Join the Bow-Landers and have a go at a fly fishing competition

A few years ago I joined a fly fishing competition team and I have never looked back since. It is not the promise of prizes or even the hope of winning prestigious awards that has fuelled my enthusiasm. It is the 'buzz' of events themselves. Over the last few years I have fished on lots of venues that, otherwise I would probably never get round to and each time you visit a venue you do so in the company of your team mates that share your interest in the sport. After a practise day on the water tactics and plans of attack are often discussed over a few pints in the pub and we talk about the boat draw for the following day. On the morning of the competition you can feel the buzz in car park as all the teams tackle up and select their flies and lines. I have been lucky enough to draw some fantastic boat partners over the last couple years and I learnt so much from them, you can not help but improve, not only do you learn from all your own experiences you also learn from your boat partners and your team mates. Here are a few tips with regard to enjoying competition fly fishing.


1. Don't expect immediate success.

2. Don't put any pressure on yourself because nobody else will. You catch what you catch!

3. Fish the methods you have confidence in.

4. Relax and enjoy your fishing. After all, that is what we do it for!

Join the Bow Landers
The Bow Landers competition club is made up from anglers with years of experience like Bob Cooper and Paul Bebb to others who have just fished their first competition. If you would like to fish as part of a team for either of the two 6 man competitions (The Lexus and the Anglian Water Fulling Mill) then why not join our club. We have had a lot of new anglers who are interested in having a go in 2007 so we are planning to build some new teams. You can join the Bow Landers by simply filling in the form below and pressing submit. Tight Lines Ben

Further details on the competitions listed below and on the Individual events can be found on our competition page.

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