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stocks: Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September.

Sport: There were a couple of catches this weekend that are worth a mention. On Saturday the top catch went to Bernard McBride. Included in his catch were a couple of belting rainbows weighing 5lb and 6lb. Bernard caught his fish around willow island and the northern shallows with cormorants and sparkler boobys on a fast glass sinking line being his best tactic. On Sunday the top catch was also taken from the same areas. Matt Eastham caught all his fish on the same fly, a Bibio hopper and as well as fish landed had other chances. Dry flies were also the best for other anglers with daddys, hoppers and bits being the best patterns. This morning i have seen numbers of trout charging into the minnow shoals around the jetty. Minnow imitations, sparklers or diawl bach might be worth a try for these fry feeders. Syotw. Paul.

Stocks: 26th August-1st September.

Sport: The changeable weather conditions we have seen over the last week has made the trout a little picky. Even in the hot, bright and at times breezy conditions imitative patterns have taken the majority of fish caught. Whenever the breeze drops or there is any cloud cover the fish are quick to rise. Dave Morris took advantage of one of these windows of opportunity and quickly changed to dry flies for instant success when good numbers of trout went on the feed near willow island. J Cottam bank fished all along the east bank to catch his trout. After noticing a good number of alder flies on the water a switch to a Connemara black accounted for all his fish. Rob Shelton and Kevin Smith had a good half day with fish caught and a number of other chances. They stuck with daddys and hoppers even in the sunny and windy weather, with most of the action being found along the east bank from the spillway along to ten acre foot. Syotw Paul.

Friday 25th August

DATE: Friday 25th August
NOTABLE CATCHES: 11 trout for Bob Fitzpatrick
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 14lb by C Thomas
BEST RNB: 4lb C Thomas
BEST BROWN: Several around 3lb
BANK ROD AV: 2.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.57 fish per angler
Sport: With near perfect conditions this morning we hoped the fishing would respond and it did with varied results. From the bank Anton Gysbers had two fish in short order from bell point on Cormorants. Also on the bank Mr Lloyd also had 2 fish on orange lures fished on an intermediate line. The boats however fish a little better Mr C Thomas had 6 fish from Ten Acre Foot on Daddies with a rainbow of 4lb and a brownie of 3lb making his 5 fish bag 14lb good angling!
Also on the boat season ticket holder John Sykes found a white snake stripped back on a fast glass to the trouts liking and finished with 5 fish. Top rod today is no surprise stocks resident Bob Fitzpatrick who once again has shown the way with 11 trout to size 16 f flies. Bobs top tactic was to find the calm lanes and drift down the edges fishing his small dries. Our own Paul Bebb was out today with clients and found daddies working to help them catch 3 fish. See you out there Pete.

Stocks:Wednesday 23rd&24th August.

Sport: There have been good catches recorded again over the last two days with diawl bach, dabblers and various dry flies all tempting trout. On Wednesday Tony Taylor landed 5 fish weighing up to 4lbs. Tony fished around Bell point and caught on a floating line and combination of diawl bach. Midas and dabblers. Max Szucho and Harvey Forbes once again had a super day afloat landing 22 fish between them with their biggest weighing 6lbs. They once again found fish in the northern shallows and around both willow and gull island with diawl bach on floating lines fished absolutely static. The biggest bag of 2 fish went to Dermott Speight with his bag weighing in at 6lb 8oz. There was a tagged fish caught as well with Felicity Appletons fish earning her a £50 tackle voucher. Last night was the last night staying in the apartment for Max and Harvey and before they left decided on a short 4 hour fishing trip. They headed off for the northern shallows where they finished their trip with 13 fish once again on diawl bach. 74 trout between them in 3 and a half days, good going guys, will hopefully see you again soon. Syotw Paul.

Tuesday 22nd August

DATE: Tuesday 22nd August
NOTABLE CATCHES: 15 trout each Max Szucho and Harvey Forbes, 13 trout for Bob Fitzpatrick, 9 trout for Ron Melling
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish for 8lb 8oz
BEST RNB: Several at 3lb
BEST BROWN: 3lb Dave Pope
BANK ROD AV: 1.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 8.86 fish per angler
Sport: Looks like stocks is back on form with fish moving out in open water as well as in the margins. This has been helped by a cooling in the weather and good falls of heather flies, daddies and small flying ants. On the bank the anglers have found it a little bit trickier with a lot of fish out in open water. Regular Andy Galbraith had 4 fish from the alders on dries. Also on the bank Gerry Brewer had 2 fish on nymphs but also lost another 3 on daddies. Out on the boats the fishing has been much better, season ticket holder Ron Melling drifted the margins and caught 9 trout on dries. Also on the boats stocks resident Bob Fitzpatrick finished a short day with 14 fish all to dries from the northern shallows. Max Zsucho and his grandson who are staying the upstairs apartment carried on from where they left off yesterday with a better even score of around 30 fish to the boat there best tactic was static nymphs or dries. Good angling guys, see you out there Pete