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Wednesday April 18th

DATE:                              Wednesday April 18th
NOTABLE CATCHES:    30 trout for Andy Galbraith, 20 fish for Ben Fox & for Sam Bailey
NOTABLE BAG:             6 fish for 13lbs 8oz David McAbe & Joan Linsey
BEST RNB:                     8lbs David Manning
BEST BROWN:              N/a
BANK ROD AV:            10.60 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:              7.71 fish per angler
Sport: There were some fantastic scores today. Top rod was Andy Galbraith who landed thirty trout on buzzers, whilst bank fishing near Hollins Hurdle in Hollins Bay. Good angling Andy.
Roy Duckworth also caught really well in the jetty area. Roy fished a floater and a midge tip line with a damsel pattern to successfully bring eighteen trout to the net. Roy’s catch included nine fish of 3lbs or more! Well done Roy!
Eddie Baines found a sink tip line to pretty useful as well, using it in conjunction with a cat’s whisker to catch sixteen rainbows to 3lbs. Once again Eddie found Hollins Bay most productive. Both Eddie and Roy were just on half day tickets.
Out on the boats there were some great catches too. Sam Bailey arrived late morning and took a half day boat. Sam fished all over the reservoir and ended up in Hollins to catch a total of twenty fish. Not sure what Sam was though sorry.
The same could be said for Ben Fox who fished a variety of flies and tactics to catch the exact same amount as Sam. He too caught from all over the reservoir.
David Manning fished around Willow Island with washing lined buzzers on both floating and intermediate lines with little success. So he rang the changes and opted for a hot head damsel. It turned out to be an inspired choice as he ended up with thirteen rainbows, the best of which was a cracking 8lb fish. As well as Willow Island David also caught at Gull and at Curry’s.
Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton had fifteen trout between them to 4lbs. The too found lures to be fishing well all along the west bank.
David McAbe and Joan Linsey had seven fish between them. Joan also had a lovely 4lb fish. They caught on cormorants, buzzers and diawls fished on a floating line off Hartley’s Bank.
Fishing way up the west bank at Eaking Shallows were travelling anglers Alan Hall and Geoff Stanley. They had thirteen trout between them fishing fast glass lines with zonkers and blobs. They used a varied retrieve, had action in lots of other spots too and lost a fair few. They both had fish to around the 5lb mark. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Monday 16th April.

Sport: The best catch from the boats today went to Jamie Presho with 6 fish. The best spot for Jamie was Currys cast with all his trout falling to a black buzzer on a floating line. Ken Whiteside had a super morning landing 11 fish. Ken fished along the bank from Bens beach to 2 trees taking fish as he went on his ever effective udf fly. Also on the bank today was Tony Taylor who landed 13 fish. Tony fished around Bell point with a di3 sinking line and caught a few fish on cormorants but the majority on a cats booby. Landing 4 fish were Peter Murfy, Terry Overy and Chris Sampson. These anglers fished along Bens beach and Bell point with most of their trout falling to various lures on intermediate lines. Syotw Paul.

DATE: Sunday 15th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: 14 trout for John Turner, 9 fish for Derek Moore
BEST RNB: 5lb for Ben Godlonton
BANK ROD AV: 6.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 7.00 fish per angler
Sport: With a 180 degree switch in wind direction and much cooler temperatures i thought today was going to be a tough on but apparently the fish had other ideas on the bank Peter Atkinson had 5 fish in a short half day session, the main of his fish falling to a Dawsons olive fished on an intermediate line. Peter found most of his fish between Two Trees and the Quarry. Also on the bank Colin riley had 4 fish on a cats whisker. The biggest fish of the day also can from the bank. It fell to young angler Ben Godlonton who fished a damsel lure around the jetty to tempt his 5lb beauty.
From the boats Derek Moore and Mark Tyndall had 16 fish to the boat mainly to Marks Ozzy pattern another good catch was lee Cartmail who finished with 10 fish mainly from pulling lures. Top rod was Jonathan Turner who finished with a very creditable 14 fish, John fished a mixture of blobs and boobies on an intermediate line and found a lot of his fish off Hartleys and in Hollins Bay. With the predicted rise in temperatures and settled weather and wind this week its going to make next Sundays England qualifier a very interesting match. See you out there Pete

Ben Godlonton and his full finned 5lb beauty of a rainbow

Ben Godlonton and his full finned 5lb beauty of a rainbow

Saturday April 14th

DATE:                                          Saturday April 14th
REPORT AUTHOR                      Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                 22 trout for Paul Miller, 16 for Neil Deakin
NOTABLE BAG:                          5 fish for 14lbs 8oz Jose Villarino
BEST RNB:                                 11lbs George Ashton, 10lbs+ Simon Vorley
BEST BLUE:                                4lbs Gary Martin
BEST BROWN:                           2lbs Paul Miller
BANK ROD AV:                          8.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                          6.4 fish per angler
Sport: It was a cracking day here at Stocks, there were buzzers hatching all over the water and the trout were feeding enthusiastically.
We held our ‘Troutmasters fisf off’ today where the winner will represent Stocks in the national final later in the year. We had five anglers taking part in the pegged bank competition, which was fished from Bell Point along Ben’s Beach.
The five anglers caught a very impressive fifty trout between them and the vast majority were released to fight another day.
Neil Deakin came out on top with 16 fish. Neil fished an SSi line with two yellow beaded black tadpoles. He also lost an absolute clonker that ran him right into his backing. Well done Neil Good angling and good luck in the final.
In second place was Graham Bell who caught 12 trout on a slow glass line with olive apps worms. Graham put a 7lb 8oz rainbow back just after he’d completed his bag.
In third place was Andy Cooper with 11 trout. Andy opted for a damsel patterns on a ghost tip line.
In fourth place was Warren Langridge with eight fish. Warren fished both the bung and lures on an intermediate line.
In fifth place was Richard Wincer who stuck with buzzers all day to take three fish. Even though the trout are feeding on buzzers, the lures came out on top today.
The full results are shown below.
Outside of the competition the best catch was caught, once again, by Paul Miller who fished along Harltley’s bank. Paul caught a steady stream of trout including rainbows, blues and a brownie. Paul used an SSI (slow sinking intermediate line) with both a pearly and orange cat booby variant and a green pea booby to land a staggering 24 fish! Pretty impressive especially as he did this on just a 5hr ticket and was gone by 1:30! Good angling Paul
There was good sport to be had on the boats too.
Rob Flude had twelve rainbows on cat’s whiskers and damsels fishing all over the reservoir. Rob also caught one of our prize tagged fugitive trout winning him a VISION ONKI fly rod worth £220! Not a bad day out.
Derek Moore and Gary Martin had 17 fish to their boat, the best of which was a nice 4lb blue trout.
George Ashton and Jose Villarino had 19 trout including a rainbow of 11lbs caught by George and another 6lbs 2oz caught by Jose. They fished along Curry’s, The Willows and Gull Island with sink tips and olive lures.
Finally Simon Vorley, who is staying in our onsite accommodation with his brother Steve caught eight trout including a fin perfect double figure rainbow. It fell to a cormorant off the East Bank. See the pics below.
We have plenty of boats available tomorrow if you fancy wetting a line. Tight Lines Ben


Friday 13th April

DATE: Friday 13th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10 trout for Peter Andrews
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 18lb Anton Gysbers
BEST RNB: 12lb Anton Gysbers
BANK ROD AV: 3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.44 fish per angler
Sport: The good sport continues at stocks. We will start with Friday club regular Anton Gysbers who did his usual stroll up to bens Beach and fished his way back and though only caught two fish today they did tip the scales and at a very impressive 18lb with a good 12lb fish as one of them. Anton fish a floating line with a cracton nymph taking the 6lber and a mini cat taking the big fish. The top rod on the bank is an unnamed angler as he forgot to write his name on the ticket but he did have a good days fishing with 5 fish returned from Bens Beach all on buzzers. The best of the sport has definitely been from the boats with some good catches. John Sykes and Chris Webster had 6 fish to the boat including a double there most successful flies were a black snake and a booby. Also doing well with a cat booby was Bob Fitzpatrick who along with his boat partner Steve Bland caught and released 8 fish with two fish around the 7lb mark. The top Honours today though go to Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley who found Buzzers fished on a washing line whilst anchored the best way to solve the puzzle and finished the day with 17 fish to the boat top angling gents. The warmer weather looks set to continue and that can only be good for the fishing. See you out there Pete