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Stocks:Thursday 27th April.

DATE: Thursday 27th April.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ for Steve Bland, Bob Fitzpatrick, Elliot Horrocks, B Stanley, Neil Heath and Graham Child.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 18lb 4oz for Frank Bond.
BEST FISH: 12lb + 10lb 12oz for B Stanley, 12lb + 2 10lb 8oz for Graham Child, 11lb 8oz for Neil Ashworth.
BANK ROD AV: 13.00 fish per angler!
BOAT ROD AV: 18.00 fish per angler!
Sport: Stocks was on fire today with the trout in a feeding frenzy. See the rod averages. Not only were there great numbers of fish caught but 6 doubles were also landed. Mr B Stanley had his best day ever landing well over 10 fish including 2 super doubles and others of 7lb and 6lb. He fished along the bank from the jetty to Bell point taking fish all the way along on an orange lure on a floating line. Graham Child also enjoyed hectic sport catching fish after fish. Included in his catch were 3 double figure rainbows! The majority of Grahams trout were caught at Davy Jones on cormorants on a slow sinking intermediate line. Out on the boats there were also many trout caught from many areas. Steve Bland and Bob Fitzpatrick were amongst the fish all day whilst drifting all over the northern end of the lake. Bob and Steve caught all their fish on nymphs and diawl bach washing lined on a midge tip line. Elliot Horrocks amassed a true cricket score. He caught fish all along the east bank and found the trout not too picky as to which lures they took fished either on a floating or sinking line. Neil Heath had a super day catching fish along the east bank and willows. He caught on a mixture of flies and lines. Included in Neils catch were 2 trout weighing 9lb and 9lb 8oz and a tagged trout, thats a £50 tackle voucher for you Neil! Neil Ashworth and Frank Bond were another successful boat. They caught their fish in many areas and on many tactics with rainbows weighing 11lb 8oz for Neil and 9lb 4oz for Frank. Syotw Paul.

Wednesday 26th April

DATE:                         Wednesday 26th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: Bob Fitzpatrick 12 fish, Ken Whiteside 16 Fish, Elliott Horrocks 20 fish, Neil Hath 21 fish
NOTABLE BAG:          2 fish for 18lb Jane Turner
BEST FISH:                 12lb rainbow + 6lb rainbow Jane Turner 10lb rainbow Ken Whiteside
BANK ROD AV:          4.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          9.00 fish per angler
Sport: The air temperature is starting to rise again with a bit of help from light winds today and the fish seemed to respond. Ken Whiteside ha a cracking half day on the bank catching 16 fish from Hartleys and Bens Beach with his UDF fly doing the damage. His Brother Mick also had a good day with 8 fish to the net. Also on the bank for a couple of well spent hours was our own Jane Turner who caught two fish from Hartleys one at 12lb and one at 6lb both fish were released to fight another day. On the boats Bob Fitzpatrick had 12 fish from around Willow Island and the Boulders with a 50/50 split between a booby and nymphs fished on a washing line on a midge tip line. Another great score came from Elliott Horrocks who caught and released 20 fish from the dam area. Elliot found a Dawsons Nomad stripped fast on an intermediate line the best way to tempt the trout. Another great score came from Neil Hath who had the best catch of the day with 21 fish from Currys cast and various lines and flies took fish. Finally just too prove it wasn’t a fluke Derek Moore caught his second tagged fish in 7 days to win yet another £50 tackle voucher just proves you have too be in it too win it. See you out there Pete

Stocks: Monday 24th April.

DATE: Monday 24th April.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 12lb for Geoff and Bill.
BEST FISH: Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV: 3.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 4.00 fish per angler.
Sport: From the bank today the best areas were around Hartleys and Bell point which is where most of the fish were caught. Best tactics were sinking or intermediate lines with boobys, cormorants and small black and green lures. The best catch from the boats went to Geoff and Bill who are staying in the apartment. They caught 8 fish between them from Eaking shallows and Grindys lawn with both lures on sinking lines and buzzers on floating lines taking their trout. Syotw Paul.

Stocks: Sunday 23rd April.

DATE: Sunday 23rd April.
NOTABLE BAG: 12 fish for Craig Barr – 10 fish for Mike Laycocck – 8 fish for Steve Smalley – 7 fish for Sam Bailey, Dermot Speight and Mark Tyndall.
BEST FISH: 8lb rainbow for Carl Nixon.
BANK ROD AV: 2.62 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 5.19 fish per angler.
Sport: Today Stocks hosted the 1 day England eliminator in which 26 hopeful anglers took to the water hoping to finish in the top 8 in order to qualify for a place in the national final later in the year. All anglers caught fish with each trout returned after a 5 fish limit earning a 2lb bonus. Here are the top 10 placings.
1st Craig Barr 12 fish.
2nd Mike Laycock 10 fish
3rd Steve Smalley 8 fish
4th Dermot Speight 7 fish
5th Mark Tyndall 7 fish
6th Sam Bailey 7 fish
7th Pete Scholes 6 fish
8th Neil Hodgson 6 fish
9th Paul Runec 6 fish
10th Ben Dobson 6 fish
Well done to all participating anglers for a good comp.
On the bank Dave Banks landed 4 good rainbows fishing from Bell point. Daves best pattern was a home tied dawsons olive fished on a floating line. There was a nameless bank angler who caught 5 fish from Hollins bay. A green pea on an intermediate line was his best tactic.
Tagged fish news. There were 2 tagged trout caught today. The first went to top boat rod Craig Barr whose tagged fish brought him a £50 tackle voucher. Well done Craig. Next tagged fish caught went to Ken Horrocks and after a check of the code Ken got a prize of a voucher to the sum of £350! Ken was pleased. Well done. Extra tagged trout will be released later on this next week. Syotw Paul.