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Wednesday 16th August

and todays top rod was peter Andrews who tempted 8 fish to the net on washing line tactics from grindys lawn. The fishing really does seem to getting back to where it should be and if the heather flies and fly ants plus the plethora of other terrestrials keep coming it can only be good for the fishing. See you out there Pete

Stocks:Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th August.

Sport: The bright conditions over the last couple of days have not been ideal but there have still been a few trout caught. Yesterday top rod went to Tony Taylor who fished from Bell point for just a couple of hours. Tony best tactic was to washing line his home tied diawl bachs. David Coupe was top rod today fishing the bank in Hollins bay and around the jetty with all his fish falling to a home tied heather fly hopper. Spotted some green shield beetles about today. Ben made a good stocking this afternoon of good sized rainbows and browns. Syotw Paul.

Sunday 13th August

DATE: Sunday 13th August
NOTABLE CATCHES: 17 trout for bob Fitzpatrick
BEST RNB: 4lb Bob Fitzpatrick
BANK ROD AV: 2 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.40 fish per angler
Sport: today has seen a real change at stocks with fish rising across the reservoir and swallows feeding everywhere this is due to a large hatch of heather flies unfortunately there were only a few people here to take advantage. Off the bank Tom Cottrell had 2 fish in a half day session with a viva being his top pattern. Also on the bank our own Jane Turner had a couple of hours this evening and also had 2 fish. Its on the boats where the real action has been happening season ticket holder Bob Fitzpatrick has had 17 fish all to heather fly patterns. Bob commented on the sheer amount of fish moving. Lets hope this continues i might just wet a line myself tomorrow. See you out there Pete

DATE: Saturday 12th August
NOTABLE CATCHES: 5 trout for Neil Heath 3 trout Andy Cooper
NOTABLE BAG: 3 trout for 8lb 11oz
BEST RNB: 3lb 11oz Paul Oswin
BEST BROWN: 11oz Neil Heath
BANK ROD AV: fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.25 fish per angler
Sport: Today we held the Stocks Dry Lines competition. This is where you are only allowed to fish with a floating line. There were 8 competitors competing for title of 2017 dry lines champion. We fish this match to fishery rules and in two halves with a great buffet in the middle. The overall winner is the angler with the lowest place points of the two sections added together. The results are as follows
1st Am Neil Heath
2nd Am Alistair Beaumont
1st Pm Paul Oswin
2nd Pm Bernard Mcbride
The first place in a section wins them a TF gear seat box and side tray and second place a fly box and selection of flies
The Overall Champion this year with a second in the morning and a second in the afternoon giving him a total of 4 place points was Andy Cooper winning himself a £100 tackle voucher well done Andy. Andy 3 fish weighed and impressive 8lb 11oz. The best areas today were the Northern Shallows, Willow Island and Gull Island and the dam area with a mixture of dries in the morning when it was overcast and lures this afternoon when it was bright n sunny. We also spooned some of the fish caught this morning and found a selection of heather flies and shield bugs so the fish are definitely on the terrestrials. See you out there Pete

Andy Cooper 2017 Dry Lines Champion

Andy Cooper 2017 Dry Lines Champion

Thursday10th August.

Sport: Most anglers had some action with fish caught and others not sticking or dropping off when hooked. The best catch from the bank today went to Andy Galbraith with 4 brownies and 1 rainbow and other chances and lost fish. Andy started at the dam and walked back along the rocky shoreline of the deeps and Davy Jones with all his fish falling for a black hopper on a floating line. Alan Daniels best fish was a 3lber but he had a lot of takes and dropped fish on his sinking line and white and silver lure. Alans best spot was 2 trees next to the jetty and Bens beach. Neil Heath took the best catch from the boats whilst drifting all over the northern end of the lake. After trying several methods a switch to dry flies brought instant success with other chances as well as the fish landed. Best catches from both the bank and the boats to dry flies even in the bright conditions. Syotw Paul.