders and this exceptional heat, mostly around ten acre foot. Meanwhile Rob Shelton and Paul Bebb were drifting right past them, totally unaware of the ordeal in the field above them, and brought 20 fish to the boat on bits and daddys. It just goes to show how consuming this dry fly business can be! Thankfully our (good humoured) visitors are now rehydrated and northbound.
Mr Atherton or Lyburn needs to call the lodge on 01200 446602. You left a pair of spectacles in boat 6.
With the hot weather set to continue it’s a good time to visit and hone your dry fly skills. Before the ice creams sell out.

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DATE: Tuesday 30th June.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ fish for Carl Nixon, David Manning and Graeme Bell.
BEST RAINBOW: Lots weighing 3lb.
BEST BROWN: Several wild brownies.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 2lb.
BANK ROD AV: 2.50 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 6.92 fish per angler.
Sport: There were some great catches recorded from the boats today with trout being caught all over the lake. David Manning had a good day landing 11 fish. David employed his effective washing line tactic with both booby and buzzers working equally well. David caught in several areas but willow island was his best mark. Bob Fitzpatrick did well landing 9 fish with all bar 1 falling to various dry fly patterns. Bobs best spot was Currys cast. Landing 30 fish between them were Carl Nixon and Andy Taylor. They caught all their fish on dry flies with daddys and orange cdc flies being the best. Carl and Andy caught fish on many drifts with Currys and the willows being their most productive. Also bringing 30 fish to their boat was Graeme Bell and Malcolm Brown who also caught most of their fish on dries. They too caught in many areas including the alders, Currys, the willows and Cooks creek. A super day with the weather and the fishing. Syotw.

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DATE:                                        Monday June 29th
REPORT AUTHOR                 Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:           10 fish for Tony Taylor
NOTABLE BAG:                       5 fish for
BEST RAINBOW:                  11lbs+ for Ricki Newbolt and 9lbs+ for Ricki Newbolt
BEST BROWN:                      2lb 8oz Tony Taylor
BANK ROD AV:                     3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                     2.90 fish per angler
Sport: There was a light to moderate southerly wind that died away to flat calm in the evening. Once it did the trout started rising in numbers all over the main basin. Not surprisingly the best catches came on dries. Tony Taylor had ten trout to his boat and he had a lot of other offers. He caught the majority of them drifting out from the dam wall on bibio midas and then he ventered off to explore the Newclose and the causeway where he added another two.
Ricki Newbolt also caught at the dam, he landed three fish and two of them were clonkers. His first he estimated at 11lb+ and the second 9lb+. He caught on black and peacock spider and a damsel pattern.
Fishing from the shore at the spillway were Andrew and Bill Briggs they had ten trout between them and lost a few more on klinkhammers and daddies. David Jones walked around to the east bank and fished along Blackhouse Bay and the boulders to tempt six nice fish to daddies and black gnats. Not bad for a half day ticket.
There are still a couple of boat anglers out, I am sure they will be catching as there are loads of fish rising, I will let you know on tomorrow’s report. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                                          Sunday June
REPORT AUTHOR                   Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:              See results table below
NOTABLE BAG:                         5 fish for 16lbs 15oz John Anderson
BEST RAINBOW:                       9lbs 1oz for John Anderson
BEST BROWN:                           Several between 2lb-2lb8oz
BEST BLUE:                                Several between 2lb-2lb8oz
BANK ROD AV:                          3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                           5.50 fish per angler
Sport: Today we host the Sceirra Pairs and twelve pairs took to the water to try reach the grand final on Rutland Water later in the year. It was drizzling in the morning and faired up as the day went on but quite strong wind picked up from the south.
They fished together from a drifting boat to try and catch twelve trout between them. They would then be awarded a time bonus if the finished early.
The Reservoir fished very well with six of the twelve pairs managing to complete their twelve fish bag. John Brown and Andy Campbell completed their bag in just 2hrs 45 minutes and were The Heat Winners with a bag weight of 25lbs and a bonus of 10lbs giving them an unbeaten 35lb total. Good angling fellers. They caught their fish on foam daddies in Cook’s Creek.
A full set of results and pictures of the four qualifying pairs are shown below. All the best in the final. Tight Lines Ben

Scierra Pairs results 2015

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DATE:                                     Saturday June 27th
REPORT AUTHOR              Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:         10+ fish for Andy Cooper, Rick Nuttall & Lloyd Edwards
NOTABLE BAG:                    5 fish for 10lbs for Neil Ashworth
BEST RAINBOW:                 18lbs (est) for John Sykes
BEST BROWN:                      3lbs 0oz for Jonathan Flemming
BEST BLUE:                          3lbs 8oz for Andy Cooper
BANK ROD AV:                    3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                     5.24 fish per angler
Sport: Despite the bright conditions and moderate wind dries fished very well today.
Lloyd Edwards and Bernard McBride had great sport on dries in Newclose Bay and at various other spots around the reservoir.
Rick Nuttall and Andy Cooper used similar tactics to catch good number of fish to over 4lbs. They too did a tour of the reservoir.
John Sykes out with Dave Allen caught an absolute monster of a rainbow on a mini cat. He said it was the biggest trout he’d ever seen. He treated it with the upmost care and didn’t even lift out of the water. It went back without hesitation…good angling.
Tony and Carl Pilkington hired local guide Paul Bebb for the day; they caught nine trout between them on a washing line set up. Their best areas were Hartley’s and Curry’s.
Joseph Johnson and Cliff Roughley had ten trout between them on a half day ticket, they caught on sedge hogs and Kate McLaren over the Northern Shallows.
The best catch on the shore was caught by Paul Ding. He caught eight trout on Dingus Buzzers but I’m not sure where he was fishing though.
Michael Chapman caught five trout on daddies and diawls whilst bank fishing from Davy Jones and a bank return with no name caught six trout on buzzers. His best areas were the willows on the east bank and Grindy’s Lawn, so he covered some ground. Its great fishing at the moment, especially from the boats, the trout are high in the water and looking up. Tight Lines Ben

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